The road to Presidio…

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

I can understand the love for Big Bend, the National Park, as I also share its passion and beauty.

To the eyes, as I always mention it, it is undescribable , to the hikers… in which group I do not belong… remember, Ara+Spirit = no go, the trails are endless… but for a rider, the road to Presidio surpasses just about anything I have ever ridden… and I felt so ignorant all day thinking that I never had the knowledge that such roads existed in Texas!… and I am sure in Mexico too… just a few feet away…


More on SmugMug… set "style" window on "JOURNAL" for all the story…

Be well….

Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “The road to Presidio…”

  1. David The V Says:

    Hi David – I see that your side kick is enjoying the ride and the scenery. Great photo. I got your last email. Aaron, our programmer has been looking at some new ways of seting up the blog. Will keep you posted.

    The Vargas Group .com

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