Dead Horse… State Park, UT

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Considering the previous Blog, my sense of humor was going to leave this title simply as "Dead Horse"… but far from it I, as much as you, will not allow this site to vanish as the Legend that surrounds the State Park we rode to.

DH landscape 6

So… as I would like to turn the previous page, I sit here in front of this blank screen, not wondering what I will write but what will be first, as so much has happened these past day or so. I am not meaning only in the form of you readers that have too kindly extended their generosity, which I will thank you as I always do one at the time, but also in a couple links that have been send to me which those I would like to share, as I know they will impact you as they have impacting me. I do need to write that I have also received other thoughts that I will respond here, as maybe my own opinions could be wrong, but here they are. A few have written to create an income by implementing a "subscription". Not a new idea, some do, but as I wrote months ago, this will never happen and this will always remain an open public web site for anyone to read it, contributor or not. From a few others, the thought was to utilize Google Adsense. I tried it in my inner pages of "Recipes" and "My First 100 Hundred Years", which I have been totally falling behind with, and I knew they would not do very well. There is a couple points to them and we will move on after this!… I will never put them on my front page, there is no other way to say it, they are, no offense to anyone using them… "ugly" and I do take a lot of pride in the site’s presentation. Yes, I know of a couple other Blogs that make an incredible income from it… by asking readers to click on them as I am ashamed to say that I did "once", quickly realizing for one it is a dishonest approach (Google rules) and the fact that if I myself would never click on them… why would others do? I do however appreciate the thoughts and taking the time to write.

DH landscape 4

My friend Michael wrote to me a while back about the astonishing views from "Dead Horse State Park". What do you think?… We have seen a lot these past months on the road… but nothing this spectacular and as the day was sunny but hazy, the pictures will not do justice. They will for that matter never do justice! You will not feel through those pixels and the narrow frame this creation truly unequalled by any canvas. Some day, as the the temperatures of early mornings warm up, we will adventure ourselves back to this point for a sunrise… and that is a promise! Do you see the dirt road by the rim making its way into a bit further up "Canyonland" were we also rode through and posted pictures of it a few days ago?

long canyon trail 1

That is Shafer Trail, (again!) the continuation of Potash Rd, the anticipated trail we are going to ride. It will be us down there… minuscule, instead of the Jeep you are seeing. We will choose a good day and fully charged up batteries for the camera! Somehow, these pictures go hand in hand with the content of a video link I received from my friend Paul. I have mentioned Paul before, a friend which we will hopefully meet for the first time this summer, a friend who always shares these treasures of the mind with us. I beg you to "please" set 22 minutes aside to watch this video from Dewitt Jones, Photographer for the "National Geographic", titled "Celebrate what’s right with the World". It is the core, it is the essence of also our own Journey and unfortunately at times I have been guilty of our World passing by us without it’s own proper Celebration. After you watch it, remember that I have "always" believe" in this Dream of mine to live on the road… and now I "believe" about sharing it with you all.

DH landscape 3

Would love to hear your thoughts about it sometime after viewing it. It seems that reinforcement of much needed values enabling us to go through Life living peacefully and joyfully in the Now, is for myself often needed, as I have strayed from it since applying a Metaphysical and Spiritual path to it starting some 30 years ago. And what a better place than here to revaluate it all.

DH landscape 7 

Every which way you turn will only take your breath away! According to one Legend, Dead Horse Point was once used as a corral for wild mustangs roaming the mesa. Cowboys rounded up these horses, herded them across the narrow neck of land and onto the point. The neck, which is only 30 yards wide, was then fenced off with branches and brush, creating a natural corral surrounded by the cliffs. Cowboys then chose the horses they wanted and for some reason left the other horses corralled on the waterless and dry point where they died of thirst. Quite a Legend.

