Ms Zoey to the rescue… NM

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

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Spring? Summer? They are here…

What can go through someone’s mind when such loses their four legged soulmate? Three weeks later it is still so dark that even a sparkler lit by caring Friends is dim. It must have been soaking in my daily tears, my search throughout rooms that maybe this reality is only imaginary. I kick myself over and over and at times that concept absent for so long works in only short bursts.

Everything is blooming.

Years ago when Lance passed away I went mad, angry, you name it, for two years. I was impossible to deal with. All I could think of was that here stood the only Father in the whole World having lost his Son. I really did. As I abandoned my business I took little jobs flipping hamburgers, making quesadillas, French Fries and ended up getting fired from each of those jobs. Not because of my ability while being a 5 Star Chef, but because of my attitude, my at the time fury. They were not pleasant times and luckily after hearing I needed some serious attitude changing from Friends, and especially from my last Boss who regretted and felt so apologetic to let me go, I realized I had to get back to “myself”. Well, that did not work very well either as my tunnel got darker and darker and eventually the light at the end of it went out. There is so much thankfulness towards that voice who told me to pack up and take off with Spirit on one of those Friday nights as I remember. It was a bold move, a necessary one. Today Spirit is gone. I stare at his food bag still in the closet, his bed and bowls I have not been able to touch and put away, I stare at the clock which seems to have picked up some speed as late afternoons arrives and I still have not moved much from my morning stare, only remembering I don’t have to feed him.

Prickly Pear jam maybe this year.

I can fill pages and pages on what Spirit meant to me. I won’t as if I do this keyboard will get flooded. There is only one image right now present in front of me. The one where Spirit and I formed a scale balancing it constantly as we were the pans of it. His pan has now lost its weight and I am dropping fast losing control of my nights and days. Luckily I have learned what to do. I learned it these past years but I am lacking the fuel needed to get back up. It is just me and I probably should not even be in front of this keyboard but this therapy of mine appeases me somehow. I did not have the tools 14 or so years ago but as sharp as they now are, I do have them and learned to use them. Let it all out.

Ms Zoey

“Old Faithful” is sold. There is not much sense in it anymore while riding it alone is missing the smile which always accompanied me. My body itself cannot take the bouncing of the dirt roads, the fun ones. The spine screams… Another rider with his dog will take over and once again she will be out there breathing the miles. Why punish her leaving her chained up to the fence. Just as I have sold the camper and no regrets are present, it will be the same for “Old Faithful” even if I will miss that girl. I am trying to take back the direction of basic camping even if I am apprehensive going by myself. Have not done much yet but at least a list is written up. Kind of. I had mentionned  not long ago that “we” had never really explored New Mexico and this was our next step. I never thought I would do it alone.

She loves her toy.

But I won’t be alone as in one day Life again changed. Either now or later I was going to adopt another Buddy. Why not now? City Shelter a few times and no magic. On to the County Shelter and again no sparks. The Manager and I started conversating about Spirit as she exclaimed that she had the perfect companion for me. So perfect that her and her helper were fostering her. They did not want her at the shelter, they did not want her to go to just any home. Lucky us… her and I.

Up the Mountains cooling off.

Zoey has entered my life. How can I describe her? The most affectionate dog I have ever met. A true lover. Ms Zoey, 2~3 years old always thinking she is a lapdog! Already so attached she doesn’t leave my sight and will lick me to death if I don’t stop her at some point. A happy dog, constantly filled with love and joy. It was a rough month I must say. Seems like we now deserve each other. She is indeed the perfect match. Good Karma continues showering me with treats.

That look!

I think we missed Spring as from Winter wave suddenly jumped to the upper nineties this week. 9000 feet is only a few miles away where I find the temperatures being 25 degrees cooler and the hundreds of miles of National Forest Rds are now our destinations. We have only taken day trips and Zoey behaves better than ever. This is one Buddy who like Spirit will do well off the leash when we are off the grid away by ourselves. She stays my shadow, she is perfect as we will get to know each other better with time. We are rolling over towards a new Era for sure. As much as I miss Spirit I am content, I am happy she has crossed my path, we have crossed each other path.
Stay well… Ara and Zoey [R.I.P. Spirit 04~04~2018]
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21 Responses to “Ms Zoey to the rescue… NM”

  1. Queenie Says:

    The worst of times. The best of times. May your heart be filled with joy.

  2. Luis Contreras Says:

    Hi Ara

    I want to share my personal story o losing my 4 legged friend. Four years ago I moved from Mexico City to New Mexico in pursue of my college education. My dream has always been to be a Physicist. I moved to this state and fall in in love with his majestic mountains, breathtaking sunsets and beautiful deserts. Over 4 years I have the chance to explored this land of enchantment and the beauty of the surrounding states and American Southwest but behind I left my mom and my 4 legged friend: Thor, a beautiful dalmatian.

    Leaving behind my dog was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever take, he was my running partner, my best friend, a gift from my mother when I finished high school after years of economic struggle and working to help her. I left Thor behind but I knew I was moving to the USA for better opportunities to help her, I knew that Thor would be a great protector for my mom, as she becomes older and older.

