We are never in the middle of "nowhere". ???

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009


Monday June 15th, evening. Why do I feel as the Journey is only starting? Is it because I am getting close to hovering into this “moment” longer and longer? And yet, when my Friend KC picked up his children, 8 and 5, the padlock shut within my chest and I could not see their faces but only Lance’s as the past frames suddenly started unreeling faster and faster taking a Life of their own. It was all I could do to hold my tears back waiting to be alone to let them flow freely trying to grab the past that will never be here again.

Red Canyon

I don’t care truly, let it be, let it be of these moments. They are not of despair, they are of acceptance, they are the weight that I carry on my back, they are the visions through this fog that surrounds me, a blur with only one frame so sharp, so vivid, so loud, so warm, so gentle that I can feel my past embraces, my lingering hugs with him. I can feel the touch of his skin, warm and at times the young child so soft and so new to Life yet not exposed to the elements awaiting him. I can feel the weathered skin at other times when present past the years he himself has endured. I can feel his eyes so green and so piercing with such anticipation to his own future that never came but with a gentleness that brushed my heart with his strokes within his Love so strong for his own moment.

yellow bouquet  

Dam Life… Dam Life… what have you done to us? My strength can only hold up so long. Give me some time to replenish my tears, give me some time to feel again the strength that I so much need to get me through these days. When will I see him again? When will the next embrace again will make me alive and take away these shadows that come and goes with no warnings on this path paved with the cobblestones of Life? I live today surrounded with a beauty unequaled ever through my own vision. This is for now. It will not get any better, but it is better. Mother Nature with her greens and her reds, her peaks and her valleys tries so hard to entice my own moments to go on. She has never quit as I am the one that at times opens that chapter, that dark chapter filled with the obscure fonts curled up in a dark corner that calls me with such easiness toward my own left end of the road.

the fly  

I have my Friends, my kind Friends, my such good hearted Friends that look upon me as to keep me within the boundaries I should be on. I meet them with their smiles, with their Love, their respect, their Friendships. I read their words for the ones I have never met wishing I do. Wishing that maybe their own hugs will take away these colors I do not like to embrace letting me enjoy only the white and pure that surrounds us all. Oh! these moments… I do not wish they go away as it is my legacy to endure them. I don’t know anymore what I wish for. To be here or to be there? Would it even make a difference… and yet the words of my promise echoes so strongly that my guilt to deviate from them comes back to hunt me as to give me the strength that I need to go on.

89 d  

Tuesday June 16th, evening. We left Lander today, we left the kindness and the care we both felt so heartedly from KC and Mia those past few days it took us to regroup. It is the silver lining of this cloak that drapes some of my moments as also today being on the road was. “White Elephant” has stayed behind, hopefully for a few months. I started wondering even why she did not stay behind in Texas. My own logic sometimes seemingly is so illogical that I don’t often even try to understand myself. There was a multitude of little things to fix, the ones that do not endure the weather so well and come apart. And then the packing which I really enjoy as much as I would enjoy a giant jigsaw puzzle… which I do. The nightmare of course as previously stated is the “electronics”. Everything needing to be powered up through AC or DC, sometimes both. I have no clue what happened between then and now. All this slowly showed up…

Dash a  
Packing e  

 Thursday June 17th, morning. The ride yesterday was a welcome stage hopefully pointing the way to the more acts to come. Perfect weather, perfect route, perfect winds, it was as the red carpet was laid out for us to go on forward west.


We had pulled over for a short break when this car also came to a stop. Of course I wanted to take a picture of it, a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad, one of those in pristine condition, totally restored as I found out, returning from a car show.

56 Chevy Nomad  

What I did not know at the time, as I felt luck was on my side, was the fact that this very space was years ago the trail for the Pony Express, the California Trail, the Oregon Trail and the Mormon Pioneer Trail. A few miles from there is what they are calling it now the “Parting of the Ways”, the intersection that lead thousands of Pioneers making a right to Oregon, a left to Utah and California. I could still, as written on a plaque, see the ruts made by the old wagon wheels. Much to think about, much to ponder about, same space, same ground, the years have passed as here we are with suddenly such advanced technology and fast vehicles, wondering what will it be in another 100 hundred years, add a thousand years maybe? Will the ruts still be here?

