Meeting the Meathead…

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

It was planned for Mark to stop here on his way back to Atlanta… the man was taking a little ride cross country to get his Russell seat fitted while he waited… 5000 mile jaunt?… and why not when some of us will ride 500 miles just to have breakfast or a piece of pie!… You know who you are!!! The day was cold and grey… of course!… temps had dropped rapidly, and I even started wondering if Mark would take the 100 mile detour off Highway 10 to stop and have a quick dinner with me… and Spirit! His message had said around 2:30pm… he had just left Tucson, AZ, that morning… I thought more around 5pm… I have been staying indoor most of the day, and as the afternoon progressed, guess what?… the clouds decided to make an exit and Mt Sunshine entered the scene… Time to take a stroll in this old Texas town with Spirit… Sure enough, even with the sun glaring into my eyes I can see a bike pull into town… yes, the town is that small!!!… helmet is removed and there is some reflection of the head… where is a smile when you need one!!! Right away he is on the phone… Michelle is maybe tracking him down worried about his safety, I don’t blame her a bit… he crosses the street and as we get closer… “we need to stop meeting like this in strange places buddy!!!”. The bike is parked next to mine and search for food is the main goal ASAP… Michael’s Pizza down the road, walking distance, is open… of course you recognize the face!!! Much to talk about… the BMW Dealer service in San Francisco… a little mishap… how the new bike is handling… Mark looks tired! How can you not be… we talk about the fact that everyone should take longer vacations… Dinner is short… he needs to get back on the road, quick walk back to the campground… and as I sometimes think I live in the dark ages… have to check out all this new instrumentation! The new ZUMA GPS… another hand held one… Valentine radar detector, I have one of those… wonder why HE needs one!… The GPS plays music!… XM… the new Russell seat is beautiful… and it is even heated! Maybe someday I say… I will get with it… right now my IV Plus does the job… my sheepskin keeps me warm enough… More new to me… his dual exhaust… very very cool… Ohlins… seems that the man knew what he wanted… and deserves it well… this bike sure does not stay and will not stay in the garage too long!!! We have to say our goodbyes… we have no idea when we will see each other again as I will most likely stay on the West Coast for at least a couple of years… and then again… one never knows… The crossing is only 3000 miles long… Safe travels my friend… and thanks for taking the time and make this detour to meet me here for if it was only a couple hours… Our thoughts are with you… Will make sure you have arrived safely… today!!! Be well… Ara & Spirit

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