It was a “fragile” time when Spirit went MIA. TX [Video]

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

‘I am an experiment on the part of Nature, a gamble within the unknown, perhaps for a new purpose, perhaps for nothing, and my only task is to allow the game on the part of the primeval depths to take it’s course, to feel it’s will within me and make it wholly mine’ [Hesse]

Clem's Guitar  

Yesterday, the night before, the evening, the moments were so fragile as this vast stage suddenly changed so fast as it always only takes moments. Spirit was missing while at the Cowhead Ranch throughout another get together, a pot~luck and a show. Bad circumstances all around as I blamed myself, still do for it all, specially seeing him right now barely able to walk on his front paws with their torn skin. We are both hurting and yet I do not hear a “sigh”, only that look, that look so hard to put into words. Every situation starts so innocently. A visit to the Porch earlier, it is Spring Break in full swing, there are new faces blending in with the old ones, stories are told, dogs are playing on the Porch even if not allowed awaiting for another incident such as mine, or as previously, to happen, Spirit always on his leash within such public environment.

On the Porch  
On the Porch On the Porch

An old guitar freshly painted was being passed around carrying on the familiar tunes, the beer was not flowing but present always on this early afternoon, it is a destination few pass up while in the Terlingua neighborhood. Some are there for hours, some are for a few moments or till a conversation dwindles away, where else would anyone go for such entertaining time where no care in the world is of a common denominator. Most States are represented always. It is the eternal question “where are you from?”, always hoping I am not asked the same as the reply is just too long and too complicated. Generally it is, with a smile “I am from where I am standing”, the roots have never been deep enough to have had a past permanent destination.

At the Cow Head Ranch  
At the Cow Head Ranch  

I have had earlier a call about a pot~luck “entertaining” get together at the “Cowhead Ranch”. There are never strict plans throughout the day, it is always a good space to be within surrounded by more Friends from this vast neighborhood we are still maintaining. About 5 miles north of “The Oasis”, it is the direction we headed. It does seem as I am always the last one to know about such get together as again my pantry was bare to participate with the offerings of  the upcoming dinner. ‘Sharing” is a common character around here, my turn will also come I know sometime soon.   

At the Cow Head Ranch  
At the Cow Head Ranch  

More Music going on, more friendly faces and conversations, every room was booked and new smiles also made their ways to the gathering. Dogs are running, barking, chasing each other with every vehicle coming in, it is pandemonium. Spirit is off his leash, he has been as such before, till later the last time he did go back on it. He does not live there as the other dogs do and being a bit of a wanderer when others present, it is a Peace of mind. But not this time. Other neighbors arrive on their horses. Pam and Newt, they are part of a Western reenactment show, I truly did not even recognized her. Much fun as she plays the part real well and as Newt does his “thing” as he says, what he does best which is standing on his horse twirling his guns and shooting.

At the Cow Head Ranch  
At the Cow Head Ranch  

“Shooting” is the part and word that escaped me and this is where till midnight that night I blamed myself for such lapse of memory, Spirit flying off the handle at gun shots, fireworks also for that matter. I still do. He was suddenly nowhere to be found and that moment changed it all. I searched up and down the roads, the paved one all the way to “The Oasis”, Paul and Voni’s house across the road and all the dirt roads within a radius of a few miles. Newt joined the search with his horse, as a good tracker he is, he discovered some paw prints going east, but all to no avail.

At the Cow Head Ranch  
At the Cow Head Ranch At the Cow Head Ranch

A couple kids showed up. They had seen Spirit with another dog where we were just a while ago seeing the prints, but again, as darkness started surrounding us, besides on the road, there was no way for us to see anything into the brushes. “Hope” always comes next, mixed in with all the mental scenarios one can make up so quickly, as quickly as suddenly my Buddy was missing. We never found out who the other dog was, we never found Spirit, I could only come back to “The Oasis” with an empty sidecar awaiting the morning daylight to start the search over.

At the Cow Head Ranch  
At the Cow Head Ranch  

I cannot put into words those hours passed without his presence. Those hours only proved more than ever the bond we have being together 24/7/365. It is really as simple as that as suddenly a vacuum emerged blurring my way into living those moments without him. The hours passed were surreal as non existent, as this could not happen, as how stupid could I be loosing his care if only it was for a moment of inattention. The phone rang this late. It was Voni about 5 miles away, she had left the porch light on and the door ajar, she heard a bark. Spirit had made his way to their house being closer, he was fine and very thirsty. There is no water in this Desert.

At the Cow Head Ranch  

Very late, cold and in good care I waited till morning to pick him up and confront those eyes so suddenly sad, a look I had never seen before filled with anxiety and tiredness as I discovered his front paws had been skinned and bleeding. Limping, he could barely walk. A day has now gone by and yet every step he takes is like a dagger in my own heart from the pain he must be suffering in silence. I don’t think he will be jumping up and down very soon or run as he does every day. I have myself come down with a cold  and sore throat, my own body feels as it has been through the brushes and rocks he experienced, how strange for the both of us to be down right now for the count. 

