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Sunday, May 27th, 2007

I was reading recently, always fun to do, some of my first days on the road, and amazed at the concept of clock watching that was driving me forward. So much has changed, this past week in and near a big city specially has surfaced as a time that took me back a bit… with the outmost realization that I did not want any part of it! So we are now a bit further “out”, between Sacramento and Stockton, in what is called the Delta.

New campsite…

Quite different in many aspects. The spot we are on is great… many acres with no one around, fields ahead of us as far as one can see… and a levee road with much traffic!!! specially on this Holiday weekend. I wrote a bit further “out”… there is still an “edge” floating around, we will not find the serenity and the space we experienced not too long ago till a bit later most likely. But we are planning overnight stays up the Mountains soon… maybe tomorrow… maybe starting Thursday.




 We took a ride on Saturday to Somerset, in the Shenandoah Valley, where the wineries laid just about every mile or so. A group of riders have been gathering there every year, 15 or so, a much fun group, as previously lead again by the leader… Tyler!


It was at her parents home, a couple that will spent this holiday in the kitchen cooking for all… excellent dinner… as you can tell by this carnivorous rider sitting not too far from the source… Ribs to perfection, green beans, a great salad with shrimp, avocado and much of everything else…


40 acres gave us a chance to gather up away from the house after dinner… where much conversation and laughter followed, including the dogs playing, there was not much sitting still. As everyone stayed for the night, planning another ride today, we left and headed back to camp. I miss riding at night, the weather was just so perfect, I did have to plug in my electrics half way back… and I don’t lack headlights for the road. Great times…


A late rising this morning, I feel some relaxation coming on… the luxury of doing nothing was taking slowly over today! Just being with one’s self… seems that this space is conductive to that path. But of course I, I will not say “we” as Spirit would, was not going to lay around all day… lets explore the Delta, without a map…


That is why I wrote ‘quite different’… I had not taken a good look at a map since we arrived and I honestly was not aware that so many bodies of water existed… as, even with the help of a GPS, we got lost! Most rivers have a road on each side, few bridges… and that is where the confusion came in. North is not always north as the bends take on a different direction, same case… of course… for the south! Yes, we did stop a couple times to ask… and I wanted to also be certain that I was not the only one in that predicament. I was not… it is confusing a bit…


But we managed to make a big circle with the help of a couple ferries, real short ride, not even time to chat or remove a helmet. The levee roads where last night a bit eerie… A cold wind was blowing pretty hard, bouncing us off a bit all over the road, I could not see the water… but I was thinking about it… not a good time for off roading! But during the day, the ride was incredibly pleasant.


 The sceneries of grape vines, fields ready to be harvested, old bridges and bodies of water right and left sometimes, made it for a great afternoon… even if the ride was a short one.


And on a different subject…Thursday morning… we are suppose to be on “Good Morning Sacramento” starting at 9am… channel 31 (CBS). Long story… which I will spare you!It should be fun… they have agreed to tape it outside, Spirit and I will be riding in… my cooking gear will be set up and I will prepare something quick… and easy! For those who will have the opportunity to watch… please be kind on me as… if I make a fool out of myself!

*Update…. the show has been rescheduled…


I know I have not posted any new recipes lately, that is because I have not been cooking anything worthwhile even talking about! But this will change also…I miss it… miss the food too!!!


For those in the Bay Area, Michael has inserted a couple pictures of us in an article written about Yosemite in the San Francisco Chronicle. I have not seen it yet, only one which was posted on their Internet version, but a friend of mine is saving me a copy and I will take a picture and post it soon…


It is all about Spirit… trust me! Spirit and his Doggles… Mr Spirit that is!!!And honestly… it thrills me! Here is a dog that was abused for the first 9 months of his life… a dog part of a breed that is tagged as the worse… banned in many cities… a dog that was going to be put to sleep, to say it bluntly, on a Monday… I had to pull some strings as he came home with me the Friday before! As I look at him, his story runs by me quite often… we are so fortunate to have each other… nothing wrong with that!


A triple Sunset… no, I have not moved yet to another Planet… Only a reflection of tonight’s Sunset from a double pane window… Till next time… you be well… have a great week… I know that “we will”.                                       Ara&Spirit                                                                                                                              A “DONATION”?… I have been asking if reading this BLOG is worth a dollar a month to you?… in the form of a yearly donation. Some think so and I thank them for helping the increasing posting costs… For those not using PayPal, here is my snail mail…Ara Gureghian853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245Naples Fl 34108

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2 Responses to “The Delta… CA”

  1. George Pollard Says:

    The Sacramento River delta has some fine riding, and miles of river. Glad you were able to enjoy it.

  2. joe Says:

    I took a bunch of pics a few months ago of just in the Delta. Very nice place to ride and quiet on a weekday. You’ve been to a couple of places I cut my teeth riding, the Delta and rural San Mateo County. For as much as every single thing costs here in Cali, the riding helps make up for it.

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