Arriving in Big Bend, Texas…

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

We finally made it here yesterday, in the heat of mid day, not too bad as it is a dry heat. I don’t know why but I feel a bit off balance, maybe because we have been here before, maybe there are some expectations I am not aware of waiting for the magic wand to suddenly make its appearance and transport us into a new space… or are we just tired from the long haul versus just moving around shorter distances to our next destination.


Who knows! At the same time it all felt like new… and the anticipation of going into the Park and many other destinations has deepened the excitement about being here. I think we are just a bit tired since leaving Halfway with the thought of the shorter days coming up, more indoor activities… in another word “winter” is making its mark.


What amazed me, specially as we turned south in Alpine to start the 83 miles that would take us here, is how much more of my environment I was seeing! I could not remember at least 80% of the roads, the mountains, the colors, and as we stopped to take a couple pictures, the total silence surrounding us. I have changed these past 10 months or so since we have been on the road, I see and feel my environment differently, I am sure of it now since yesterday. I knew then that the decision to come here was the right one and the anticipation to explore this vast area, including the National Park, the State Park which we actually missed the last time, and so many surrounding areas including… the green lights of Marfa!

For some reasons I have never been fond of winter these past years, mainly because of the shorter days as I like to be outdoor most of the time, but the scenario here I know cannot be any better.

The rig is still on the trailer, the chores have piled up it seems like… major laundry to do, clean up this place, hair and beard trimming, and… since for some reason my Dish is not working, start taking steps to fix it somehow. We are lucky that there is a coffee shop, restaurant actually, walking distance, that has WI FI and is open from 6am to 10pm. The signal is not strong enough for me to pick it up here, it will mean going and sitting there most likely on a daily basis! Exactly the same way it was the last time we were here… what an irony. To compound the problem since I need to call Hughes technology for them to run some tests, my phone has no signal! I use SKYPE from the restaurant to make my calls, but here… there is not going to be a way to have the phone going at the same time and being on the Internet and on the modem.

I am going to figure out a way to borrow a cell phone that has coverage and see if the problem can be fixed! Most of my doings are off line anyhow, I am not one to spend hours browsing Forums, it will all work out I am sure. Worse things have happened. Amazing how one can get spoiled by this modern technology… there is always a first… this is it!

We had our first “article” submitted for the magazine I am calling “my first hundred years”! Brandon, a 9 year old rider from Louisiana… Hid dad owns the Louisiana Dual Sport Forum and truly is an example of the roots of family unity. There is a chance that they adopt me… just so I can also have the good fortune to have a couple motorcycles put together by him and go racing once a month! They are also dog lovers, they have just rescued a Pit that is going through the expensive and time consuming phase of being dewormed! (just corrected a spelling mistake I will share with you… I had written “deformed”!!!).Big hearts in that family, as it should be.

Feel free to send me some writing! Everyone has something to say… write. We are a big community here and foreign readers as much as local readers are always so interested in our life here. This technology has made us closer than ever, with readers from all over the world, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, many European countries, it has been a blast to correspond with them. Send in a couple pictures, a title, and you will see it on this site… who knows, it might entice you to start your own Blog someday to let you family and friends read about what is going on in your life.


Well, we have to get on with our day. Spirit needs his long walks which he have been missing since we have been in transit, it is almost as new life descends upon him when we do walk on for a long time, with his tail up and his nose to the ground sniffing and snorting… he seems to be in Doggie heaven! He is…

It is also serious time to start working and posting the recipes that are truly lost in this website! Finish the Index… much to do here. Yes, I like to stay busy!

Till next time, with hopefully some pictures of Big Bend, you all be well…  

——————————————- You contributions more than ever are what is keeping this site alive. If reading it is worth $1 a month… the PayPal button is above to the right… snail mail address is below. We always “thank you”.

Ara Gureghian

853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245

Naples, Florida 34108


Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “Arriving in Big Bend, Texas…”

  1. Chukar39 Says:

    Hello Ara and Spirit,
    Happy trails…loved your adventures in Anza Borrego – Fish Creek Mountains, Mattole – Lost Coast Range and especially the Hells Canyon. Been to Lajitas, Big Bend, and Terlingua in 2005…sorry dude Verizon sucks and has no coverage in that area, been there, should have told ya… u guys

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