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Back to square one undergoing spinal fusion… NM

Friday, July 12th, 2024

“It is Health that is real Wealth and not pieces of Gold and Silver”

“Mahatma Gandhi”


It has been a couple minutes since I have been on these pages. Wish it was not the case as writing our Journal has always been the best “grieving” therapy ever experienced. Yet, what is done is now in the past and I can only go forward throughout this momentum of this present time. Seven long years have passed since settling here as I don’t do well with “settling”! Such has always been the other side of the coin never quite welcomed throughout my past years as there was never quite a need for it. My mind, my memories, all are still as I call it “on the road” while this time around without much of a choice the body has stopped being dictated by my simple desires of blending in with my Mistress “Mother Nature”. It is not happening. Not yet, but I know it will again even if this time around in short bursts.

Ara and Mr. Ghost

I joke that it has been too much motorcycling since the age of ten, too much sailing when the body was never upright. There is however no regret. Just today and these past years serving a price to pay. Pain! It has been a total of eight bypasses, eight stents, a new right hip and two spine surgeries. The scars are present. Coming up is one more spine fusion this time surgery. L 2, 3, 4 and 5. It will be followed with a new left hip and left shoulder. Almost brand new… soon.


I have great Medical coverage here [100%] in Alamogordo where the hip and shoulder will take place, but, simply put, there is no access to spine surgery here which will take place in Las Cruces. Private Hospital, great Surgeon while being incredibly thorough, yet, they will not hear or discuss payment plans. Of course it is upsetting to find myself in such situation, money is too often the key of going forward. Unfortunately.

Ghost shopping

A good Friend of mine has set up a “Medical Go Fund Me” page with the hope that it will reach its goal and I can get on with this surgery.

There is also my PayPal page here Gureghian

In the meantime I have great support from Mr. Ghost who has turned out to be an incredible Dog and Buddy of mine.

Thank You in advance and Stay Well…

Ara and Mr. Ghost