Far away destination, short trip! TX

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

“I lay quietly like a small idea in a vacant mind…” ~ William Least Heat-Moon [blue highways]


This past incident has given me much to think about. At the same time I realize from previous past experience with my own Son, what is there to think about? What do we do? Stay more alert to what could happen? We can try. It does in this instance go back to the fact that we cannot stay in that “padded room” and~or, for that matter, have the desire for it. I can only see this reel as water under the bridge, a new day, a lesson learned and go on as we have truly been protected and shown the path for the past over three years now.


I read an e mail from my kindred Spirit “Michael” send me. He also travels with his, not one, but two buddies. Him and I have shared a few rides together. He is one of the rare Friend~Rider we can ride with. In simple terms, we ride together alone! His words touched me a lot, he knows about the relationship and the smell of the road we are on…”We, you and I, live with our dogs.  They allow us within their pack and we expose them to all parts of our lives.  They drink deeply from our canteen of life.  We cup our hands full of cold water.  They trust and depend on us for so much. Spirit would be forever "safe" if you confined him to some postage stamp size backyard, cutoff from all the experiences of life.  There is a certain amount of risk involved in traveling into the wild places with a dog.  To me the risk is worth the reward. Our dogs, our companions, our friends live a life other dogs would envy.  They wander the deep canyons and swim in pools of clear water.  They smell the wild scat of coyote.  They lay at our feet awaiting the next hike, content just to be with us. From the beginning of your Journey only one other has experienced everything, every foot of travel, and that is your friend Spirit.” It hits home, thank you Michael, and also thank you all for sharing such a concern for Spirit, it is all so well appreciated.

Honda 360 Honda 360

The decision was taken last night to leave. Spirit is healing very nicely in his usual silence and contentment, I am myself fighting or better, going along with this cold and I cannot face another moment laying down. Something has changed since the other night’s episode. Something I cannot quite figure out even if I know it’s consequences. I feel as I had started to pick up some speed in and on our path,  I have been going too fast and I still am trying to decipher it all. It will come to me, it will surface as right now the black top keeps unwinding, a familiar road I never get tired of being on. As I yawn with my teary eyes the road doubles as the double yellow lane quadruples! Oh! What a feeling… We pass the border patrol station, they called Spirit by his name, not me. That is how it goes and it makes me happy. I am stopping places we never stopped before . Why? I have no clue only that it feels good, the moments are longer. We hit the descent from "mile high" on 118 toward Alpine. There was a Honda Scrambler 360 from the mid 70’s parked. The rider had just bought it for $1500!

Diner Diner

Mint condition as he tells me it had been sitting in a Museum all along as also maybe his helmet and goggles. I had also bought one, it was a red 350, a dual sport I thought it was. Scrambler they called it. I had not reached 30 yet, it sounded like the macho thing to have with such a name in those defiant times. I crashed it badly the first day trying a jump. What did I think I was doing? Another stupid feeling moment facing the salesman the same day getting off the tow truck. We arrived in Alpine. I like Alpine, I have said it before as we will be spending the night here while I finally take some medication as also Spirit visited his own Dr, Mary Dodson, an awesome veterinarian. All is well, his shots are up to date, we can now go to Mexico next fall if I so desire, way south, an idea I have been toying with for a while. I feel for the first time as I am making myself scarce from The Oasis. I know I am. I still cannot put it into words. Plain bumps of Life and yet one I did not take in and dealt with very well.


We walked the streets a bit at night, everything is so deserted passed early hours. The louder and wider and bigger and noisier exhausts have definitely caught on the market here. I keep thinking about the mentality behind it all. I was discussing such matters the other day as I heard “why do you even think about it?”. And this person was right. It is just sometimes so hard when blatantly one’s Space invokes such unfamiliar and unneeded disturbance. A few blocks we went, a few blocks we came back, camera in hand, maybe trying to find something interesting to shoot at. Too tired and beat, both of us went on for a good night sleep. I knew this morning that the sun would rise too early in search of my morning coffee… without coffee.

Alpine Alpine

I met grumpy this morning at Mc Donald’s while trying getting out of Alpine. Sore face mapped by his years of distress he was barking louder than heard in a while. It was early, the fog of the night had yet to dissipate, "just put it on a tray…", the powerful consumer out loud expressed with a tone that woke my mind up. I just continue sailing through the horizon of this cluttered stage. I keep getting this visual of my head being hollow the size of two superimposed nice green watermelons. They keep slipping off their axis. I turned around, not a wise move to go another 400 miles. I turned around as my sanctuary suddenly called me in where I would heal. I turned around again, deciding to see my own Dr in Alpine. It was another wise choice now having strep throat. Here we go with a series of antibiotics, the road to recovery versus the road of adventure we were set to go on. Oh! well…


Spirit and I will hang out together till this too shall pass, try to finish some projects on Old Faithful, like this tire change and oil change I have been procrastinating. I now smile when we walk around here him and I, still off the leash. He has changed. He has become my permanent shadow now as he was only my shadow before. A few feet is only now his getting away distance, I don’t think he liked it out there by himself running through the elements a bit too harsh for his liking, most everyone’s liking. 

Alpine Alpine

Till next time, you be well, always. 

Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Far away destination, short trip! TX”

  1. D. Brent Miller Says:

    You owned a Honda CL350 Scrambler? I owned a Honda CL350 Scrambler, a 1972 model. I bought it new in the fall of 1971 when I returned from my tour of duty in Vietnam. Fresh out of the Army, I really loved that machine. It was my freedom. –Brent

  2. Randy Says:

    Great post, every day is an adventure if only we notice. Your two mellon head is a good description. I was just there.

  3. Michael and Lousie Says:

    Mexico in the plans, cool. Talked to a few people about Puerto Penasco south of Sonoyta through Organ Pipe NM, good road and better WX than west Texas, sounded intriguing during the discussions, just a dream for Louise and I, until we found Picacho State Park in California, guess we will never make it there.

    Dogs always seem to heal quicker than humans. Too bad no LOWJACK for dogs yet..or maybe there is. I seem to remember mountain lion and bear hunters using some sort of transmitter collar when they lose a dog. So glad your buddy is back!

    Count down for us is T-6 and can’t wait to hit the road again for 2010/11. Heading due north across northen NM to Canyon De Chelle and then V of Gods. Should be in North Central Nevada by late April. Fish will be hungry and the squirrels fat.

  4. alady'slife Says:

    Sorry to hear about your pup.
    Dogs are always the best companions especially traveling companions.
    You enjoy your life and God Bless.

  5. Heyduke50 Says:

    there are many worse places to heal up… and not many better than the mountains in west Texas… get well as the road awaits you and spirit…

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