Weekend follow up… the rest of the story!

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

As I get off the bike, boots stuck in mud, feeling like my first steps as the Man on the Moon, my first glance is to find out where my dog is! And there he is, next to the chair, still on his long leash but, one look at his face and tail not wagging, I can tell he is not thrilled with this ride!… Glancing right and left, up and down, if dogs could only talk this would have been the moment to have "that" conversation! I have to put him back in the chair while we take care of all this mess!… Everyone dismounts, but there he is saying "no… not again… I think I am done!" and walks away… I did mentioned that he was well mannered… and lucky for me, with a little bit a persuation, well he does get back into the chair! Moment of silence… no awkwardness on my part however as I still have no clue as to what happened.. Imgp0681 The missing rear lower bolt that attached the upper rear arm is pointed out to me, and, one of my first thought, as stupid as it sounds is… maybe I can find it!… will put it back on and we can get going again… sure!

Wel. will I find it… was is the only major fault?… the rest of the story can be read with many more pictures on SmuMug… making sure that the upper right hand "style" window is set on "JOURNAL"…

Be well…   Ara and Spirit

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One Response to “Weekend follow up… the rest of the story!”

  1. jkam Says:

    G’day Ara.
    Wow, I just found your blog and you are really having a time of it already.
    If you are going to break down, Walt is probably the best person on the planet to have help you so it was fortunate that it happened near him. He and his family are the best people I know, have taken me in on a number of occassions and make me feel at home very easily.

    I’m glad the Xantrex has helped already, a very handy piece of gear.

    Looking forward to the continued adventure.

    I’ll look for you when I’m out on the trail.

    Safe travels.


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