Just like a New Year. Tx

Friday, January 29th, 2010

“They had come down from the back Mountains and higher places to hold forth their hands for something they thought civilization could offer, and they never dreamed the sadness and the poor broken delusion of it” ~ Jack Kerouac “On the Road” ~


It is barely at freezing temperatures this morning, it feels comfortable. The body feels as it is cleansing of the chemicals remaining beyond last week’s surgery. The Sun is out in full force, for right now, I feel Peace and a renewed energy has come upon me. It is not the first time as it will not be the last on this rollercoaster I have been given a Lifelong pass. Lance is Home again, he is himself going on with his daily chores. I also have mine today as “Old Faithful” was hurt by a rock in the short time I needed to go to town. There is now a hole in the front engine cover and I need to catch a ride back to purchase some metal cleaner and some “quick” JB Weld. Many rocky stretches here, there is a double bash plate underneath it all, but, just riding too fast and the impact of a flying rock off the front wheel must have been a bit too much.

Old Faithful  

Engine cover hole

It is so strange as up to yesterday the colors daily darkened to gain their most somber momentum last evening. The mind dug deep and deeper into the moments past, but today all is suddenly bright again, not only to the vision, but also to all the senses and an energy so much needed to go on with this Journey has again sparked. Our Journey which I always feel has only began, because every day is a new day, a new moment on this path chosen. It’s shape and composure keeps unraveling it’s character and personality. So many kind words from Friends have made their way here, each with such an impact in my moments as I also read we have also made an encounter within their own space. The unforeseen rewards have come forward, they have been tying this circle of Life we are all part of it. All has moved me to no end as even sitting here, us, Spirit and I alone in this vast Desert, I never felt truly isolated experiencing the souls of the so many that keep touching us. So much to discover yet. The unknown roads, the unknown strangers we will meet, the desolate and yet rich spaces that will talk to us, the many inner discoveries which never cease to amaze me. It is all here and there, now, the next minute, this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, it is a ribbon unwinding to no end in sight.

Old Faithful  

Spring, (it is… isn’t?) is as almost failing us these past days. The first layer of JB Weld went on yesterday at mid day. I was planning to add a second layer in the evening for the purpose of us being able to ride today, but the storms showed up. The weld had at least already set as I cannot move her anywhere right now. So there she sat under the elements, as she has been all her Life, taking it all in while healing. Another couple degrees this morning and we will go on covering her with that second layer.

Old Faithful repair

I now forgot why I had to go to town to begin with. I think some nuts and bolts, and so we had to again go back to get the necessary “stuff” to heal Old Faithful. She has not moved now for a couple of days! Resting. I had only lost one quart of oil, yes, it was and is everywhere, it could have been much worse. Being in Terlingua was an incredible treat while visiting my Friend Ring at his store “Many Stones”. I also buy my eggs from him and already thinking what am I going to do when we move on soon! I know, they are just eggs, but they are as my freshly roasted coffee and home made bread one of my simple pleasures. I find it mesmerizing to be moved by such simple thrills these days when I can think back remembering the thousands of eggs I have used as a Chef never giving them a second thought. “Simple pleasures”, all part of this Journey. A couple other Friends showed up while sitting under the big carport filled everywhere with all shapes and sizes of cactuses and rocks ready to be sliced and cut to expose their treasures, Blair Pittman and Clyde Replogle.


Yes, we have known each other for a while, we spend much time “that incredible” weekend in their company with the many other Photojournalists present. We small talked often, here and there, at “The Porch”, but we never really “talked”, I never had the opportunity to “listen” to these two men which together have spanned almost one hundred years of Photojournalism traveling the Globe. It was that time, it was as magic as themselves transported into past stories of their lives, of their experiences, personal and professional. I forgot myself where I was as being carried away on their path they so graciously shared with me. Much fame, maybe fortune, all along with the narrow winded corridors of corporate politics they had to endure. The Lifestyle so many reach for, hunger and strive for. And yet, and yet, here we were, in Terlingua.

Old Faithful  

Their eyes were sparkling, they were looking at me, they were looking past me to their times ago with a voice one could hear the proudest tones of their achievements, none however could as they exclaimed themselves also so proudly, could take place of the Life they are now living. A space where no one knows your last name, where no one cares what you drive or the size of your dwelling or bank account. Of what you wear… Only your first name, often even instead a nickname and who you “really are” within this community chosen.  They made me realize later on who a bit I also have been in my own previous chapters as theirs we had shared. A well known Chef, booked years in advance, fame, all was there and today, as “them”, more is here, the other side of the coin, the one that truly counts in Life, the Wealth of your Soul.

Old Faithful  

I was smiling coming back as we all had to part by the end of the afternoon and the evening nearing by. I was smiling because I was thinking… how much well worth it was to have damaged this engine cover! The conversations from that day, the experience would have not happened otherwise. That is the extraordinary path our Karma carries us on. Truly amazing. Every reason has a reason to be. I was also smiling and still do because of Blair’s generous and from the Heart gifts. Two autographed copies of his “Tales from the Terlingua Porch”, Part I and Part II, a must read. The stories are fascinating, funny and a gift to all of us. Tonight, we rode… Spirit and I had a smile from ear to ear… to ear! This prescription always works.

Till next time, you all be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

The Oasis  

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6 Responses to “Just like a New Year. Tx”

  1. ginny Says:

    That is one of the prettiest moons I’ve seen in ages! Awesome photographs as usual. I’m sorry about the rock incident…it is what it is…life on the road. Be well my dear friend and stay warm tonight. Thank you so much for being a constant in my life even though we talk so little. You are in my heart and always will be. 🙂


  2. Heyduke50 Says:

    There is no better place to let the mind roam freely than in west Texas… I have backpacked many miles of trails in Big Bend and had many encounters with the inner beauty of the terrain… it is a great place for healing.

  3. jeff Says:

    Ara, you always amaze me with your writing, pictures, and your constant search for adventure. You are like the Energizer Bunny! Thanks.

  4. Greg Grace Says:

    No oil should be behind that cover, I believe. Ask Paul if you have not already.

  5. Jake Q Says:

    Always so raw- your images and words. It’s always a breath of fresh air to come here for bits of your journey. Hope you are feeling well.

  6. William Dailey Says:

    Ara I love coming here ,reading and keeping up with your adventures. I hope this finds you doing well. I am really saving and working hard so I can get out that way this summer. Take care !!!

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