The Music is landing. Moab. UT

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

“My only sketch, profile, of heaven is a large blue sky, larger than the biggest I have seen in June-and in it are my friends-every one of them.” ~ Emily Dickinson ~ Thank you to my Dear Friend “Carol” for always being so thoughtful sending me some wonderful quotes which carry me throughout my nights and days.

La Sal Mountain  

What are we doing? I did ask myself that question again this morning as our first steps outside have been welcomed by blue skies and just the right cool temperature. Time to take it all in. The past two days have been a little bit of a blur, maybe missed my medication, maybe the altitude which however is only 5000 feet, or has it been perhaps the 
anticipation of a new experience being soon surrounded by 2000 other Beings however looking forward to it. Off kilter I have been in conjunction with a laptop that has woken up to only decide to act improperly. This poor machine weakened from three years of abusive shaking has started to show it’s wear and tear, a new one is not in this non existing budget, it will have to endure a bit more, maybe much more throughout the times to come. I do worry about it.

Desert Rocks Bus  

It will be another week before this space fills up for 4 days of  Music, light shows, art exposed throughout every step taken and many photos, my own personal fun challenge away from the landscape pictures I am day in and day out drawn to. Few are here at the moment, coming and going, setting up the giant tents now only standing as carcasses  on this land away from it all under the constant watch of La Sal Mountains.

set up set up
set up set up
set up  

As much as my thoughts can be in the moment I am also helplessly projecting our future times for June and July. Where to go? Isolation away from it all. What path should we take while transcribing the homework this Life never stops providing. Attending in July the BMW National Rally, as I have not in over ten years, is now out of the  question. Dogs are not allowed in buildings and most every venue is "in" buildings. No exceptions, Spirit will sure not be a VIP this time! I do need to attend Portland as Old Faithfull’s suspension is due for service. Same with the sidecar’s hydraulic which will be taken care of near by Seattle.

set up set up
set up set up
set up  

I seek for new… As I was writing a Friend of mine the other day, "is my physical World getting smaller?". As he replied "no, we just have been many places!". It is of course not totally true. The land is vast in opposite with my financial resources, or better expressing it as the lack of them. The miles never stop costing and the gas pumps for 
some odd reason are not free. What a concept. Less and less I know where to go. It is as I want to discover a new "Valley of the Gods", a new "Muley Point", maybe even a different "Oasis". I know it is out there away from the beaten path. An insatiable appetite constantly in search of the next unknown plate served.

At the Park  
At the Park At the Park

So we will head north, north west, take it all in, one day at the time as I know that Karma in company with a few generous readers and sponsors will allow us to do so and continue through words and photos the upcoming chapters showing these lands of ours. In the meantime again I am asking myself as the days do not cease blending in lately, what are we doing and what have we been doing? We went to the local Park last Saturday in Moab. I thought it was a Farmer’s Market but was not so. Yet it was entertaining and lively. Kids playing, adults chatting, as even the National Park was represented. I did learn by the way that camping reservations in the Arches are about already 6 months ahead. Crazy… so unbalanced for anyone traveling without a schedule. I asked if room service for that price and inconvenience was available.

At the Park  

Closing, we are going for a ride. I hear they are filming in a “commercial” format for Microsoft a retake of “Thelma and Louise” on Shaffer trail which is the continuation of Potash Rd. Could be fun and interesting. Till next time, you be well, always.


Ara & Spirit

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  1. Andre Shoumatoff Says:

    Hi Ara,
    It’s nice to see those pics, and Thelma & