Sugar Cane Fields… up close and personal…

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Friday, Saturday and my Sunday… 10th, 11th, 12th of November 2006

I don’t know if any of you believe in Karma… I do, and again this weekend was proof of it, so strong this time that not believing in it could, for myself, I think lead to a real disaster on this Journey! Have faith!Imgp0607

It was a great ride to the Swamp Scooter Rally site… Mississippi does not cease to amaze me of its roads, or is it, the non existent ones, as I call the non paved ones, with their ability to ride them and pretty much, not necessarily without some detours, arrive at more or less "the" destination sought.

It was a great ride going… please read on SmugMug with many pictures a not so great riding the next day!… But… all is well as I am here to write about it… with Spirit!

You will need to have the upper right hand corner "style" to be on "JOURNAL".

You be well… hope you enjoy.

Ara and Spirit


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2 Responses to “Sugar Cane Fields… up close and personal…”

  1. flux Says:

    GEEZ man! Take it easy out there! Is there a way to safety wire those nuts? Can you locktite them?

  2. KV Says:

    Damn Ara! I’m just glad that you and Spirit came out that one okay. Like Flux suggested, I’d see about maybe putting some safety wire on the mounting hardware.

    Hope you’re getting it all fixed and Spirit is ready to continue on.

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