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Monday, June 18th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“Photography is a Contemporary Art form that has an extraordinary capacity to reveal the hidden Soul. In a Photograph you see things that pass by unnoticed in the flow of Life. As you look closely at the images, fragments of stories come to mind – the past interrupts the present and is always the bearer of Soul. You see the arc of your Life, and for a moment you step out of time and visit the past. The camera’s version of the past maybe be different from that of your current memory, and the jarring of a Photograph can wake you up to a new interpretation of who you were and what you have become”
~ Thomas Moore ~ [Dark Nights of the Soul]

Solida Main Street-2 xxx

By “Bermuda Highway” [Live] , “My Morning Jacket”. Enjoy…


Solida Main Street-20 xxx

I am feeling Colorado with different senses this time around. It is almost as we have never been here before. All is so clear, so green and luscious even with much less snow this past winter than normal. The weather is perfect. We are on the banks of Blue Mesa Reservoir, unusually in a campground, half price for us. It gives me the peace of mind all will still be here by the end of the day when we return, and a shower! The campground is being torn apart, it allows us to not have neighbors, the perfect set up.

Solida Main Street-14 xxx

Gunnison is only a few miles away. Convenient for provisions, decent food stores, motorcycle shop where tomorrow will have my front tire changed. One more. I lost count. It has been quiet days and already this morning I feel it is time to find a lost back road to spend more quieter times. Regardless where we are, we do not do too well in a campground. I don’t need a calendar, I could tell last night was Friday or Saturday. All changed. From the distance the screaming kids, the loud music, all suddenly spoiled this stage as waves incoming blown by the winds into my own. I always wonder why "these people"surrounding us suddenly are here. Respect is out of the window, there is no conscientiousness. It is time to escape. Ear plugs tonight are the saviors.

Solida Main Street-12 xxx

Solida Main Street-13 xxx

Hard to believe such campground can change so much. I know better than frequenting them on a weekend. We are gone again. Slowly making our way towards Colorado Springs. We passed the Continental Divide one more time as it seems we are zig zagging through it’s line. The Tram to the summit was very appealing specially for the fact that dogs ride for free. I felt dizzy just thinking about it as watching the little cars go up and down. Bad case of vertigo here. What a shame. It would have been for some great photos. Maybe another day when I am more mentally prepared.

Solida Main Street-6 xxx

Solida Main Street-7 xxx

Rolling on 50, a left on 240 and here we are a few miles away at "Angel de Shavano". We have just arrived. It is a bit over 9000 feet and I have no clue what the name means as I need to research it since no one is here. Nice shade, Spirit his usual self bouncing from sun to tree cover and vice versa, a nice creek running a few feet away, the Journey is taking it’s meandering shape letting time crawl with no perception. Colorado is quite a State when one takes the time as we do.

Solida Main Street-8 xxx

Solida Main Street-9 xxx

Suddenly a decision came down to stop my so smart phone from working. As it came down, we had to go on to Salida to order another one. Under warranty, what a nice change from last year even though I had to listen to the spills of the more chromed up and faster new phones and tablets. 4G? We barely have 1x one bar too often! I could feel the "consumerism’s" path evolving in front of me and the non smiled lips on the sales person visage when I left without spending a penny. One day gone, more to come. Good decision.

Solida Main Street xxx

Solida Main Street-4 xxx

Downtown Salida. Well, another quaint touristic Main Street as many are with overpriced offerings. Nice photo opportunities however, friendly crowd as some are and as some have unfortunately forgotten the act of smiling. I know, I am being harsh a bit. My mental state was not ready to jump off the woods yet and confront such dealings. I had a Pizza. I had this feeling it would be a good and tasty one made as I like them. No tomato sauce, a homemade pesto instead topped with grilled chicken and sun dried tomatoes. I even indulged myself to a soda since they are homemade. It’s taste took me back to some childhood years. Limeade.

Solida Main Street-23 xxx

This morning we are headed a bit more North with a couple days in between before Colorado Springs. Life on the road has it’s obligations which cannot be fulfilled unless stopping in a City. It is always as jumping from one stage to another, a bit of a jungle cutting through the brushes feeling. Deeper and deeper I feel as we have gone so far away from the mainstream and my thoughts always are what the outcome would be if the Journey had to truly stop. I have to be away from thinking a such.

Solida Main Street-5 xxx 

Solida Main Street-11 xxx

Suddenly I feel as I am fooling myself as hidden perceptions are surfacing. Traces of subtle remaining anger are like choked up veins making their way protruding their darker colors. I was an angry man the first couple years after Lance and I left each other. The first six months were numb from medications I was told I would be on for the coming decade. I could not live in such a World and had to confront it’s reality. My Journal has not held me up lately, Mother Nature’s nurture feels missing. Why still 8 years later such remains of such traces of anger? Like sparks they are blurring my vision at intervals not welcomed as I only want to put such behind.

Solida Main Street-16 xxx

Solida Main Street-17 xxx

I read a while ago and again these days as the pages opened up to these words "The possibility that Life brings us exactly what we need, precisely when we need it it, makes perfect senses. Just as we cannot fill a cup with water until we turn the faucet to ‘on’". I am thinking now of those words if they are just a bad joke, if the Author has maybe forgotten that "precisely" cannot and should not include a loss as such. Maybe this Author made sense at one time, but not today when more words I read "…it maybe be reassuring to know that the only way we could have gotten to such a place in Life is that we are the ones who flipped the switch!". Who flipped that switch?

Solida Main Street-21 xxx

Solida Main Street-26 xxx

Father’s Day is around the corner, it might even be now. For the first time I don’t want to know it’s date and yet, my subconscious is aware of it. Such good times they were, a Christmas as such Day as any other. What other Day celebrates a Father? And what is left today? The memories are better than good and the more they become as such the harder the present itself becomes missing such memories. What a Life! Have I truly well chosen this path we are on? It is better than the Urban environment, that much I am sure as one day only in Salida made me too aware of an atmosphere with too much interferences within myself.

Solida Main Street-27 xxx

Solida Main Street-24 xxx

When am I going to find Peace? Ever? Am I only feeling a Valley at the present? “Father’s Day Blues”.

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Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

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6 Responses to “Salida. CO”

  1. Dee Says:

    Terrific memory photos! Thanks! RE: Anglel of Shavano – many “stories”, but my favorite is that she was an Indian princess, daughter of Chief Shavano, who came to the mountain to cry for her people as a great drought was driving them out of their valley. Her tears, the melting snow, ran down the side of the mountain into the valley, making it once again fertile. She returns each year as the snow is melting to pray for her people She can be seen during the spring melting of the snow, as an angel with her arms outstretched towards heaven as her tears fall over the valley. Love Indian folklore!

  2. Chris Says:

    How do you get half price camping. Any advice would be great. Camping has become so expensive

  3. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Chris… You have to be old like me!!! 62+ gets a Lifetime Park/BLM Pass for $10. Camping half price. The point however is the fact that I really dislike Campgrounds… Most anyhow! Loud and obnoxious.

  4. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Great story Dee. Thank You!

  5. Carmen Says:

    Hey Ara, your small-town charm photos are lovely. The crowds sort of make you miss T-town, huh?

  6. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Carmen… Yes! There is nothing like T-town. Trust me on that…
    How are you doing? Some day we will have that coffee!!! When we return…
    Stay well.

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