The Big Bend articles, part 1, Texas.

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Today again I knew, actually know now, that my decision for us to come here was definitely a good one! Not that there was any doubt, but having previously send some time here, the question had arisen regarding how I would feel this time. One can feel right wherever they are, it is what we make of a place and an area. When however the choice is available, specially looking at the space this country offers, one would like to make the right choice.

Drawn toward the ghost town of Terlingua we headed that way this morning, no traffic, great weather with enough heat for one to feel just right throughout the day.


The familiar surroundings looked new! I see things with a different eye today, I feel my surroundings with sharper senses, that is what this past year on the road has donated willingly and its gift has just been incredible. We stopped on what I call the old town’s square, passing the remnants of the old mining days. Terlingua in reality refers to a mining district. The discovery of “cinnabar”, from which the metal mercury is extracted, in the mid-1880s brought miners to the area, creating a small town of 2000.

The Howard Perry owned Chisos Mining Company is now capped and abandoned as a few others in the area, such as the California Hill, the Rainbow, the 248 and the Study Bute mines. Terlinguaite was first found in the vicinity of California Hill which explains the name of the area.

The “ghost” aspect is very much alive. I found a little park within a few feet from where we parked, complete with a bench and a horseshoe field, and this painting under a cover.

There is even a fire pit of a nice size, but it does not look like anyone has used it in a while.

The Starlight Theatre, some of the best food in town.

The “Terlingua Trading Company” and the “Ghost Town Gallery” right next door. Will go in someday, I remember briefly their outstanding art work for sale.

The highlight of the day was discovering “La Posada Milagro” (“The Miracle Inn”) also a few feet away. They have been here for four years now… how strange that I did not even noticed it last time!

The little building, an old rebuilt stone house is the office and also coffee shop! We met a man named Doug that plays the guitar at the Lajitas resort, an upscale resort about 7 miles down the road, he had just bought a new guitar and was kind enough to play a bit…

…while I am having coffee and eating a home made Tamales for breakfast, all this in the shade of a new built cover!

The Inn has 4 rebuilt homes, and I was so impressed with the atmosphere and the relax time we had that I created a page describing it with their own words for the magazine in this website. I am sure that you will find us there some sunny mornings chatting with the locals, sipping coffee and getting an eyefull of Big Bend on the horizon.

Everyone is so nice here, so friendly, this is like “Halfway” all over again, different but on the same path!

Spirit even is finding new friends, this is a very dog friendly town, they are everywhere and I understand that after 10pm they can even go into the Starlight Theatre Restaurant, right after they stop serving food! We are never out that late, but, we will try it some night. He IS the Star after all!!!

So what do you think?… a good day?… we think so! Falling into that “groove” again… into that space that makes us so comfortable. We were there in Halfway… it was interrupted by the move… we are there again! I sure hope that some of you will make this one of your winter destination… I will be waiting!

And this is just the beginning.

Till next time, you be well…

Ara & Spirit


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Ara Gureghian

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3 Responses to “The Big Bend articles, part 1, Texas.”

  1. Ring Huggins Says:


    Nice article and photos. The reason you did not notice the La Posada coffee shop is that it was not there on your first visit to Terlingua! Next time you come down here drop by Many Stones in Study Butte and I will take you to some historic spots off the tourist path. By the way, my 13 year old daughter is named “Spirit”.

    Ring Huggins (Many Stones) in farout far west Texas

  2. Hal Says:

    You have to get down to LaJitas, and while you’re there, make sure you visit with the mayor. He’s sure to be extra friendly if you take him a beer.

    I’ve never been a desert person, but after spending a few weeks in that area in 2004, I’ve become a great fan. We Love Big Bend.

  3. Carolyn Collins Says:

    Our moderator posted your website on the Terlinguaranch forum. What a wonderful life you have. And your photography is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it all with us.
    Carolyn Collins on the Texas Gulf Coast

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