Fairy Lake, MT

Saturday, July 25th, 2009
Fairy Lake Rd  

Thursday, July 23rd, evening. I think I might be, so ever so slightly, becoming a bit “urbanized”. I am finding myself when going through Bozeman, looking for a parking spot in the shades of Main Street. I now even know that by two o’clock the shades are gone. Friendly crowd, cozy atmosphere, dog super friendly, and a few sidewalk cafes and eating establishments where for instance I can order for a $1.50 an authentic soft Taco. Specially on Fridays, fresh fish. Much chatting and always hearing much information about sights out of the beaten path.The truth of the matter is however, the culprits are Mr Spirit and Old Faithful. I know they are the ones that offer me this ambiance which never fails. I have seen my Friend Michael standing on the sidewalk, near his own motorcycle, phone in hand, gesticulating to no end while us passing by, no one talks to him… (funny! bad joke). It might be that those few square blocks don’t anymore feel as what I might have called them wrongly earlier “an urban jungle”.

Fairy Lake Rd  

A Friend of mine wrote to me the other day as he is getting ready to purchase a motorcycle similar to mine, asking me about the good and what works after market “stuff”. My reply was simply “get a dog”. My gear is anyhow old, outdated, better is there, but all is still in good working condition and does the job. I will never forget about this rider in Big Bend that called me over to brag about his communication system. Headphones connected to his radar detector, I phone enabling him to answer his phone, listen to music, GPS and talk to his passenger all at the same time. What happened to riding I thought. Bigger, faster, shinier and brighter was never on my agenda. Get a dog… I can go back to the first ride Spirit took a while back. I was so excited that he could be with me, surprised at him wearing from the very first time his first pair of red goggles and sitting up head straight as a human being would. All was fine till we went through this nearest town called Dahlonega where I stopped to eat out. I knew within minutes we were in big trouble, traffic jam and too much attention, as we have been now all along. Not by design… He creates smiles, laughter, good humor. I sometime people watch, I will notice this passer by maybe in a severe mood, the vibes are unpleasant, their faces are somber, and yet the smile slowly surfaces as also when possible I wish them a nice day.

tent site  
tent site  

But the Tacos are now a memory and cereal tonight topped with canned milk is reality. Have to make that situation a bit better. The moment is a surprise thunderstorm with lightning effects, sound and music, enough to test the waterproofing of this single wall tent. The fire has died after much effort finding wood and strapped bringing it here, this free campground on Bridger Canyon Rd we are enjoying. The day up to Fairy Lake however has been one that will ever last for more time to come I can imagine. This is the time to ride it, drive it. Lake Fairy Road. High clearance needed. Have not seen a single motorcycle. Nice blue skies, a bit of clouds bringing in a certain resemblance of coolness in waves, multitudes of smells I could not even start naming many, and a landscape I believe postcards are made off. The kind made up sold as dreams to the recipients. Carpets and carpets of wild flowers, shades of all colors, sometimes yards of the same, sometimes mixed in as only Mother Nature would know how to create such patterns.

Fairy Lake Rd  
flowers flowers
flowers flowers

We had taken this road a few days earlier, arriving too late for the light as quickly the sun early laid behind the western mountain. Today was a different story. It took us maybe a couple hours to ride the sometimes bumpy seven miles of road. “Euphoria” maybe is a good term to describe the moments. Delicately stepping within those fields where at the distance colors could be perceived to no end, it was as having reached the famous gates everyone always talks about. There was no need for a camera as there was no “want” either. Finally laying down in the midst of it all, the sky as my ceiling of this Life to Eternity, for a while, as on time went on there was not even the need of vision as I had seen and it was time for other senses to take over. Did they ever.


How hard I find it to empty one’s self of the many thoughts that so often bursts even throughout those magical moments. And yet what great ability I also find to feel those thoughts, to let them flourish through smiles and tears even when to realize that I am just here, inept to change this course Karma has set me on and just “be”, grateful of it all. More and more as time goes on, my inner discoveries astonish me. The distinct two sides of the coin, our fate, the good as the bad, all seemingly are taking such a more distinct face emerging slowly from shadows that have stayed too dark, too long.


