Life in Moab, UT

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

What else can I call this! I have already been asked why we are not out riding… well, we live on the road, we can ride anytime, we ride a lot and sometimes we are tired. Just waking up from 13 hours of sleep this morning, I guess we both just passed out late afternoon yesterday. I am surprised that Spirit did not wake me up or called the Animal abuse center, poor guy. Our riding has been scattered lately as I enjoy non paved roads more than anything else, but till I get a knobby tire Wednesday I have been a bit apprehensive finishing some of the trails as the sand got deeper and the gravel not as friendly with a street tire. It is called being wiser I guess, not as foolish as past years when waiting for help at times up to three days as I remember once in Arizona! I even caught Spirit dozing off when he is normally perky for those rides.

sleepy spirit  


And some times the one ear crooked dog! But maybe you like his T-shirt picture better! Hint… trust me that it will put some smiles on many faces.

Toyota 4x4 4 Toyota 4x4 1
Toyota 4x4 3 Toyota 4x4 2

The town is actually getting ready for Jeep Safari week. Organized trail riding, rock crawling… all the places my rig cannot go. Hoping that our invitation to ride in one of the jeeps comes through so we can experience what rock crawling is all about. This above so far has been my favorite 4 wheeler. Toyota cab with truck bed on a Mercedes Unimack chassis. Simple… clean lines, great color and I am sure a very efficient Big Boy’s Toy!!! That is what they are called… with however many women driving also. This "International" below which I had never seen before, looks pricey as I am sure they all are. We sure could go to some lost back country camping with such a vehicle and it sure is a hobby I don’t need or could not for that matter afford!

Havik 2  

Havik 1

We are going to brave the cold one early morning to check out their start at the trails. Specially the one called Hell’s Revenge. It forks off at the start of the much easier Sand Flats trail which we rode a bit the other day. I would like to check out how of some of those vehicles handle this first step of the blackened by tires steep rock.

Hell's revenge 2 Hell's revenge 1
Hell's revenge 4 Hell's revenge 3

We like Sand Flats because it is dog friendly, being run by the county and BLM together. Much camping also is available on the different sites on each side of the road going up, but not free as it use to be. Nothing is free anymore around here! They are a couple famous bicycle trails near by also, the Slickrock and the Porcupine Rim trail and almost 40 miles of jeep trails world renowned for their combination of challenge and scenery. 7300 acres! Sand Flats trail actually makes a loop, having the choice to turn right back toward Moab at its end or left toward the gorge of the Colorado River. We turned around, we are waiting for this one tire!

Sandflats rd 1

one lane rd

Being on dog friendly land is always great. We can stop a lot, a bit of hiking, a bit of picture taking and listening to the silence is part of it all. Spirit is starting to chase lizards now, something new which I don’t worry about because he will never catch one! Spirit is posing on top of this rock mount… we know he likes to…

rock mount  

spirit 3

We came across a few bicycles, going up and then down, not too many campers yet as we might go back today to find out how the Jeeps are doing. I understand that by next weekend the town will be packed. As we rode on at higher elevation, the snow had not melted yet and even the water falls were still frozen.

sandflats rd5

The further we went, up and up, the colder it was, the less crowded it was also. I am looking for new places to camp eventually at the higher elevations as the weather gets warmer. The opportunities for pictures around here just does not cease, sometimes I feel we would be better off walking instead of stopping every few hundred feet as every time the helmet comes off, ear plugs, at least one to hear for oncoming vehicles if any, the gloves, eyeglasses off and back on… The little point and shoot cameras sure are nice to do exactly what they are meant to do, but their picture quality will not compare specially when the conditions are not quite right.

ice falls  
ice falls 1  

I don’t know if any other area offers as many outdoor activities as here in Moab. On and off road bicycling and motorcycling, 4×4 off road, rock climbing, snow skiing in the winter, hiking, camping, fishing, rafting, photography or just pure and simple black top driving through the many Parks. I am sure I am forgetting something here… People are nice, everyone just about here is from out of town, I did meet a native however and needless to say he has seen a lot of changes these past years.

Sandflats rd 4

And the time always comes around to go back, the views are spectacular, Moab at its best, truly an overwhelming Island of Paradise with so many destinations and never a dull moment for the senses and the camera!

Sandflats rd 2

Till next time… be well as always…

Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “Life in Moab, UT”

  1. Louise Says:

    Stunningly beautiful. The frozen waterfall is especially gorgeous. I’m eager for you to get your knobby tire!

  2. Kristina Halll Says:

    Ara, so sorry that you have to post this and feel this way. I think that most people do not realize what you are going through and how frugal you are, and how much it takes to keep up on blogs, photos, travel and uploads. I so very much look forward to your blogs, photos and Spirit updates—-

    In solidarity to the cause, I pledge another $20.00 to the website. Wish it could be more—times are a bit challenging on the home front—but, there is always room to support the Arts!!

    Thanks for all the great writings, the emotional and psychological musings—and the great photos!

    Happy Trails and an extra chin scratch to Spirit from me!!

    Kristina Hall

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