To Hunting Island, SC

Sunday, February 10th, 2008


This day was spend riding to Hunting Island, only Spirit and I, like old times it seemed like… Spirit, the camera and I. My mother wanted to rest, only walk to the beach a bit which is only one block away. So we managed to leave a bit early, around 9am, it is during the week as I have learned to not go anywhere too far on the weekend. Traffic! For example today is Saturday and accompanied with my mother we went downtown Savannah, the "City Market", I had been there before with only Spirit and it was a good hour before finding some parking and even a place to sit to have lunch. And then again, it is kind of fun to watch the tourists moving right along…

by tree  

Bluffton BBQ

Trying to find some two lane roads, our first stop was Bluffton. It is the old town that you will see when you come in, and right away it was a sharp left turn as I got caught in the smells of the Bluffton BBQ joint. I like BBQ, no sauce, very rare that I have come across a sauce I liked. Once I did, had an bit of an orangey flavor with orange rinds in it, I know a bit strange but it was delicious. Not being quite 11am for their opening time, we sat and took some sun in while Will, the order taker imported from Las Vegas (…and inside joke of theirs) kept us company wanting to know about our travels.

Bluffton BBQ 1

BBQ Pig 1 Bluffton BBQ 2

Before I knew it, I was served a couple pounds of shredded Pork, Ribs and Cole slaw. I have the feeling he thought we have had no food in days! I am not fond of Cole slaw unless I make it myself, this one was excellent including sliced black olives, just the right balance. Ribs either, never been to crazy about them… the shredded Pork… well, lets put it this way, we are going back before we leave this area. This was a 10! The one in St Simon gets a 9… Texas?… ah! the City Market I remember also gets a 10… but that was Beef… a different scenario. I want the same plate… same size… that is the diet size!… and I know that Spirit wants the same bone he was given!

Bite me  

The message is clear… right?



Fast forward, as to my surprise, I must have an old map (2007!) Bluffton turned into Any Town USA within a few miles and four lane roads took over through Beaufort, Port Royal and tell you the truth I don’t even remember the other cities. My interest was the Hunting Island State Park, a beautiful Park and Beach and a great Lighthouse, which again I did not walk to the top… 167 steps this time.

lighthouse 2

The beaches are deserted at this time of the year, even with the comfortable temperatures, serene and peaceful, a space for one to loose themselves and just be… regroup and energize those batteries that a constant society swarming around can easily deplete. I am definitely on the whole more tired since switching coast, there is a mental heaviness absent before that has surfaced as if the brakes of Life are in constant friction with themselves.

lighthouse 4 lighthouse 1

This Historic Lighthouse was originally constructed in 1859 and rebuilt in 1875 after it was destroyed during the Civil War. This is the only Lighthouse in SC open to the public. The unique feature of this Lighthouse is that it was constructed using cast iron plates and designed to be dismantled in case it ever needed to be relocated. As fate would have, due to the erosion of the beach, in 1889 it was moved 1 1/4 miles inland from its original site. The rods anchoring it down are six feet deep into the ground, and obviously have held up well since the move.

lighthouse base lighthouse base 1

The staircase was beautifully constructed and now, looking back I wished I had climbed to the top. With a bad vertigo condition I don’t know if I would have made it as one can see through them, it would have been worth a try… Instead I laid down and took those pictures which already made dizzy and confused!!!

stairs 5

stairs 1  

stairs 2

We went back strolling on the beach again, Spirit plays this game of running back and forth with the incoming waves, and then again sometimes he will sit and… think? or is the sun in his eyes that makes him look so pensive?… and intelligent!

The thinker

horses on the beach 1

I am finally understanding about the comments I received many months ago regarding traveling with him, this is before we had even left. I had a lot of warnings for the main reason that he is a Pit Bull. There is a definite different attitude toward Pits here on the East Coast. How strange. I feel it just about everyday when walking around in public, something that I never felt once crossed the Mississippi. East and West are like two separate countries it seems like, more conservative on this side, he gets a lot of looks which do not inspire much confidence, never a problem but the difference in attitude is very obvious. It will not be long before we leave to head back. We will arrive back in Atlanta on the 20th, spend 5 nights again in Powder Springs and take off on Monday the 25th for the 1760 miles trek to Moab!

park rd  


Regardless of the weather I decided to take this time a northern route going through Birmingham to visit the Barber Motorcycle Museum as I have never seen it in its new location. It will be then on through Little Rock, Arkansas, will be passing through north of Dallas, finally north again to our final destination "Moab". For a change I am already doing my homework on the area as the sites to see are many. Peter, who had send us much camping information, which I had lost and posted here if reading to send it to us again… did! Invaluable camping information on BLM land with GPS coordinates and much description of the land… Thank you again Peter!

March sunset 3

These were the scenes we experienced on the way back approaching Tybee Island, a beautiful sunset, reflection on the water mixed in with the marshes that surrounds everything here. It was a great day even if we got caught in a couple traffic jams! We are also planning to visit Charleston this week, maybe do an overnight… will see how that goes. Remember that you can order any Art Cards with any of these pictures… Till next time…

Marsh sunset 2  

GS sunset


"Spirited Doggie Treats" and "Art Cards"…. Dogs cannot live of Love and food alone… they need treats, they like treats… we know! Put Spirit to work!

We are always under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, snail mail is below…

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You be well…. Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “To Hunting Island, SC”

  1. missy Says:

    Awesome pic of spirit on the beach! I will have to send you some new photo’s of my son’s pit , riot, he is bigger then the last ones we sent you.

  2. Rich Says:

    Hello from Charleston, I met you on King Street in Charleston, SC. I told my girlfriend about the site and we looked up your blog. Brandy is a professional photographer and loves what you’re doing. We will continue to check out your page and your handsome friend, it was great meeting you.

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