The Big Bend articles, part 2, Texas

Monday, September 24th, 2007

So the realization is that the afternoons are now hot, not as much for me as it is hot for Spirit. And then of course soon he will be cold, the coats will come on. That is a situation to be aware of when one’s dog has very short hair. Riding is still alright as I can put up his cover, but any kind of hiking right now is out of the question.

At the same time I am noticing the other dogs in town not having any problems with the heat, dogs around here named “brown” and “white“!… They make the rounds of the restaurants everyday! I was talking to a local yesterday and the consensus is that they are used to it. People are not even that concerned with them, they also know all the water holes in town, I cannot imagine letting Spirit loose here… This is one dog friendly town.

All is well at higher elevations in the Park, that is the National Park of Big Bend as there is also a State Park which we will visit soon. We left early at sunrise, we will try earlier next time or late in the day when things cool off a bit and experience the Big Bend sunsets, specially in the Basin which is about 30 miles from here. Afternoons?… well, nap is good… my laptop window is good too! This should not last too long as cooler weathers are on the way… I hope.

This morning was as being transported into another world, space in time, and this is only within just a few miles of Terlingua. We must like the sound of silence, we both listen to it as the skies slowly turn to their daylight colors, once again we have found our medium.

Invariably my thoughts linger to the rest of the world… my past life, as I can never take it for granted my being here where the peaceful vibes are so embedded. Those thoughts don’t last too long, they are what I call a reality check, they are thoughts wishing that all my friends and others could be experiencing the same instead of being tied up commuting at a crawling speed on some freeway to the urban jungle or locked in all day between four walls. I know those are unrealistic thoughts, as they say, been there and done that myself. One has to pay their dues seems like as long as the day comes to have the ability to do what one really desires to accomplish.

The Google map is the Basin, you can see the road leading to it and in a couple of the pictures looking through the peaks is the “window”, the famous window were many come to witness the sunsets. There is a Lodge at the Basin, we stopped a bit, I forgot how much attention Spirit draws when amongst people. Within minutes many pictures were snapped. Not too many visitors right now but I understand that they are already booked for the season. Far destination or not, I think this area will become more and more popular as time goes by.

I am thinking about splitting the park in areas, most have been already named, and start exploring them one at the time. Dogs are not allowed on trails. Many Parks, State and County are changing that tune as they are being left behind in vehicles and dying for that matter specially on hot days. Smart move I think… I met many hikers last time we were here on the trails with their dogs. I think if the owners acts responsibly, keeping a relatively short leash, all will be fine. More to come on that subject…

We have been back before the heat, ironically when parked in the shade up the Basin, as the temperature always drops 10 to 15 degrees, Spirit “was” shivering! And then it was the descent back to Terlingua… we went through this last winter… will go through it again… and again!

All is calm right now, but a motorcycle group has a weekend Rally planned here, of course the World famous Chili Cook-off happens the first week of November, actually two of them… more groups gathering here at some point, we are so much enjoying the peacefulness of the area. The off season is financially hard on this area, they have to make up for it in season, fully understandable.

Enjoy the pictures… come and visit, you will never regret it, might even change the way you are thinking… to the better!

Be well…

Ara & Spirit


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