Happy Mother’s Day. Tucson. AZ

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

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Flowers-12 xxx

“Mama was my greatest Teacher, a Teacher of compassion, Love and fearlessness. If Love is sweet as a flower, then my Mother is that sweet flower of Love.”
~ Stevie Wonder ~

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In route to Colorado Springs via Tucson, a beautiful, helpful and meaningful e mail came in, which I would like to share. It is one amongst hundreds of others, all which I am so thankful receiving. I often feel we live surrounded by windows sometimes a bit foggy and dirty. I also often feel it takes another to take a rag and clear up our vision of this Life we go through as such was this e mail.

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"We are all here for a very limited time. We have not been here for billions and billions of years, we will not be here for trillions of years, we are the very few who got the extremely improbable and casual chance to live a life and experience this planet and the surrounding universe, as far as humanly possible. Those who connect with mother nature (as you do) have the best chance to experience this grand dimension. We are the very few among trillions of potential people (or other beings) who were never born and will never be born. Some of us are here a little longer, some less so. I think we have no other choice then to surrender (we have no power to change fate, to buy health and happiness for ourselves and our loved ones) and to thankfully embrace this opportunity, even if sometimes it seems impossible not to despair and lose courage, to find new energy and motivation to continue. I wish you that the incredible message of nature (you know very well) and your friends will help you cope with the desperation, the pain and the sorrow and find new meaning and, if possible, a little bit of joy. We just have this tiny chance, at the same time cruel and sublime. Hopefully we will manage to let the sublime prevail and to be able to say, at the end, that it was worth it to be here.

All the best.

PS: You have Lance, he had you, you have your mother, she had you and Lance. IT WAS WORTH IT!”

Thank You Claudio. I hope to meet you some day around a campfire and let loose of our thoughts as above.

Flowers-7 xxx

I wanted to title this entry "Held Hostage in Germany after Death", which is the true today’s reality, yet not a good Day on this Mother’s Day to envelope these moments with a somber veil. Only a short explanation.

Flowers-20 xxx

Imagine just for a moment, just for the sake of argument and case, that you are dead, cremated, and yet you are held hostage by the Government. Your Family is awaiting your Urn. The German Government in this case. You have a great International Attorney but, as in archaic ages, as in the middle ages, your great Attorney cannot plead your case. The door is shut, the registrar’s office is as locked and the demands increase. One of them being an "Original Marriage Certificate". We are talking from 1948, Montpellier, France. One which was provided because I had found it. But of course it was not the original but a copy of the original "signed, notarized and stamped". A certified copy. Not acceptable. So the game goes on with three people now involved, all three awaiting as I am. As the days go by I think of the irony. Still separated by thousands of miles, even after Life. Poetic Justice? Not today.

Flowers-6 xxx 

This is not the day for such thoughts. This is the Day for the millions of others that have the good fortune to physically with their Mother celebrate the present moments. For the other millions such as I, let’s celebrate with the shiny memories, the ones that makes us smile and fuzzy. As always it is a choice, our choice. Needing to understand the fabric of Life we are with some good Friends today in Tucson. Their backyard is beautiful and what a coincidence we are here when all in bloom, when all the colors we are facing reverberates feelings yet so raw as in a pail filled with words yet not lined up and only overtaking each other. 

Flowers-10 xxx

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The waves in different strengths, sounds, forces of the moments, they break away on this shore of thoughts throughout their grieving paths, a path I must follow, speechless at times, smiling at the memories at other times, numb often from such realizations as I think of the word that has helped me throughout these past years, such word being “adapting”. We will adapt, we must. It is the wish of the departed whether my Son, my Mother or others. Their spirits never will go away as in the contrary they strengthen to I feel “test” our true Love toward them. A “Love” present more than ever. 

Flowers-18 xxx 

Flowers-19 xxx

What a Journey it has been. What a Journey it will on be within the times to come. I know it will.

Flowers-5 xxx

Flowers-3 xxx

Till next time, stay well and for those as us, “strong”.
                                                                                Ara and Spirit

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5 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day. Tucson. AZ”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    That is a very profound email from Claudio. It makes me feel differently about the passing of my own mother and brother, and even about my own (far in the future hopefully). Also, reminds me to enjoy every second of this life we are so incredibly fortunate to live. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Bob Says:

    The email was priceless. I too would love to meet Claudio.

  3. HoboPals Says:

    I’ll bet returning to Spirit was a joy for you both. You have him and he has you. Your Mom and Lance would be happy about that.

  4. texascindy Says:

    Thanks for sharing Claudio’s words. Definitely words to ponder… Hugs and safe travels as always,Cindy

  5. Curtis in Seminole Says:

    My mom has been gone 12 years and daddy just over 3. There are times I see something and think, daddy would have a kick out of seeing that. He was a child of the depression and went over the mountains following the Grapes of Wrath as a Okie. The stories he told of his daddy drilling oil wells in Long Beach and the boardwalk in Long Beach during the second world war Daddy was always pointing out things he had seen in California a lifetime ago. And while I miss them, I would never wish them back. Momma’s mind was gone and she was not the woman that raised me and my brother. Daddy was in horrible pain. The result of a hard life spent in the oil fields.
    Momma is in the hills of North Carolina and Daddy is resting not far from a oil well and pipeline station here in Gaines County. They both are resting where they wanted to be. And I smile when I get that thought about something that would make momma smile when she had her mind and make daddy laugh.

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