Trails Rd b  
Trails Rd a wagon wheel ruts
Parting of the way parting of the ways

We stopped again at the entrance of Red Canyon, still unfortunately not accessible because of the previous rains, took one more picture of it this time lined with the blue skies. The roads are incredibly beautiful, one just needs to experience them within yesterday’s settings. We then arrived at Bear Lake which at that moment was a beautiful bright and almost glaring blue due to the limestone bottom it rests on. My thought was to camp somewhere on the shores till I realized that it was that time for a mosquito convention. I think they had come from all over the country including Louisiana as my belief has always been it being their National Bird. Within minutes we were covered by them, Spirit also was, time had gone by, the sun went away taking also with her that beautiful color present just a few moments ago. I quickly put my helmet back on, dropped the visor and we took off for what I consider one of the most beautiful roads around, Highway 89 which took us toward Logan, north of Salt Lake City.

Bear Lake  

Highway 89, even on a week day, had much motorcycle traffic as I can understand why. Smooth curves, smooth surface, cool temperatures from the river running alongside, a perfect road for the machines that enjoy a bit of challenge in the handling department.

89 c  
89 b  

This morning the weather has changed again, but rain or shine we are ready to push into Nevada. I know the weather has been a concern for many as it should be. Are we coming to a point of no return within our daily pollution and changes in the skies? It sure feels as such to me including the thoughts of an uncertain future. It is time now to get back on the road. Our SPOT shows it well in real time when we are moving. The posting’s logistics might be now a bit more difficult but it sure feels as there is more wi fi available throughout the country then cell phone reception. All is well and will be well.


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Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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9 Responses to “We are never in the middle of "nowhere". ???”

  1. Louise Says:

    I am glad you are back on the road. It seems to offer you some consolation. And you are also a pioneer on the trail: no one else has traveled exactly your path to your destiny.

    The photo of your electronics cracked me up! What strange covered wagon is this? It is covered in electro-magnetic energy, protecting you from lack of communication. The pioneers of old (my great-grandmother traveled that route in a wagon) searched for food and water along the rutted trail. We just ask the GPS 🙂

  2. D. Brent Miller Says:

    Ooohhh! A Chevy Nomad! Gorgeous cars. I owned a 1956 Chevy Nomad when I was 18 years old in the late 1960s. It was in pretty good shape. The Nomad was Chevy’s sports station wagon with lots of chrome inside and out.

    Nice photo, Ara. Thanks for the memories.


  3. Linda/Summerfield, FL Says:

    Haven’t checked your site out for awhile. Wonderful as always. Brought a tear to my eye.

    Someday I would like to travel some of the roads you have traveled.

    Gone on a couple of trips after I retired. Still healing from wreck a year ago. Last trip we trailered the bikes and rode from a home base. Will do that again. The dogs still like going with me.

    Going to catch up on all I’ve missed with you. Please take care of yourself. Let me know if you make it back to FL. Give Ara a hug for me.

  4. Linda/Summerfield, FL Says:

    I meant to say give Spirit a hug for me.


  5. Voni Says:

    Hugs! Now you’re cooking.

    Love this living on the road, but it’s even richer to visit friends for a few days and then ride free again.


  6. chessie Says:

    Ara, you surprise me…I figured NV. would wait until the later date…I’m glad you were able to get the tires and the maint. done on the rig…good lord Ara, speaking of the rig… you sure have most comforts now!

    Do be well Ara…Spirit…well your name is your keepsake…do keep Ara’s healthy….

  7. texascindy Says:

    Ara, Just want you to know you’re in my thoughts and prayers. Whatever destination you are looking to find may not be at the end of this particular journey. Enjoy and experience all that you can. Ups and downs, blacks and whites, goods and bads, peaks and valleys…can’t have one without the other. It is all meant to be experienced so that we will be thankful for all that God has provided us. I’m wishing for you that during the next few days you find more comfort than pain in your memories. Hugs to you and yours.
    Safe travels,

  8. Rick Thomas Says:

    I loved that last photo. I am amazed at how much stuff you can cary on your rig and still find room for Spirit. Best wishes to both of you on your travels.

  9. mq01 Says:

    Ara, you are embraced daily, from the heart. Carry that forward my friend.
    I am so happy to see Hwy 89, what a fantastic place. Thank you.
    Ride safe, enjoy, and continue to take care friends.

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