The Big Bend articles, part 4, Texas

Friday, September 28th, 2007

We are finally on Terlingua time I was told yesterday, arriving a couple days late at my friend’s Paul and Voni’s house to visit for a few minutes on our way back from Alpine. That is a good sign! We fall into that space invariably as we settle in one area, but it seems that as we move, for some reason or another, the reality of a man (or woman) made time unit seems to surface a bit. Even this Blog seems not to be in a chronological order today, we continue to explore the area… but do I really need to write it all down in the order it happens?

Before I forget, on the path of rediscovering the content of my past Blogs, I have added more titles in the Index page, there is still much more to go, about 130 more entries! Also another recipe in the “Recipe” page, much more to go there also as I am retrieving them one at the time from the past Blogs, and a new “article” with much information on the Annual Terlingua Chili Cookoff!

And yes, all this is keeping me busy a bit, long nights on the keyboards sometimes, hope you enjoy it, the website overall I feel has come a long way. A far cry from day one… I would have never guessed it’s present path and I always need to “THANK” my friend Brian from Placerville, California, for donating his talent, time and patience toward my learning on how to design and create these pages.

Kathy is back in town… Kathy, the owner of Kathy’s Kosmic Kaffee, my favorite hang out and food in town. She was on vacation for about 10 days, a well deserved one seems like as she was open all summer through heat and rain! We reunited yesterday on her first day back with hugs and much to talk about, and this morning I just could not miss her opening at 7am… with a nice fire… coffee… and my favorite breakfast Burrito! The “all day” burrito she calls it.

One is seldom alone there. There is always some locals present and the conversations witnessed by a rising sun reflecting its hue on the already pink trailer is a great way to start the day. She is a landmark here, everyone waives as they are on their way going east or west… what a rough way to begin daylight. The pink bus is a new addition this year, not quite done yet, it will have stools on each side for additional seating as, yes, it will get cold throughout the winter. With her presence now I feel as Terlingua is finally together for the season.

Maybe I will lock the camera during sunsets and sunrises… the moon also has been full, a giant circle playing hide and seek with the few clouds around, I just cannot help the permanent imprint of each day’s signature, they help me remember the days as I look back at the past ones, they are like a title of an ending short chapter, none two alike!

I think it was yesterday that we took a ride on a road starting a bit north of here, off 118, called North County Road. It joins South County Road which will take you to Terlingua. I remembered last year starting at the opposite end, riding with Mike and Dave, two excellent riders, and having to turn back where the two roads meet, the bank crossing the dry creek was too steep for us and the North County road was really beat up. There is a bed and breakfast in full swing now on the road, I will go back to take some pictures of it when someone is there, and I was surprised on how nicely the road has been redone.

It is a dirt road, but, as my favorite expression says, “grand ma’s Buick can make it”. So we are having fun, able to pick up a bit of speed here and there, stopping for pictures, keep in mind this is not even the Park yet! Of course as it is the case for 98% of Texas, both sides of the road are private property. No BLM land here and the National lands, such as in Big Bend have many rules and regulations which I yet have to read.

Private or not, the picture taking is free! The weather was awesome and we did not come across a single soul. Suddenly there is a right hand turn and the creek looks familiar from last year… Across, I can see the start of South County road… I also noticed that the steep bank has not changed! I think the rig will make it unless the nose of the chair digs in the ground first and stops it, I did not want to take a chance, I also did not know how South County road’s condition was on the other side. So we turned around! I will try the other end too and maybe the day I have some company will try that crossing… I know… the picture does not look menacing… the one below… it is just physics! You will have to trust me on that one.

That is all for now! There will be an odd tour/sleeper bus that we saw and talked to the driver, small world as he saw us in Yosemite! There is a family of miners reunion from Terlingua coming up soon… lots going on! And I almost forgot, working 3 days in a row per week, Sunday/Monday/Tuesday, 6 hours each cooking… I am still waiting to take the pictures this week. I had much reservations about it… will see how long that will last, it does feel good, filling a bit of the void left after so many years in a kitchen. An interesting observation… as I realized that I will be making in one month what I made in a day a while back slef employed! It’s the “passion”… they say, and the high price of fuel here…

Till next time… you all be well.

Ara & Spirit


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4 Responses to “The Big Bend articles, part 4, Texas”

  1. Gary Trayler Says:

    Nice site. I have property in Terlingua Ranch and just love it. Wish my wife and I could visit the area more often. If you want to see some pictures we took of the area go to my family site and click on Terlingua Ranch or Big Bend.

  2. Desert Tortuga Says:

    You or your readers might be interested in the fact that the La Kiva is up for sale, according to the Terlingua Moon [].
    Look forward to seeing the rest of your pictures of the river road.

  3. Tracy Underwood Says:

    Beautiful pictures! I own land on Terlingua Ranch as well, and have photos and articles about the area interspersed throughout my blog at as well as (different site). Keep watching my blog, as I am planning another trip there very soon and will be posting more photos and stories from that one.
    I linked to this story from my blog. Keep up the good work!

  4. Anne Lewis Says:

    This article is the best I havae read yet. The pictures are superb. Thank you SO much.
    Anne Lewis

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