DH landscape 2

A bit short of breath on the point, I realized its elevation of about 6,000 feet above sea level. Of course I read it!… also the fact that the layers that you are seeing reveal 300 million years of the earth’s geological history. While standing on the Canyon rim, 8,000 feet of geological strata is visible looking from the peaks of the 12,000-foot high La Sal Mountains to the Colorado river below. Can you see the river boat?… what a ride that should be!

river boat

I will also share with you next Blog another link that Don send us and brought me to even more realizations about the present times. I know when you read it, you yourselves will share it with your own Friends and Family… titled "Life is not about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain". I loved it. On another front, the good news is finding our next camping spot. A few miles north of Moab, passed the "Arches" National Park, in case you will want to find us after the 8th of April, make a right on Willow Creek Rd and about a mile in… that is where we will be. Free camping, nice and quiet on BLM land. I think that is the game we will play while in one spot… look for the next one as we go along on our daily mini expeditions. Here are some pictures of our new home!

campsite 1


Notice the rear tire?… finally a knobby. What a difference a tire can make and again Karma looked out for us. I had a few miles left on the street tire that was being exchanged, I was going to keep it for when we left Moab, but the technician totally butchered it while removing it and the owner of the shop felt so bad that he gave me a great deal on this one!… This is when I can appreciate someone else’s mistake. We also just received our catalytic heater that will run without the need of electricity which will be installed next week along with an outside adapter to hook up an external propane bottle (which we have) when we run out so we don’t have to move right away. We are spending money to save money… seems that it is always the scenario. Some day when we can afford it, we will try for a couple solar panels and winters will never then be the same.

Fabtech team 1 Fabtech team 2
Fabtech team 3 Fabtech team 4

The town of Moab is now turning into the off road capital of the World! This is Jeep Central mixed in with truly exotic more off road vehicles. We met the Fabtech Racing Team yesterday while riding a bit around Sand Flats… actually Spirit is the one that met them as they all had to take pictures of him, of course, no worries, I am never asked to pose with him! I know nothing about off road vehicles but it seems that they really like us… him. We blend in very nicely and today is the start of the vendors show which will go on for a couple days. The biggest one in the country, it is free and we will go to check it out. All that "stuff" is always interesting, curious to always find out how others handle their hobby.

Yellow Unimog 1  

Yellow Unimog 2

My favorite vehicle has always been the German Unimog, the most incredible all terrain vehicle, priced new at the upwards of $400,000!… and we did see a couple around and in town.

red Unimog 1  

red Unimog 2

Well, that is all for today, again "thank you" to the ones that have in more ways than on extended their support, to the others, continue enjoying the Blog wishing that the belief of your own Dreams some day becomes reality. There is a renewed energy floating around… even Spirit feels it.

Be well… always…

Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Dead Horse… State Park, UT”

  1. Barney Says:

    I completely disagree with you on the adsense. I put them on mine to help earn money, but the reason they stay is they are content sensitive. A lot of the ads are for places or things I never knew about in the area I am traveling. Folks get to see and hear about special places and things because of where we go and the adsense information. Some folks have even thanked me for my website having an ad that got them to a particular event or place or location. The neat places that come up as ads are worth having the adsense ads showing. Just my thoughts. I think of them as a public service that pays me enough for a Whataburger once or twice a month. Have fun.

  2. Joe Says:

    Of all the places there’s a Unimog, its Catalina Island and Avalon. My wife and I took the back road tour of the island the last time we were there. We were the only ones on the trip so we had our own private viewing of the island. Ara, that’s one place you can’t take the RV.

  3. admin Says:

    Comments are fixed Joe…
    Somehow I myself never use the comment box, considering that the Blogs are dated I always wonder if readers will go back to it as I generally answer them through e mails.
    Adsense… I am just not sold on it, and its looks! If you only knew, Barney, even though my front page might not be the most Artistical page (!!!) how much time Brian and I spend designing it… weeks!!! Everything has its place and color… I just think it looks nice, appealing and for my freedom to be able to get a Whataburger once or twice a month… well, the jury has its thumb down. But thanks for the thought.
    Be well… Ara & Spirit, who I know would go for the idea… for sure!

  4. Starla Myers Says:

    Wishing You & Spirit a Happy Easter! I’m glad that Karma has Smiled on you two Traveling Souls. It’s so good to hear that things are going well. Thanks again for the awesome pics! Take care & hug Spirit for me. Starla PS…should you guys ever pass through the Great Smokey Mountains area of TN…Please give a shout! We would love to meet you both. 🙂

  5. Homer Jimenez Says:

    Well Ara…with these pictures of the 4×4 rigs, you have made a 4×4 trailer’s wet d****s…………..Thank you. Wish you posted some more, you know: There are always people asking for seconds.

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