A healthier Spirit and a safer rig, Utah… +…

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Lots has happened these past couple days… and no… sunrise or sunsets or incredible scenery… even more beautiful… a Spirit on its way to recovery! There would not be any of the above without him…

I was under the assumption that one could walk into a Vet’s office, forgot being that St George is a large town, it was no going to work out that way. We got lucky, there was a cancellation at 3:30pm…

We had just about all day ahead of us and I was too anxious to just sit and wait, so off to town we went. Right and left… the GPS being my friendly navigation eyes we started exploring the town.

Not for too long when I saw this sign…

But maybe I should let you know about Spirit’s visit first… Nice office and friendly people. Actually we where early, very early, it was hot and decided to just go and wait there. That has to be one place where I don’t mind waiting… Love to watch the other animals brought in. I am not saying just dogs and cats as I was going to, because there was a baby lamb!… crying and crying… Spirit for a change was stunned! And the prognosis was indeed a bacterial infection… We will never find out exactly what it is because, and to me it made sense, giardia and a bacterial infection are treated with the same medication and a giardia test would take days to come back. Specially that this has been going on for a few days he was eager to get him started, which we already did. His heart and lungs sounded good, he has lost some weight, which I could tell as he is all muscles and even a couple pounds will show up either way. But he will gain it back… specially with my cooking! Have no fear… cooking food for him that is! We loaded up on Frontline and Interceptor… he is all set for a while, just hope that all works well on him quickly.

We have been camping for six months now and this is the first time he goes through such ordeal.

He is a Pit and always on a leash… it is a catch 22 situation… The one time I left him loose when swimming, or was it more flying over the water!… the water?… sniffing left overs by other campers that might have been there for days? We could speculate for days… it happened and will keep a better eye on his wondering nose through whatever a dog can find… we after all have different taste buds. We both feel better now… He thanks you all for your concern…

So with much time ahead of us, even after exploring St Georges, the Dinosaur Discovery Museum was a very interesting place to stop. The building is built on the actual soil that the footprints where found, as they were digging to built homes. A short video starts the tour, if you are lucky as I was you will get a live guide instead of reading the brochure given at the entrance.

The ground, even in the building, two million years ago was a lake where the Dinosaurs came to feed on fish… teeth have been found, footsteps swimming scratching the bottom, mud channels, all were covered by sand, hardened over time safe keeping the prints. The giant slabs have been overturned and mud casts have been made. This is the largest collection of all time as there are more slabs waiting outside to be cleaned and put in the exhibit.

This section of rock has foot prints on its lower layer and again on the rock itself… one million years separates the two layers! Some truly incredible thoughts can go through one’s mind when thinking about the age of what is present today for us to witness and study. A well worth find and visit..

And yesterday the rig was made safer by adding another arm to it. Buddy is a retired man near by, did it more as a favor than anything else I think knowing that I was in desperation on the road traveling. Wish he would come out of retirement and build sidecars!… what an artist, this is the same man that rebuilt those gas pumps I posted. I have no clue what all his machines do, but his shop looked like my kitchens… immaculate with everything in its place. Quiet man, a thinker… we talked and talked and suddenly this was his idea. He had never worked on a sidecar before!

The arm is not adjustable, I can have a turn buckle mounted someday as right now the rig is perfectly adjusted… I needed to show you how beautiful his welding is… 11 points of connection right now… and I think I will leave it at that for the time being till I get up north… 1/4″ steel plates… 3/4″ steel tubing… my riding has already improved with a much higher confidence..

So this is it for this beautiful camping spot! We are halfway packed as we will be riding to Kernville, California for the weekend to meet some other riders… Today was the last time I took the road up to the Mesa… the last time taking a glance to the giant water pipeline running through the area… seeing the my road way down the horizon… upper right… should be able to see it!

We will be back here Sunday night, only to leave again Monday for Torrey, Utah and meet a friends of mine that is riding 3000miles + for some company… Geode on Adv Rider, Glenn is his real name. I hope that more will follow, I am sure that summertime will bring out the riders all over this country!

 All is well, has been trying times, Spirit is on his way to get healthier and add some pounds… the rig is much safer, the weather I think is going to cooperate… will not be the first time if we have to ride in the rain!

And my closing thoughts for tonight are that every time I have broken down, every time I have needed help… now friends, great people… not just “helpers” have been there. Walter and Paulette and family in Mississippi… Mark and Anjie and family in Kinman, AZ, and now… only to bump into Michael while hiking a bit in Zion and also his wife Sandra who put me in touch with Buddy the welder/fabricator and the vet’s office for Spirit as she herself works in an animal shelter near by.

How much luckier can we get?… and as much as it bothers me to accept other’s help… I do!

I do because of their quality, morals, principles with the knowledge that we will always be true friends for years to come. This would have never happened if we had not embarked on this Journey… I am so thankful and fortunate…

Till next time, probably from CA… you be well…

Ara & Spirit

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8 Responses to “A healthier Spirit and a safer rig, Utah… +…”

  1. A healthier Spirit and a safer rig, Utah... +... | blog camping campeggio Says:

    […] Original post by The Oasis Of My Soul […]

  2. Kristina Hall Says:

    Ara & Spirit,

    I much relieved to hear that Spirit is better!! Man, I have been fretting over that goof ball of a puppy. Also, glad that your rig is better and the sun is shining and life gets better and the road is still open!

    Happy Trails to you both~~~


  3. Linda Says:

    So glad he has meds and is getting better now. Keep him warm, wink wink

  4. Kevin and Leigh Ann Says:

    So glad to hear that Spirit is doing better.

    Hope to see the both of you really soon.

    Kevin and Leigh Ann

  5. didier Bechu Says:

    I’m glad that your rig get some nice medications also! I want the same new arm!
    But I’m very happy too that Spirit had recovered from his bad days! What a wonderful day! every body is ready for at least 6 more months of adventures, enjoy.

  6. geode Says:

    Oh Great … Ya went told everyone … now they’re all warned …

    They’ll put guards at the border …


    Sleet, snow, and some rain due here tonite, …

    Any idea when Spring is actually gonna arrive?

    Glad Spirit is doing better. Save me some water.

    be well, g

  7. geode Says:

    btw … to be honest, it’s only 2800 miles from here to there …

    that alone saves me 3 hours each way …


  8. AJ Says:

    It was really nice to finally meet you at Warped! make sure and check out the pic of your seat with the ice on it….

    take care and ride safe!!


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