We are “ONE” again… WY

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

I made a point today to stop many times on Hwy 287 to take some certain photos of Jeffrey City and Sweetwater Junction a Friend had indirectly asked for since he lived in the area in his youth. What a surprise tonight when I found out the simple fact that this camera which I had left behind did not have a CF card in it… or was this a plot from Spirit to have some of his old photos displayed instead? Most likely!

~ “I wonder why the Coyote jumped the high and tight fence. I saw him. I wonder how he survives his Desert with no water and temperatures of 100 degrees and above day in and day out. Maybe that is why he jumped it. Can we also jump our own fence?” ~


It is late, exhausted, sick and filled with medication trying to combat this flu that has burst a few days ago, the ground wobbles with every step taken and so does my head, and yet, I have those brown eyes resting on me tonight that fill me with an energy unlike any other. Almost three weeks and suddenly there he was again running like a madman at my sight, stopping for a few seconds for a hug and then on more chasing his dream which as mine a couple hours ago became this long awaited reality. Words never describe such moments, they are useless. The feelings embedded from the Heart will not allow them, but your imagination will.


Almost 400 miles of pushing and pushing, of “I have no choice but to make it”, only the few stops needed and much concentration to stay focused one moment at the time. Thousands of thoughts came in to rest. That is what riding does, it is meditation, it is rising to a higher level and yet at the same time the outmost need to be “here”. I thought they were important, the thoughts, and now realize in perspective they were not. There are other Worlds out there besides ours, meaning Spirit’s and mine. Of course there are, they are present in numbers as we are also each of us on our own path. I however had not witnessed such an array in such a long time, so long it was, most moments have left me speechless and a bit rebellious till a while ago when I understood how futile it is, would be, to try to understand it all when I cannot so often understand my own path.


“Space” has become my key word. Selfish it is maybe? Is it when most themselves rent, buy or lease their own behind locked doors in the big cities as I have lived in the past. Ours is not the mansion, the “modern pad” with all amenities, our tent will suffice, it is the “outer space” that matters, the quiet one, the Art always in motion by the greatest Artist “Mother Nature”, the one which has become a rarity and difficult to find, to get to often, the one untouched yet by the Human non descriptive so called “progress”. On my way here yesterday again I experienced specially on Highway 287 through Wyoming such spaces. Of course how is one to make a living out in “nowhere”? The Ghost Town of Jeffrey City is of a good example. I don’t have that answer. All I do know is to survive minimally with my buddy and even that path has it’s given daily lesson. It is again a matter of perspective. A price to pay, willing or unwilling is a choice. 


A good Friend of mine wrote me these lines upon my return. I have wonderful Friends, Readers, and often as she did, they take the words out my thoughts, these on my constant search for those “spaces” and also ones concerning my Mother. Oh! My Dear Mother, Sweet Lady as I often joke expressing my wish for brothers and sisters to share her too abundant Love. “Something the US West has “what” those "civilized " Western European countries do not seem to have…Enough space for a person to think, lay down outside at night and watch the stars. Go for a ride and not cross another’s path. Quiet, but for the sound of the wind and the trees… and the howl of a Coyote. ~ Your mother is comfortable in her ways. What she learned and had to learn to survive. No more, no less. It is enough for her. Hoping you will be comfortable in your ways. Always learning, it is never enough… no small space to hide in, but embracing the whole of nature….can be rough at times….”. Thanks Mary.


There is aftermath for myself after such days away. Our “spaces” will always be here, in our Lifetime anyhow even if the search has to intensify, my Mother will not and yet, yes, she has learned alone for the past half of a century to survive and adapt into this World of ours and her move near by here as many of my Friends guessed it, is not imminent. That in itself is heart breaking as she even asked me if “we” would come and live in Europe for a while… a thought. She might come near by a few months to escape the cold and harsh winters of Munich, and that in itself, the promise to try, well, it is of a comfort I would like to see it happen soon. 


You be well… always.

Ara & Spirit

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8 Responses to “We are “ONE” again… WY”

  1. fartymarty Says:

    Ara and Spirit together again, now the world can resume to spin.

    Welcome home (the large expansive wandering kind of home) Ara, and get well (fluless) soon.

  2. john Says:

    i feel the happiness in your words now that you are reunited with your spirit…

  3. Louise Says:

    Glad you are back from Germany, safe and sound. Welcome home.

  4. Garry Says:

    Welcome “HOME”…
    Best Wishes…

  5. rickey Says:

    There is a setting in menus, of Canon cameras to prevent taking photos without a CF card

  6. Denny Gibson Says:

    Leaving Mom to come “home” has to challenge your mind just a bit. I’m glad you’re back with Spirit though he’s really not a replacement for family. Welcome back.

  7. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara & Spirit,
    Welcome home. Thanks for sharing your trip and visit with your Mother in Germany with us. Take gentle care of yourself until you are on the mend from the flu. We are home in Iowa also, picking up where we left off on our activities and family. Already dreaming of travels next spring, though.
    Wishing you & Spirit safe travels to your winter home,
    Pam & Randy

  8. RigadoonAmyInTheWind Says:

    Being the gnarly old hands that we are, we looked at each other one day and realized we have some wisdom, too. We can’t be the glue forever. It’s not a good thing. We don’t want to hold the reins either. Any cowboy will tell you that no human really lords over a horse. Horses are alot like people. They’ll follow you up… to a point, learn all the things they’re suppose to learn, and then one day they’ll tell you – you’ll feel it in the reins – they gotta run so they can be the horse they gotta be. It feels like the pony wants to run.

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