The last Sunset, a true Gift… CA

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Yesterday, last evening more exactly, Mother Nature presented us with an incredible gift being the most memorable Sunset I had ever witnessed… Of course the location, in perfect harmony between land and water… standing and sitting on that fine line that separates both… made it even more profound. I have lived many years on sailboats… and the usual daily habit was always to watch the sunset… we use to take it a step further and clap our hands when the last ray of sun always vanished.

So I have seen quite a few throughout my life… last night, well… it topped it all. The pictures do justice and then again… does not. It is NOT altered… touched up… they just have been transferred from the camera to you… The wind blowing is missing… the crash of the waives are absent… As I met two couples camping also there, one on the beach itself, a yearly ritual for them since… 1985 (!!!), we all thought this beach should have been kept a secret…

Not many people do the drive or the ride to it… it is only about 40 miles from 101, steep roads… broken down roads… it end up not being a thought anymore, such little price to pay for the reward of being there.

This is my chair everyday… when we are not walking, looking for unusual polished stones, some clear, some of various colors or driftwood which have kept their route a mystery as I always examine them thinking and wondering how long they have been out to sea… and where do they come from?

A tall pole, covered with different color strings must have a meaning for some… and the round, I call it, sundial, must have been here forever. No one disturbs anything here… the few that are here seem to be present for all the same purpose… clearing the mind from all the dark clouds that might have accumulated within.

The road to the beach is narrow, filled with greenery, fresh eggs are being sold just a few feet from this private residence’s entrance, and no, I did not have a chance to go buy some…

Next time I am going to say… as our plans changed suddenly. Don’t they always?… We are already about half way to Seattle, a week early, long story… For the first time… I will be leaving Spirit behind on Monday and fly to Grand Rapid, Michigan! I will return a few days later… why? Because it is my Birthday this month… I still have a great Mother!… I have to go pick up her gift to actually “us”. Yes, of course you will find out what it is… not till it is in my possession!

“That task” will be behind us next week and will allow me to spend all my time with Andy when the bike… sidecar… all are taken apart… given a once of a lifetime “physical”… Old Faithful has 170000 miles on her… it will be interesting to find out her ailments if any and the cures!

I did finally cooked something worthwhile sharing last night! They are all items that I had… pasta, one breast of chicken, a couple green onions sliced, chopped garlic, almost a full log of Goat Cheese, cilantro chopped and a bit of hot sauce without forgetting some lime juice… One pan again. Boil the pasta to your liking and set it aside after drizzling some olive oil for it not to stick. In the same pan with more olive oil sauté the chicken breast, add the garlic, green onions, till done. Place the chicken on a Chinet plate and cut up… back to the pan mixed with the pasta, add the Goat Cheese and Cilantro, the juice of just about one lime and cover… at very low temp. You want the cheese to melt slowly… Mix well… and eat! A bit of hot sauce maybe… The cheese and cilantro and lime juice truly does something for the palate… Great for camping or at home… try it!

So yes, we left early this morning, we were on the road at 6:30 am… and 12 hours later we had only covered 300 miles! I will just need to focus ahead of me tomorrow as we should be rolling in Seattle in the pm.

I remember now! We did stop at the Giant Trees!… you can tell their size from Spirit sitting right next to one…

It was the right time of the day, the sun was still down from the east with its rays trying to penetrate the dense forest. This took us to 101 north… all the way to Crescent City.

Stay on 101 or take 199 east for a B line to 5 and just get there… I had already blown a tire, so no spare… and at my rate going up 101 would probably have taken a week or so! I actually prefer to run 101 southbound as to not cross the road when wanting to park.

Not a total loss as there were many scenic pull over’s…

And 199 itself with the Klamath River had much to offer…

It is getting late… next time, from Seattle. I have been a bit sad leaving the beach, but we can return anytime and probably will before too long. Will definitely not wait till next year… At the same time, I am looking forward to these couple week ahead of us as they will make the backbone of this Journey only stronger… safer… and more pleasant!!!

Don’t forget… Beemerchef for hire when in your area…

You be well…

Ara & Spirit

Let’s say it… my “donation” button has been controversial with some… and that is OK with me… It is an “honest” request… providing “honest’ views and reading… The donations are not for our food… or any personal expenses, but dedicated to the Blog itself and its many expenses.I of course “thank” the ones willing to fund some of it but, it will always be free to read it!… fair to all? What is fair? $1 a month?… a yearly contribution of $12?

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  1. geode Says:

    Ooooo … Ooooo … I know I know … The surprise is *information editted out by BeemerChef 15 June 2006*.

    That’s so cool … Congrats!!!!!

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