The Big Bend articles, part 3, Texas

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

How strange that Terlingua is a stop enabling us to discover more of the Big Bend Park and its surroundings, including more of Fort Davis, Presidio, maybe even some parts of Mexico… but the Ghost Town keeps drawing me in, amazed about how much there is to see and mainly how different this little town is from any other anytown.USA! And that is good, we go with the flow, always discovering, as the cooler days will come around, they will give us more opportunities for further destinations, even if the days are getting shorter…

Again we went downtown Ghost Town and took a stroll. The roads are what you see, truly primitive, making me curious to see how good they are on rainy days. Who needs to go off road when you can go to town instead and maneuver on those roads!

The little numbered signs are part of a walking tour, I have only found a few numbers so far and I think the Trading Post will have the complete list, to fill in the blanks for the ones I am missing.

The old School build in the early 1900’s was up.

The swing set is still there and it was easy to imagine that just a few years ago the building was filled with the running around and screaming of the children.

This building is the local radio station, KYOT FM100.1 and I will need to find a radio to listen to it. Local news? Music?

Up the hill a bit is the local Church, which is still used, not only for services but also for Yoga lessons! I use to do Yoga many years ago, I never felt better and maybe that I something to look into while we are here.

And while we are on the subject… “While we are here”, our traveling “mod” will be changed a bit this winter. This is a very peaceful and remote area to spend some time at. Many destinations not too far, all within a couple hundred miles. Winter will make its mark anywhere else, I am curious to see how long we will last here.

We end up spending a month in Halfway, Oregon. Never had even a chance to see it all, how will it be here? The cost of fuel has been putting a serious dent in the budget, I have much “website” work to do, as in finishing the Index from day one to the present, copying and designing the present recipes pages in the “recipe” section of the website, (had time to post a new one by the way… many more to go!). And also expanding the “First Hundred Years” magazine pages with articles relating to everything found in the Blog. Do you feel like writing?… send us an article and some pictures… we will post it.

There is an opportunity for me to also help out at a local Restaurant, 3 days a week, 6 hours or so per day. I truly miss being in the kitchen, the extra income sure will also help when spring comes back, I think it would be a good move all around… I don’t think I would miss 18 hours a week out of my free time! This is one town where one can be camping out freely away from it all and at the same time be in contact with the local path. But more on that the next time… it is a very cool place! I will even take some pictures… who knows… might be cooking for you when you visit!

Our next stop was a private residence called “passing winds”. Every year the owner builds an addition. I think the sailing vessel is just about done and I hear that the next step will be a submarine coming out of the water. Eventually maybe a lounge of some sort.

We retrieved soon after our sightseeing to cooler grounds, planning the next outings, probably Fort Davis next week for a few days to see my good friends jerry and Nalda. The next destination by the way when leaving here will be Moab and its surroundings.

Till next time, you all be well…

Ara & Spirit


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One Response to “The Big Bend articles, part 3, Texas”

  1. pjcnlv Says:

    Damn, now I wanna go visit Terlingua.

    Awesome photos and storyline. Your Blog is quickly ascending as the best “full-time RV Blog” on the net.

    Will you be in Terlingua for the big Chili cook-off? Do they still have that?

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