Idling in Atlanta… GA

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

We are back in Atlanta, and with a void in the evening this day is also coming to an end. Flying over the Atlantic, my mother’s plane is now on its way to her own home in Munich. How sad when it is not necessary. We talked about her moving at least to this country, it always has been talk, her desire is always present, but I am not in her shoes and the simplicity of the move must not be quite as I see it myself. The travel is hard on her, feeling myself at times the tiredness of being of a certain age passed 20, I can just imagine her own aspect at 80! She is a tough woman, a survivor as one should be, I just do not however see her taking this road again, as she expressed it herself, in much of the near future. So what do we do?…  What should an only child do toward his mother when the time comes of her not able to live on her own? It is really a concerning thought for someone not to be able to live on their own. Waiting does not accomplish any forward step and the steps themselves need direction based on decisions. Spirit and I live on the road with everything we own, not much comparatively speaking with the majority of people that live in homes, the need of "stuff" is based on "the less the better", will my mother ever get to that point to leave behind everything she is surrounded with and start over near by? Will all her "stuff" maybe soon not mean a thing in the big scheme of what is more important? Many unanswered questions here…


So I have already a revised map! We are making a 100 mile detour to stop in Lubbock, Texas, and will be camping in the town of Slaton. Right downtown which has a City Park where free camping is allowed for up to three days! Good Karma has always been with us and this is a good story. Some of you might know that I am working on a T Shirt design, of course with Spirit’s picture on it. Much research this last month, silk screen printing… heat transfer or "direct-to-garment" printing. Brand of T Shirt… and the most difficult aspect, the final proof actually printed on the material. As with my Art Cards the picture that one sees on the screen is never the picture used. There is always much changes in colors, contrasts and brightness that takes place and the only way to be sure it will look great is to be present for the first printing. I have been satisfied with a printer I found locally in Bluffton while on Tybee Island, all had been pretty much set for the T Shirts and Mouse pads to be printed and meet me in Moab, Utah. All but the final "go ahead"… there was an unforeseen reason for that! When we arrived here a small package was waiting for us. A printed T Shirt with the picture close to the one we will use. A cut off picture of an incredible quality! Better than anything I had seen… Mike, a reader from Lubbock, Texas, who owns a shop with his son Nathan, had taken the kind gesture to print it and send it to us a while back… the box somehow took its time catching up with us here. It is everything that I have been looking for!… and what a better way to go dealing with someone that has been reading our Blog since the beginning… They could have been anywhere in this country, they happen to be only a 100 miles off our route where we will stop for a couple days, and come up with the final proof… a "direct-to-garment" process where the photo is actually printed on the T Shirt versus a photo ironed on! We will also check out the Buddy Holly Museum!… Is that good Karma or what?

Before the Journey  

Spirit riding

I like going through the old pictures at times, specially when there are none new!The rain is still present more than ever, we are both again as last time in Atlanta, almost on the verge of cabin fever. I have been planning to ride the Georgia Mountains before Monday morning’s departure, roads that I know only too well, the map is promising clearer skies soon… how soon? They are pictures of us before we left, more than the pictures it is what you do not see, the mind set of the past versus today’s. What has really changed? Are the thoughts any clearer than before as to how we want to live?… and thousands of pictures in between now and then! So many that I have now the task to go back and start erasing the ones not worthy to even be looked at as they are taking up valuable space in this laptop and external storage drive!


This was one of our first great outing in Big Bend, Maverick road, even the quality of the picture shows its age! We had no clue what was ahead of us… still don’t! I was struggling with the Blog’s logistical aspect not knowing a thing about computers and the Internet… still don’t! If it was not for the kindness of our friend Brian in California you might have not even been reading this today as so much has changed and getting ready to change again for the better.

Ara entry

Spirit love for people has progressed on a weekly basis! Even as we arrived here the other day he was rubbing elbows with everyone present as they were his old friends. At the same time if left behind in the sidecar for a few minutes alone while I ran in and out of a store, do not approach! He will let you know that it is "his car"! The same when we are camping away from it all, he will be very territorial and will let you know his feelings about approaching us… very quickly!

Ara riding

Being here where it all started, planned and conceived, I feel as we are opening a second chapter of our Journey. A chapter filled with knowledge, definitely more than before, a direction maybe and many friends out there to stay in touch with. I am sure as the riding season gets underway we will meet many readers maybe camping out where we are, we might even attend a couple Rally’s here and there and try to take hundreds more pictures of the unseen yet beauty awaiting us.


I think as I was standing up in Yosemite, taking my own pictures… this picture says it all! Spirit is the Star of this Journey… always will be… he is my backbone and my best buddy! Nostalgic times… pictures…

Till next time…

"Spirited Doggie Treats" and "Art Cards"…. Dogs cannot live of Love and food alone… they need treats, they like treats… we know! Put Spirit to work!

We are always under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, snail mail is below…

Ara Gureghian   853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245   Naples, Fl 34108

You be well and stay well…. Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Idling in Atlanta… GA”

  1. Skinny Says:

    Hi Ara…I will be in Lubbock tomorrow to retrieve the Husky…it had a break-down last week-end in Big Bend Ranch State Park…lucky for me I was only about 1 mile from the ranch headquarters…scratch Spirit’s ears for me.. see y’all on your next pass thru Big Bend…

  2. Fred H. Says:

    Hello Ara;
    I very much hope your Mother has a save and relaxing trip back home. As my mom & dad are both 80 & 81, I too have some thoughts as to what I will do when they cannot no longer take care of themselves. I can only imagine how you must feel being the only child and so far away from your Mom. I admire your strength and outlook on life.

    I wish you and Spirit pleasant travels. Looking forward to your travels through your blog as I check in on a daily visit.

    God Bless and be safe.


  3. Debi Stogsdill Says:

    Hey Ara & Spirit!
    I noticed you have changed your route to go through Lubbock, Tx. I live in Littlefield (35 miles NE of Lubbock). I just wanted to tell you that we have a free campground here too & you can stay for 3 days free. Littlefield is on your way to Clovis.
    I’m hoping to get to see you & Spirit on your travels!

    Take Care!

  4. Joe Says:

    If you’re a Buddy Holly fan then Lubbock is a good place to go. Its been almost 20 years since I made my pilgrimage to Lubbock to see Holly’s grave and such. so much of the music was made in Clovis, NM, I see you’re cruising through there as well. Ride safe.

  5. zakaria Says:


    Lubbock is a good place to go.I can only imagine how you must feel being the only child and so far away from your Mom. I admire your strength and outlook on life.

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