    A year ago Thor got sick, his pain was unbearable and my mom called me to make a decision. I told my mom to put him to sleep, even that he was young, he could not walk any more and he was in constant pain. Thor passed away waiting for me, every day he would wait at my room, wait for my return to Mexico but that day never came. After his death my heart was broken, my mom felt lonely as never before. Months later she adopted a rescue dog, after Thor’s death I felt that I could not commit to a dog anymore so instead I give my love to the many dogs at the local shelter by walking them and spending time with them.

    Thanks for sharing what you feel, and what you see. I read your book some months ago and gave it as a present to my brother who became a motorcycler and rescued a pitbull some years ago.

    If you ever drive to Socorro, NM emailed me, there is a lot of beauty here. I cannot understand the magnitude of your pain but what losing Thor taught me is that there is always enough love inside us to share with others.


    Luis Contreras

  3. Jayni Goodwin Says:

    Congratulations to you and Ms Zoey! What beautiful words and pics you have posted. The two of you seem perfect together. i don’t know which one of you is the luckiest. I think you both have been incredibly blessed. Good for you, Ara. Enjoy the moments with your sweet girl! I am looking forward to your new experiences and adventures, whatever and wherever they may be.

  4. Anush Says:

    I only tonight read about Spirit on Facebook and came to your blog to read your post. I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m happy to read about Ms. Zoey and wish you many happy memories together.

  5. Connie Says:

    Wow Zoey is beautiful. I am glad you found such a loving companion. She will fill your life with love. She has a lot to give.

  6. Barney Ward Says:

    How wonderful to have another great friend come to you. You are blessed. I look forward to the continuing adventures of the Ara Teams.

  7. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You… She is so incredibly great!

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You. We both do…

  9. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You.

  10. Ara & Spirit Says:

    I knew you would be Armenian with a name as such. “Sweet”… What you are doing is so fantastic. My grand ma use to read the coffee cups! I couldn’t wait until I was old enough that they would let me drink coffee so she would read my future… Stay well and in touch. Ara and Zoey

  11. Ara & Spirit Says:

    We are both lucky. I find it so incredible to join path with her.

  12. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Luis for sharing your very touching story. Spirit and I were at Apache Del Bosque not too long ago and actually stayed in Socorro. We caught just about the last weekend of the birds migration and Zoey and I this time around will be back. I have bought a home in Alamogordo so if ever around let us know. We are not that far… Have a great day.

  13. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Alexa… Pretty incredible that her and I have met and sharing the same path. She is such an incredible Being!

  14. Pam Reynolds Says:

    Dear Ara, Randy and I are so happy for you and Ms Zoey. You can see the love in her eyes.

    Wishing the two of you much happiness together.


  15. Don McGilvray Says:

    I can’t express the happiness I felt when I opened this a few minutes ago, Ara!

    Your finding each other is destiny for both you and Ms Zoey! Spirit would be happy for you, I know.
    So good to read that you will be pursuing adventures together and enjoying the outdoors.
    This has turned out wonderfully in my view, and I am so happy for you both!

  16. Nancy Says:

    Spirit can rest, now, as he smiles for you and your new Buddy.

  17. Charlie Says:

    I am sitting here with tears of joy as I was afraid you wouldn’t take the step to find a new companion and the thought of you sitting alone at home truly bothered me. I know mom will also be happy for you! I am not a dog person but she looks like a worthy companion accompany you on your travels.
    Vaya Con Dios

  18. Lynne Goebeler (Curvyroads) Says:

    So happy for you and Ms. Zoe, Ara! This post made my day! 🙂

  19. Chris Says:

    congratulations on crossing paths with Zoey. Her eyes impart the feeling that she is with you for the long haul. It feels like Spirit sent a new friend to guide you forward! I’ve experienced it before. The day after the loss of my damp nosed Friend, a stray dog showed up on our steps. In 18 years living at this suburban address, we’d never seen an unattended pup in our neighborhood (or in the 15 years since). She kept us company for a few days until we found her owner, but the smiles she brought us those first few difficult days are always with me. Our furry friends have some mysterious ways…..
    So happy to see Zoey with you!


  20. leilani Says:

    Oh my! You can see in her eyes not only that she is all yours but she also knows you are all hers!
    Spirit was a once-in-a-lifetime soulmate but, myth aside, lightning has been known to strike twice & it sure looks like it did again!
    Makes you think it was more than just luck that brought you together.
    Congratulations to both of you on the extraordinary miracle of finding each other & best of luck merging both your journeys together going forward!

  21. Ara & Spirit Says:

    It definitely was more than luck as Zoey was not even at the shelter. The Manager and assistant Manager fostered her as they did not want her to go to just any home. After I showed up a couple times she looked at me and said “come back tomorrow and I will have a dog for you”. Okay, I did… I pull in and there was Zoey without a leash just sitting by the door! Lara and Buddy did not even have to ask me If I would take her… I am forever grateful… Stay well.

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