The Romance of… Homeless on the Road. CA

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

“…there were no other people around and there are still none, but in the midst of such a grand tableau it was impossible to give full and serious consideration. All that is human melted with the sky and faded out beyond the mountains and I felt, as I feel that a man can never find or need better companionship than that of himself” ~ Edward Abbey [Desert Solitaire]

Hilleberg tent  

Yes, as harsh as the path can be at times, rainy and cold, windy and gray, hail and snow, stuck in a tent vestibule half the size of your bathroom including your ceiling, night time descending upon the ride without a space to put our head down, a flat tire on the side of the road or a medical emergency without health insurance in a foreign town, yes, yet, there is romance being homeless on the road.


There is the comfort of the absence of a schedule. There is no calendar often looked at, no hands on a clock, only glancing at the sun when present. There is the freedom of U-turns with no remorse of time limit as the same goes on when chatting with the locals or other campers on their own Journey.There is the same camper, a total stranger only few minutes ago, inviting you for a meal around his fire and finishing it up with melted chocolate mixed in with walnuts and orange segments for lack of anything else.


There are the sunny days with cotton ball clouds and an air so clean and pure it will make you dizzy. There are the roads those days you will not upon them even want to stop for the photos only keeping the sights into for your own cherished memories.There are the meals prepared, ingredients brought in by the frequent stops along the roads from the local fruit and vegetable stands also filled with loving honey and jams created not long ago. There is the firewood abandoned by the previous occupants free for some warmth and the glancing at the mesmerizing multicolor flames through the night.


There is the curious and the dreamer asking a thousand questions about our own Journey, surprised, sometimes shocked, sometimes also elaborating on their own dream I listen to and encourage to follow without hesitation, before it becomes too late, before it becomes regrets.There is romance when invited from other total strangers homes that know us sometimes better than I do myself. Their hospitality, their kindness, clean sheets and towels and a meal, that one often reciprocated, they light up the path we move on with their presence as we then go on leaving as new found Friends.

unused railroad tracks  

There is my buddy Spirit always ready to clown, his locking eyes into mine quietly talking of constant affection never diminished wherever we are and whenever as a constant state of mind. His coat always warm on the cold days heating my hands themselves when frozen shut. His head is tucked into my armpit with so often a big sigh, yes, we are together, we are one. There is his unconditional Love lifting my Heart when so often needed only by a look and a hug. No words needed.


There are the discoveries around the bend in constant motion filling the senses as all always gathered in one being painted on by the too many colors never blemishing even on those gray foggy days. The Sunrise, the Sunset, High Noon almost blinding, the wind and the sand in our face, the Moon full or crescent or no Moon when the dark nights glows with it’s array of Stars sometimes putting on a show across the skies with a tail I can barely follow.


There is so much more. The ultimate freedom to be who I am and one by one climb those steps ahead to find out soon enough who I will be throughout the future presents. The yesterdays are gone, the tomorrows with any hope will be, now is always here, present, at times smiling and at times not. There is never a choice but to confront it. What are you waiting for? For a day or a week or forever, get out there as you will find out truly that there is no such a thing as being Homeless. Our Heart is our Home.

Old Faithful  

Be well, it is your choice.

Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “The Romance of… Homeless on the Road. CA”

  1. Rodolfo Says:

    Love your saying “Be well, it is your choice” How true. Sometimes so easy to focus in all the “Can’t do” rather than all the positives that this wonderful land of ours offers to everyone of us (some more than others) but nevertheless opportunities to develop our talents and live our dreams. You offer more than you imagine. Thank You. May the good fortunes smile at you.

  2. The Box Canyon Blogger Says:

    ara, such talk messes with my stationary life… I need to get back to wandering. You are the supreme poet of “Wandering.” Keep it going… keep questioning the “rut,” the putting off of dreams. thanks, Mark and the Quiet One.

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