At the Cow Head Ranch At the Cow Head Ranch

He is his own Doctor right now, laying outside on a blanket in the warm sun he is licking his wounds. Ointment is not staying on too long. I myself have slept most of the day. This too shall pass.

Till next time, you be well, always. 

Ara & Spirit

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19 Responses to “It was a “fragile” time when Spirit went MIA. TX [Video]”

  1. Froggi Donna Says:

    Oh my! I can’t imagine the pain in your heart over poor Spirit. Hoping he heals quickly and that your cold does the same! Hugs to you both…

  2. Debi Says:

    So glad Spirit was found! I have a yorkie that is the same way with loud noises, fireworks, guns, thunder. She has run away a few times when we were out camping, but thank God I found her.
    I now keep her in my truck or camper or on a leash when we are camping.

  3. Joseph Schmoe Says:

    Fast healing to you both. As anxiety filled as the separation was for you, it sounds like his may have been worse. I am glad you were reunited.

  4. Mitch Says:

    heal soon Spirit,have a hug.

    The video was good Ara. i like watching Spirit’s moving around, looking and smelling, taking in his surroundings, and rest gave life to the scene.

    Well done 🙂

  5. donna Rees Says:

    Phew…you had me scared to read on Ara. I am so pleased that Ara returned with little damage. Don’t you wish he could talk and tell you of his experience. My old friend Jake once took took off and I was beside myself, as he was the only barometer for my crazed life at the time. I cried grateful tears when he returned and swore never to let him out of my sight, which we both know isn’t practical. They become our ballast for the daily sail. You two take care!

  6. Ginny Says:

    So my heart missed a few beats when I thought Spirit was gone but kept reading to find out what happened. I am so glad he is okay! I hope your sore throat is better and his paw is on the mend. Thinking of you both!

  7. jerry Says:

    i am very glad Spirit was found.i can only imagine your fears. hope he heals fast

  8. Ken and Nanette Says:

    Nanette told me you had lost Spirit. I said “What?” I came to your blog immediately.

    Sure glad he is back.

    See what you have done to me — I find myself as upset as you were with the prospect of him missing!


    Ken and Nanette

  9. Heyduke50 Says:

    close call… never again i hope…

  10. texascindy Says:

    Ara, My heart lurched when I read Spirit was MIA. I can very well imagine the desperation you felt during that long night. I am so glad it turned out so well in the end. You riding home with an empty sidecar…that is almost too much to think about…
    Hugs to you both,

  11. Randy Says:

    Great video. It is fun to see a ride from Spirit’s perspective and his interest in everything. I am glad the two of you are back together.

  12. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara & Spirit,
    Prayers for good rest and healing for BOTH of you! And encouragement to go to an appropriate Dr. if either of you gets an infection. Randy, above, my hubby, had that stubborn cold that went into bronchitis and had to get some antibiotic to get going again. If Spirit has big scrapes and raw areas on his paws, infection might be a problem for him, too, and he may need some antibiotic pills from the vet. Please keep us posted on your and his recovery!

  13. Carol Says:

    That was one scary entry in your Journal! I was afraid to keep reading for a while.! Sure hope that Spirit is feeling better and that you are not feeling worse with your cold. I think he may recover faster than you will from his adventure! How scary! Trip misses his buddy … he hasn’t found another dog that plays as well with him. Get better soon!

  14. Garry Says:

    Be Well Soon!

  15. Debbie Says:

    Might be wise to make a bootie for Spirit’s paw and keep an antibiotic with a padded bootie on it. I know some dogs don’t like to keep them on, but it will heal faster and keep the dirt out. I have used cloth and taped a bootie on after a dog of ours cut his paw on something. Sorry to hear about your cold. Stay down and rest. These cold bugs going around last a long time if you don’t stay down.

  16. MsBelinda Says:

    I can not even imagine the pain and anxiety you must have gone through not knowing where Spirit was. I am so glad to hear that you are once again together. I hope both of you heal soon.

  17. Patti Says:

    I held my breath the whole time I read this blog. I know that sinking feeling of a missing dog and I am so happy you are back together. I read your entries often and your relationship with Spirit brings a smile to my face no matter what kind of day I’m having. I’m inspired by the life choices you have made, I think you’re brave and kind hearted. Best wishes to you Ara and Spirit!

  18. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara & Spirit<
    Oh, and I LOVE the motorcycle ride with you and Spirit video!
    Take good care of yourselves,

  19. andrew Says:

    when you loose touch with a frend it hurts,weather it be man or animal. glad all turned out ok

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