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Thursday, February 7th, 2008

"Stuffed and grilled Duck breast" is up!!! You can always see others also by clicking on the "recipe" link above.

We drove south the other day, transported in another world call St Simon Island and we were so glad by the end of the day to be back on Tybee Island. It was like night and day, including the fact that we got lost big time trying to leave the Island as the roads leading out are a total maze. The drive down was a bit of a disappointment, there are no roads in proximity of the water here. All is inland due to the marshes, and so trees and trees with no vision was the tempo for a couple hours. We finally found the beach on the Island after fighting an intense traffic on narrow streets, backed up for miles… It reminded me so much of Naples, Fl, in the winter season, seemed that the whole world was suddenly here. Parking was a luxury, but we finally found and empty spot, filled the meter with a bunch of quarters as usual as I have learned to carry a roll of it with me and "eureka"… we found the water. Sometimes a photo will not show the whole picture! This is the case… Behind me, zillions of people walking, sitting, chatting, snow birds waiting for warmer weathers to head back North.

St Simon Beach 1

The Island seems like it has been going through growing pains. The roads are narrow, overcrowded with the big SUV’s all but too familiar, sidewalks lined with pseudo Art Galleries not even worth glancing at, all is tight, there was nothing relaxed about the experience. At one point my mother only wanted to sit in the car and wait till we were ready to head back even though the plan was to have lunch, but everywhere was closed with signs telling us an opening time of 5pm.

Pizza 1  

Pizza 2

Mother resting comfortably, Spirit and I took a little walk to the Lighthouse… maybe the builders were lazy but plain white Lighthouse is what we found. They are so much more attractive when they are painted and this time I was not ready to walk up its tower.

lighthouse 1

lighthouse 2  

Upon our return we looked at each other, it was time to head back to our own little Island… we love Tybee Island now! Hardly any traffic, the season here has not started yet and will not till next month, but I think that even in full season this would be nothing like St Simon Island. Took a few more shots of the beach, never found a place to eat, we did have some water and fruit with us as old habits never go away.

Spirit on the Beach  

St Simon Beach

As I generally read over what I write, which is often a good thing!… it seems that maybe I have been harsh a bit, and then again I don’t find anything about it that I can change… Being here has been a double edge sword (that does not sound right either!…). I am out of my element, the "ambiance", if I can call it that, is quite different then most of the months we spend in Texas and West and North of it and the space is confining. On the other hand… or end is it?… it has been with time passing by and getting to know each other better, fulfilling days spend with my mother. We have learned to learn how to disagree… there is an unconditional love and respect, both ways, that has surfaced and are making our time a well worth visit with each other. That is for right now the most important part.

church sign church 1
church 2  

Talking freely is a luxury I have not had for a long time, no offense to my closest friends. Almost 60 here and mother being 80, these are a lot of years to talk about and reminisce, the good and the bad, the gray area still a bit blur which we try to sharpen the best we can. She has for the first time come around regarding my Lifestyle, not necessarily agreeing, but seeing and respecting a path that is a constant search for me. We are from different generations, we both have been on our own quite a long time, we both have stood pretty firmly on our feet feeling so differently about all the thrown to us aspects of this Life, but the end result has always been of a survivor reaching that finish line.

Darien sign  

Darien 2

One month together a while back seemed like such a long time, we have now less than 2 weeks left and already I am feeling the pain of our separation. It was not always this way! The disagreements where stronger, there was dislikes of each other’s thoughts, somehow those have been set aside as we have learned what really matters. Why does it take so long sometimes to realize what can be important and not! I guess it is part of growing up? My mother has never used a computer or seen the Internet… and of course I have taken her back since she has been here to day one of our Journey, and slowly fast forwarding the writings, the pictures… She has become my biggest fan now!!! She is so prejudiced that I am the best photographer around!… have the best looking web site! I have even showed her some incredible photos from others… professionals… some outstanding photography… some incredible web sites… but "no", mine is the best! How funny… a good "funny". And again soon we will be charging down the road, missing her so differently than before… I just don’t know why Life has to be this way sometimes…

Darien 1

I really like this picture above taken in Darien. The man was fishing, did not raise his head once, lost in his own world, waiting for that fish to bite… and then again for him maybe it did not matter, just being there was enough enabling him into his own space. Darien is a nice little town, it was quiet. We even went into the visitor center, pleasant and funny people there, did not seem that the new waive had made shore… yet. The little Church also above was a treat to see and experience, small from outside it seemed like a miracle larger on the inside… do you think? I also like this photo below taken as we arrived back on Tybee… I really wanted a shot of the Cargo ship… this is what it turned out to be and I call it the "3 B’s"… "the bird, the boat and the blonde…"

Till next time… thanks for being here.

Blonde and a boat

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You be well…. Ara & Spirit

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