Throw the Dog a Bone… UT

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Here is hoping that if there was ever a day you actually read the whole Blog this would be the one!… I find it fitting using the above phrase that my friend Brian came up with a while back in probably a moment of madness while helping us out with this web site!

Today is one of those Blogs that I do not enjoy writing about too much, for that matter, not much at all. But it is reality and these many pages since November of 2006  have only been filled with the daily reality of both of our lives. As I stepped outside this early morning, the skies still dark, I could not help notice the moon almost full playing under the stars filled dark horizon coming to again through its cycle, and at the same time as I lied awake most of the night thinking about all this, I felt that us also are subjected to a new cycle. There is no doubt that I am caught up through this web site and you readers, riding this fine line on this double edge sword. The richness of Life does not revolve around one’s wealth in the hard currency most think about, but does evolve in the currency of the heart’s relationships within each other. That is my own philosophy anyhow. I have somehow embraced a facet caring much about this Blog, caring much about all you readers that have communicated in such an incredible fashion fueling our daily Lives.

Potash 1

 These are some images from a ride we took a couple days ago starting a bit north of Moab toward Potash, Hwy #192, along the Colorado River, which turns into Schaeffer Trail into Canyonland Park. From Schaeffer Trail one can also catch the White Rim Trail. The return trip can be done through Long Canyon which will also take you back to #192 making a loop. 

And at the same time a real Life decision for us needs to be taken. It is that time, it is here, now. A real Life decision called a Lifestyle!… the reason being is that one cannot go on those many roads as we have, without its cost showing its demanding face. I have never disclosed how many readers we have, have had at one time or another, but the numbers are astonishing, to me they are, considering the start of it all being a personal diary.  They have always been unimportant, but somehow today they reflect certain facts that maybe should not be as they are. We have had 36,000+/- different URL’s showing up, considering that in some households the same URL is used by more than one person, this translates in more than 36,000 readers. 2554 exactly these past 7 days. That is what it says. And so, as time has gone by, I have been caught up in over extending ourselves in our Lifestyle. I love this Country and its Nature, writing about it and showing its images in parallel with our days was always something I wanted to do, now more then ever.

colorado river 1

We are not the only ones living on the road. Many others do and they do it cheaply, as inexpensively as possible and that is one part of this decision that faces us. "Interesting destinations" has always been our goal, meaning mostly expensive destinations as in Moab right now and it has been a struggle since we have been here a bit over a week. The logistics are complex… cold weather meaning our inability to camp with no power translating in a premium to us monthly charge, safety of our household while away for the day has also become an issue unfortunately throughout these, what was once empty spaces, now filled, at times, with undesirable elements of society. Trust me that it is reality… none made up but reinforced through conversations with the many Agencies that govern this land. We could easily settle on some southern plains for the winter, flat lands were the horizons are as uninteresting as a blank page and just be, let Life pass us by and live in peace and harmony with each other, resting, riding, reading, as there is never a lack of an occupation for us wherever we are.

colorado river


This is were a lot of rock climbers spend the day practicing their skills… not me!!!

I have had sometimes this image of 36,000 readers showing up at a Barnes and Nobles demanding a particular book… for free. It is quite an image that truly one could think about… The idea for asking a "contribution" originally was not mine, but as time went on, as some readers pointed out, we are and always have been giving something in return. But I wanted to give more in return and started making "Spirited Doggie Treats", "Art Cards" and now "Spirited T-shirts" and "Mouse Pads"… I have had to recently discontinue the making of the Treats, it was not a bad idea at all but became logistically impossible specially with summer and hot weather coming up… I tried. The reason I posted the above numbers is because of the unfairness toward the supporters of this site versus its non supporters. Amongst 36,000 +/- readers about 150 of you have supported us… many more than once, you have not only supported the site but with all unfairness supported "much free reading" from others. I would like to thank all of you that have…

Long Canyon  

This is the start of Long Canyon off #192, I understand only a bit sandy at the start. And if you stop where I have taken this picture and turn to the right you will see the Jug Handle, pictures taken from two different angles… obviously one with the sun in my eye!

Jug handle arch L  

jug handle arch 1

Michael P., William W., Elie C., John R P., Joseph S., Douglas M., Paul B., Kristina H., Gail H., Brian J., Kathleen B., Calista U., Scott M., Michael B., Ben D., Mark K., Donald V Z., Rebecca W., David L., Don L., William MT., Mark H., George P., Harry F., Thor A., Garry B., Dan L., Raymond D., Tyler R., Joseph D., Tom P., James H., John I., Hans-Georg L., Neil M., Rose-Ann C., Reno A., Cameron S., Erin H., John H., Mark G., Scott E., Brian N., Eric A., Stewart L., Thor A. again, Linda F., David E., Elie C. again, Robert E., John G., Titan Works, Ron C., John B., Patricia S., Peter C., Michelle S., Jerry C., John C., Renee B., Theresa G., Matthew B., J.R. B., Joshua H., Marvin C. twice, Mike L., Christopher K., Victor A., Christopher D., Tom P. again, John H. again, Gregory R., Merle D.R., Bill C., Russell D., Paul P., David C., David A., Michael H., Ivo N., John H. again, Patricia S., William S., Gretchen D., Mark H., Michael L., Neil J., Cooper and Light, Michael Mc., Bruce L D., Patricia S. again., Karen J., Allen M., Lynn and R. G., Mark S., Bob R., Kuan T., RJ V., Ronald P., Don S., Kevin C., Karen C., John B., Beach Front Holdings, John G., Gary F., John H. again, A. T., Greg V., Ronald P. again, RJ V., Dennis G., Peter G., Harry G., Lyle G., James C., Cindy R., David MC., Debra T., The Mendez Group, Bob F., Harry G P., Bruce T., Jacki W., S. Collette and Carl C., Rodolfo T., Lyle G., Barry B., Mark H., Noel A., Kathy H., Allen H., Larry E., Jim M., Jeffrey P., Alice H., Patricia G. C., Kathy H. again. Michael E., Ben D. again, Linda H., Willian W. again, RJ V. again, John H. again, Ronald P., Bennie M., Ronald K-J., Hans G-L., Donnie J., June H., Jena Mc., James C., Christian V., Bob F., Jonathan D., Louise H., Steven B., Ronald M., Michael B. again, Ronal P. again, Timothy S., William W., Gerard M., Christopher M., Victoria W., Rob R., Patrick C., Keshau H., Kimberly R., Harry G P., Karen J., Jewel B., Marty J., Mary Jo C., Barry B., Michele S., Jared F., Linda H., Micah M., Brian R., Joseph F., Marion H., Marion H., Don S., Silvia S., Starla M., Jennifer J….