Can the days, all the days be as such as this fire lit tonight? Filled with it’s power to spread as a mind filled with soul as from amber to flame and to be extinct by Nature just as quickly to be again soulful as re-lit from sunshine of the mind? Seven miles of road, a special path that took us to an even more enlightening space where the blues and the greens and all in between colors welcomed us with open arm and a clarity of vision so much needed.

Fairy Lake  
Fairy Lake  

We traded Mosquitos today for flies, horse flies they call them, or is it deer flies? The size of hummingbirds, except lacking their gentleness and beauty. We used a lot of spray today, it worked allowing us to hike the path around the Lake. And Spirit, not a happy dog today, Spirit, with his total dislike of water, decided, as being off his leash, to sit in the Lake. It took me a few minutes to realize why. Avoiding the flies.

Fairy Lake-2  
Fairy Lake-3  
Spirit Spirit

Friday, July 24, morning. The morning is clear, fresh and crisp. The fire still smoldering, the smoke pushing away the flies and their many friends. The storm has taken haziness away, there is a smell of wet dirt lingering in the air and everything is still damp, not yet discovered by the rising sun playing hide and seek within the trees. The day is progressing but time is standing still. The flavor of the morning coffee took over, time to sit in this chair which was once left behind but now a so pleasant ingredient of my time at camp. Spirit is still asleep, he had a rough day yesterday, but as always came though as a real trooper. He is definitely getting soft, I don’t run him every morning as we did all winter at “The Oasis”, something we really need to work on. As much as we love being on the road, finding a few square feet at the time to borrow, “The Oasis” did provide us with an aspect we will never find elsewhere unless having our own little “Northern Oasis”. I cannot see it happening anytime soon.

Kermit chair Spirit
fire ring  

I stayed up late last night, I did not want the fire re-lit to go to waste as burning away with no witnesses. I am always mesmerized by the dancing flames as free form as they can be. I like to compare them to the path of Life we try to live but such path will never be as casual. We can only do the best we can as with Mother Nature herself we are subject to so many other components than our own desires. And darkness with a total deep silence came upon, deeper and deeper as the flames subsided. Black suddenly was the color around me only distracted by the red glowing ambers which I knew would linger till now. Headlamp on it was time to crawl next to Spirit which had already found the comfort of our little home for the night.

fire fire
fire fire

Be well… always.

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Ara & Spirit


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6 Responses to “Fairy Lake, MT”

  1. Zelda Says:

    Hi, Ara & Spirit,
    Your post and pictures today are beyond words to do them justice. “Pleasure” comes to mind, not just of the eye or ear, but of the soul and spirit. You are generously sharing the joys and secrets of your life in touch with people and nature, as you encounter them, minus the flies, mosquitoes, wind and rain. Those who venture out as you do into the wind, rain, bugs and sun must have a heightened experience of the pleasures, side by side with the discomforts.
    Although you don’t devote many words to the many things you have to do to keep yourself and Spirit fed, watered, in the shade or out of the wind, I am fascinated by the know-how necessary to keep you and him healthy, happy and comfortable living most of the time out in the open – and loving it! Takes incredible patience, fortitude, resourcefulness and ability to learn from day-to-day experiences, I’m sure, which many of us only aspire to.
    As always, enjoying traveling with you on your journey,
    “Zelda” (Pam)

  2. texascindy Says:

    That fire…oh I could watch it for days…Take care and safe travels,

  3. Sandra B Says:

    I liked this one a bunch.

    All zbest

  4. irish Says:

    i love the pics u took of fairylake ara u brought much character and the beauty of the land out and did it a justice

  5. emily & irish Says:

    Hey there neighbor, you are quite right my friend, the wildflowers are amazing! Have really enjoyed being your neighbor and meeting you and Spirit, and talking with you. Happy travels to you both, and may you always have a good road to travel.

  6. Magic Memories Photography by "fran" Says:

    Your pictures and insighs are wonderful. We lovded the Fairy Lake area; Enjoyed your writings.

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