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Delirium?… Maybe! NM

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

“Life is Gold and Time is a thief…”
~ Billie Holiday ~

Nothing to do with the context! Local Rodeo in Alamogordo, NM. Much fun!

I am very well aware that I am incorrigible and also while we are at it, stubborn and temperamental. Let’s add OCD in the kitchen [and proud of it!]. I am however very honest, maybe a bit too much while devastating to others yet never ever meaning ill thoughts. I probably should not publish what follows as many will not understand its concept, disagree and contradict as they should if it is the case. That is fine with me. I have learned over the years to “agree to disagree” and hope others have also. If not… Oh! well… They are after all my pages, emphasis on “my”. It is after all today “the way” Life has become plastered on the so many public pages too easily obtainable. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and will admit that at one point or another I myself was caught up in what was then this wonderful idea called Social Media. I still skim it, bounce on it at times. The only difference always, and I have to once again use the word “emphasize” always, was and still is on my part “sharing” and not self-bragging which is just too common these days. And why did I so often share my Buddy’s photos? Because Spirit’s was not a machine but a wonderful Soul! So here it goes…

Definitely new pants for this guy!

Two words have been bouncing in my mind between my thick brain walls, the remnants anyhow, for quite a while now since I heard them from a Friend of mine. “Self Adoration”. The “Me… Me… Me…” neon lights of its play on Broadway has now moved on towards more obscure venues. “Self Adoration” has replaced its bright letters on the marquis and with sold out performances the encores are so many the actors are having a hard time keeping the final curtain down. They are the seeked bright lights of what must be another World, could be the culmination of self interested Social Media players unless a few months from now another play even more grandiose will take its place. After all, let’s face it, it is a fact that “fame” has now diminished to 15 minutes per and the increased ammunition is becoming more and more in demand as the smoke does not even have time to dissipate.

Of course what is a Rodeo without a Clown?

I know, I don’t have to see, open those pages, but how would I then make these obeservations? There is a word in French “drole” which is so hard to translate as it’s meanings are so many. Funny, odd, silly, impertinent, peculiar, strange, shady… and there is more. The beauty of French language demanding some deciphering for sure when spoken. Yet, I still cannot find the correct translation for what I am trying to say. Maybe “peculiar” is the closest? So I look… I peruse as they say. I find it a matter of taste as I know that X has a motorcycle… which is in every photo. I repeat, in every photo… I totally understand the “love” and even the “lust” of two wheels and that is without prejudism for any brand including Vespas which are some of my favorites, but… in every photo? I very rarely will comment but so many times with a sarcastic humor I want to say, ask, “is there a motorcycle in the photo?” or even better “I thought you had a motorcycle…”. It all has become redundant to the point that I don’t even want to look and I should not for my own mental benefit.

Much talent for sure…

Gone are the days when one would transcribe a photo per post on their Instagram or Facebook page or whatever. We now have the ability to plaster at least ten of them in succession. So that is really fantastic having the means to “share” the so many beautiful facets of Mother Nature or for that matter maybe the meal you are preparing. But wait… Oh! no… there is “the motorcycle”… again… and again… I am incorrigible. I can’t let go but then again I forget that personal fame only lasts 15 minutes and we “need” to be reminded that yes, X is on a motorcycle journey because X might think, does think, that we might forget. And maybe we do as myself at times frozen in my forward steps suddenly wondering why was I going that way? What tool was I looking for? Amongst the billions of daily posts maybe I should understand the concept by now.

Weight Watchers?

I have to see the humor in all of this just as the founders of the pedestals manufacturing companies, pedestals now available for instant shipping in many colors and heights. Free shipping! Not the flimsy ones made out of quarter inch plywood but we are talking solid steel with the ability to brave any storms coming at you. Rocks, boulders, while the favorite is still the deep mud with… the motorcycle laying on its side and the rider expressing you the Peace sign. Houray… maybe X can get 20 minutes of fame out of that one! I should stop now while I am ahead or am I? before I go out to my driveway and take fifteen pictures of my Jeep for this page and a thumb up in the background… I am jaleous… I also want my own fame! Please…



… and closer

Stay well, Ara

Before the rip…