railroad tracks  

"Potash" has only a salt mining factory, by truck and by train the finished product is transported out in bags… I was surprised, and then of course, this being an Ocean floor at one time it all made sense!

Showgirl 1

showgirl 2

We went back to that rock that starts the "Hells Revenge" trail and luckily some Jeeps were getting ready to drive it. They made it look so easy, even easier when a totally stock Jeep Rubicon also made it to the top with no effort whatsoever!

And most more than once. So this is what I call the "ugly" side of my writing! Am I being to forward to even think that most lose more than one dollar a month in loose change?… adding that, as this will never happen, if all readers did send one dollar a month toward the site it would be an enormous amount of money which most of it would go to Charity!… I have always tried to support the "Children Cancer Society" which helped my Son a few years back and that gesture itself on my part has fallen to the wayside. With all this said, the direction of this site is really in your hands now. Us?… we will always be fine as I can always put my Chef’s hat back on if the need was present as it is now. I tried that route but realized that I could not do both at the same time. Of course I have hesitations about printing this! We definitely left for this Journey too early in Life, about 3 years too early, and then again it is an honest path and that is all that matters really!


red Jeep green Jeep

You be well… thank you all for your support… as I use to write

We are always under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, so is the merchandise page link…

Be well… always…

Ara & Spirit

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7 Responses to “Throw the Dog a Bone… UT”

  1. Linda Hunter Says:

    Sorry your having a rough time of it. I wish I could do more. Did order the treats and want to order the shirt when I can. Gave what I could yesterday. Wanted to give to you monthly, but since I plan on retiring in about 3 months don’t know if I can. I love reading your site and fell in love with Spirit. I want to take my dogs on the road and travel while I’m still able to in a few months. Wish some newpaper would pick up your site and publish it for a fee to you. Heck, I think it’s good enough to be a book. I know it’s the one site I always check out and love the way you have with expressing yourself.

    Take care of yourself and Spirit.


  2. Kelly Says:

    Try and take Spirit to Negoe Bill Canyon trail which is aprox. 10 miles east of downtown Moab. On #128. It is “Dog Friendly”. Scenic , but wear boots as it follows a creek with some crossings. Some rock scrambling.
    All the best,

  3. Peter Carey Says:

    Ara, No worries about asking for a donation. Most people probably don’t realize it’d really help. See you on the road some day!

  4. conchscooter Says:

    Hey Ara, I’m glad to have contributed but it should create no sense of obligation. The journey is what really counts, not the Blog. When one interferes with the other its Life that counts. Life lived, not life observed. Perosnally I’ve long thought that you are too tied to the satellite umbilical but have taken pleasure from your frequent enrties. God knows working nights the Internet is a lifesaver if only you can find content worth reading. My suggestion is cut back to occasional entries you can easily do from Internet cafes and if you feel the desire to be make more frequent entries you can go back to the staellite and all the paraphenalia. Face it people ar echeap and you will never make enough to be free from financial constraints relying on people to pony up negligible amounts of “free” cash.
    Good luck with the impossible choices you face and all the best whatever you decide to do.
    Key West.

  5. Rudy T Says:

    Maintaining a blog is expensive. You have the right to be a little pissed off about people reading your entries and enjoying your photography and not being willing to donate a buck a month. I would imagine that most people have not really considered the expense associated with doing what you are doing. Hell, this is 12 bucks a year. Come on people, skip eating lunch out once and support Ara otherwise he’ll quit and become a chef again and we will not have all the great stories and wonderful pictures…….I will be pissed off then.

  6. Donna Huffer Says:

    Try boondocking to save costs. You really don’t need hookups even in the cold. We spent a total of $1633 in camping fees in 2007. So far this year it’s less than $300 and we are back east where it is more expensive. We are usually out west. A good down comforter for night time warmth, a propane heater to take the chill off until the sun comes up and solar panels for the rest of the energy needs, like internet and tv. Don’t be a afraid, in 10 years I have never felt threatened. To really learn how join a boondockers group. Escapees has one and there are some on the yahoo groups. We also belong to the various fraternal organizations and a great deal of them allow parking at their facilities and some even have hookups. The most we’ve paid is $25 a night and that was at Key West where campgrounds start at $85.

  7. M1tch Says:

    Ara, dont feel bad about asking. i contributed once last year,and have thought about doing the same recently. i have never really considered what it costs you to live your lifestyle. the enjoyment i get from reading your blog, and posts on advriders is worth a great amount to me as i get to see places i probably will never be able to visit.

    thanks and hopefully you will be able to carry on for some time yet.


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