Busy in Bisbee. AZ

Monday, October 25th, 2010

“To hear the pounding on the door, we have to remember to pay attention to what we have lost and to what is calling for us. Not a day goes by when the World doesn’t cry out for us, signal us with signs and sounds, calling us home. Listening closely is nearly a lost art, but a retrievable one. The Soul thrives on it. Words heard by chance have been known to change lives” ~ “The Art of Pilgrimage” ~ [Phil Cousineau]

Toward Bisbee Hwy #9  

This must be how a Jack in a Box box feels popping out of the cover, of course shaken well ahead of time! What a ride and a ride it has been as we find ourselves in Tucson this morning waiting for a Friend who lives here. When she headed back home last night after the Gallery Show, as we rode with her for a late night grab a bite to eat, I forgot my medication bag in her car. Too much going on, everything displaced off “Old Faithful”, not much thinking what to remember to not forget or not. Amazing what being out of my element will do. I have to think three times what to grab, where to go, where anything is.

Flam Chen  
Flam Chen  

The ride itself to Bisbee was of a great one. It was a quick ride, no stopping only to get fuel and relieve Spirit. We will take more time on the way back tomorrow, specially on Highway 9 to El Paso which I think should also be called “the loneliest Highway”. Weather cooperating I could not have asked for more as even the search in El Paso throughout the late night for an emergency care was of a welcome adventure. My concern was only of finding a Doctor who would cure me from this eye infection which had flared up that day. Not many dull moments, "resourceful" is always the key. 24/7. This too shall pass. And yet, suddenly also running with a busted rear shock most likely due to a leaky valve seal leaving it with no travel while sitting on the bike, I looked up and asked my Karma to please take it easy till we get back to Texas. A very kind rider is mailing me a spare shock which will be waiting for me to mount and then on mail this one back to be repaired under warranty. It is now riding with no rear suspension, will be limping back the 500 miles awaiting.

Flam Chen  
Flam Chen  
Flam Chen  

Not much if any free time it has been. Between multiple runs to the Hardware store, hanging the photos, deciding at the last minute to cover them with glass meaning more Hardware runs, dinners calling for a soon to be diet as a must, the truth is am exhausted and we are staying here an extra day to catch up on some sleep. The attendance was of a great one at the PanTerra Gallery Saturday evening. The food was plentiful, the wine was flowing as also another Gallery next store was showing off Pottery fired the old fashion way when buried in the ground topped with the biggest bon fire I had ever seen. Also happening was a Flam Chen, my first one, fire dancing, dancing on stilts, music, the experience was incredible considering we had just pulled in a few hours ago. As if it was not enough all followed by a scrumptious dinner while invited by Chuck and Maralyce, the owners of the Gallery, in Bisbee’s best Restaurant.

Flam Chen  
Flam Chen  
Flam Chen  

The Show was of great moments meeting many readers of this Journal who wanted to meet us, well, mainly Spirit… Rob lives in Breckenridge, Shawn from Colorado City, Robin from Tucson, “Mad Max” and his wife and cool young son from Benson, Brian and Deyanira from Vancouver on their way to Terra Del Fuego and the list goes on and on. Most of us shared this little one bedroom apartment provided for our stay and the chatting and sharing of our experiences on the road could have gone for days if themselves did not have to leave embracing again their own path.

Flam Chen  
Flam Chen  

The locals were present in full force, I tried to meet them all, sometimes did not do so well as some conversations went on lengthy. I don’t know how well to cut off such expressions to start other ones with the attendance present standing in front of our own past moments I had the good fortune to capture with the camera. One big column with four walls, they will be up for about a month and then on move to other walls. I was happy when Chuck expressed they would be living permanently in the Gallery. The sales throughout the opening where as a silent auction with no winner. I am aware as we are ourselves of the tightness in regard of everyone’s financial situation, either way they now have a residence and who knows, maybe they will slowly make their way into other’s homes. 

Gallery opening  
Chuck Gallery
Gallery Gallery

One more dinner last night. One I cooked. A simple one with, you should have guessed it, more tacos, chicken and fish with mango salsa, Spanish rice and I have to admit it to myself, a great tasting bread pudding with only half a gallon of heavy cream incorporated amongst the other tasty ingredients. Time to go on now and have a second prescription filled for my eyes not doing so well, “Old Faithful” will be suffering from her now bumpy ride, will probably take some air out of the tires and no dirt roads till the loaner shock is mounted. The Adventure never cease, Life on the road… 

Robin Fire

This Show for me has been beyond showing Photographs. It has been about the camaraderie amongst new faces I only knew by names, old faces becoming good Friends, helping out, at times graciously putting up with us, knowledge learned from other’s experiences, the feel of a Friendly and inviting very Artistic town, it has been such a positive experience even if I said at times, not so loudly, but did pronounce it “I miss my Desert”… So many more thoughts within my mind tonight, Spirit’s great behavior even if a bit nervous surrounded with so many, more… next time.

The View  

Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “Busy in Bisbee. AZ”

  1. Robin Says:

    It was all delicious, but ……. who knew bread pudding could be SO divine??!?!!! I have never tasted one such dessert as yours. Thank you!

  2. admin Says:

    Of course anything with 2 quarts of Heavy Cream is going to taste pretty much “Divine” 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed it Robin and if such Dessert draws such a beautiful smile, well, just might have to mail you some…
    Be well, always. Ara & Spirit

  3. Robin Says:

    The apricot glaze was a special touch, yum 🙂

  4. Michele Says:

    That food looks delicious!!!

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