Hiding in the Park, to Boquillas Canyon, Texas

Saturday, November 1st, 2008


Tonight is Halloween,  no goblins around here, only as a sudden knock the winds are trying to pick themselves up, maybe to make up for it. I saw a Coyote this evening, he crossed the road, I stopped as he did also for the longest time. I thought for an instant that he wanted to maybe approach us as we made eye contact almost ending up as a staring contest. His body language was of curiosity and as if he wanted to talk. I don’t bother trying to grab the camera in such times, he was long gone after a while blending in with his background. Beautiful animal. I might be wrong, but I have no fear from wild animals, not that I would try to handle a grizzly. I just know that they have as dogs a sense of who is in front of them. I have had, by accident in the past, a couple most ferocious dogs come and lick my hand to the scared amazement of their owners.



Alpine was a day for errands and Dr’s visit. I like the one eyed cow, up and all decked out for the Homecoming this weekend, Spirit wondering what was that "big thing" all shiny with streamers flapping in the wind. We stopped at the "Visitor Center" as I was looking for a copy machine, a visit which in itself was a great discovery. Nicest people you will deal with free coffee and cookies, newspaper, WI FI and the kindness to make me a photocopy! Clean bathroom and much chit chatting. One does not need to be a tourist to stop by there as I will often when in town. Good to know.

chamber of commerce


The Dr’s visit did not go too well. Very high blood pressure as it seems I have been taking the wrong medication since my last visit at the Clinic in Utah, and again have to go back Monday early for a barrage of tests while fasting… not even coffee! Will most likely go in Sunday late, camp out at my Friend’s house and be ready for the next day. To make the matters worse while waiting for my prescriptions to be filled, I was devouring a donut while in the parking lot and Spirit was having a treat. A nice lady came out of her car, took one good look at us and asked me if that was my lunch! Jokingly I said "yes"… as she went back to her car and brought me this plate! "here young man…". She works at the Hospital and they had some extras… I kind of felt like a Homeless person as I sat on the bench and added its content to the past donut that was already history.

fire a 

fire b  

As soon as we returned, the phone was ringing! Imagine that… in the middle of nowhere the sound of communication coming right out of the ground. My Friends and neighbors, Voni and Paul, were coming over for a Sunset viewing! My first visitors… Sure enough they even brought wood, as I found out that burning "grease wood" is toxic, a soda for me, a little bag of ice for just in case, some chips and salsa and some great conversation. Nice touch… good times… as I let Paul do his thing, I was not going to disturb the man with his fire ring process as it was so perfect. The fire ring has been broken in.

Grub Shack a

The days are blending in, yesterday was it? two days ago? I forget but all this really happened! With the Chili cook off going on, law enforcement everywhere with their red and blue "for sale" neon signs going on at seemingly every mile marker, I decided it would be a good day to go and get lost in the Park. That is Big Bend National Park about 25 miles south of us. But first we stopped at the "Grub Shack" were Betty is cooking up a storm, just a few miles from us. Still under construction the food is great, a chance to meet the locals, chat much of course and learn more about "how to live here". It is a welcome addition to the "neighborhood" as I know eventually many riders also will start making it their first stop to appease their hunger before going into the Park. Her prices are more than reasonable and Betty has my phone number! I might relieve her some days when she takes a rest. Stop by sometime when on the way south…


Throw away the watch here, clocks do not mean anything. I was also on my way to check on some storage container rentals, the sun on its course for the day was moving on and I was not. Any errand is a one day affair here. When ready to go on, another attraction always shows up detaining us such as was this 175lb puppy riding on the roof of this car. I did not get his name but was told that he does not do very well with other males and his chain was I think the proof of it. Spirit and him did "not" meet!

landscape c

landscape b  

Ah! The Park… always that incredible Peaceful feeling when entering and riding the sinuous curves emanating a well being unlike any other grounds. That is the beauty of the Park. A bit hazy as it has been lately and yet a presence responsible for us being here. The Boquillas overlook was our destination, riding the miles following the 45mph speed limit was just perfect suddenly taking away all the aches one can endure at times.


landscape a  

Boquillas, the little town, village across the Rio Grande, a few feet from the USA in Mexico… borders are closed… it is a nine hour drive now on a primitive dirt road through Presidio as their population is presently cut off from the rest of the World. They try to survive by selling trinkets on this side of the land and local organizations also try their hardest to raise the much needed funds for their survival and ability to continue educating the children in their little school. One does not need to "do politics" to feel the unfairness of the situation as also, ironically, Boquillas was once an American owned silver mine.

Boquillas c 

Boquillas b  

The best link I have found toward this sad course of events is on Times Magazine. Boquillas is not unique as the barrier is up all along the Rio Grande river and both sides are suffering from the inability to visit each other. The tourists will come and go, most do help. I wonder what the future will bring, if ever Mr Jones sitting behind his expensive desk surrounded by his four walls where his Awards hang will some day soften his heart and stoop down to our Human level!

Boquillas d

Boquillas a  

The unfairness of Life, so present and so real and so man-made. It was time for us to head back, the weather perfect as it has been lately and as also since I checked the forecast for a change will remain as it is for the days to come. One cannot help being thoughtful after seeing Boquillas, at least I hope one would remain thoughtful. A few feet of land but years apart. We have it all here, they have nothing. I just don’t know why and how all this has come about. Maybe in a thousand years all will change… it just has to.


Today is the last day of the Chili Cook Off, the annual talent show at 2pm. I think it is free to get in after that time, the $30 normal entrance fee has been prohibitive for us this year. Will give it a ride this afternoon. Tomorrow is the celebration of the "Day of the Dead" in Terlingua where candles will be lit at Sunset. Monday is back to Alpine with the plans of our first dinner that evening as we will come back here on Tuesday! busy… busy… no rest except for Spirit who has been snoring quite a bit lately. I think it is time his Highness wakes up so he can chase the ball till he drops! I will also post next time this great recipe with chicken and Feta I made the other night… has been one of my favorite so far.


And last night the sky was on fire… witnessed by the Moon and the Star. Just another day at "The Oasis".

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Be well, always. Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “Hiding in the Park, to Boquillas Canyon, Texas”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Ara Wrote: [b]I just know that they have as dogs a sense of who is in front of them. I have had, by accident in the past, a couple most ferocious dogs come and lick my hand to the scared amazement of their owners.[/b]

    I’ve had this same experience too! It’s cool huh?

    And Ara, I hope you get that blood pressure under control soon. Sometimes I wonder about doctors these days. What the heck?

    And my my, that is one HUGE German Shepard!

  2. James Myrick ( Texas ) Says:

    Ara, hope things get on track for you soon and Spirit will keep you in line. Keep enjoying the sunsets and the wind…….. peace

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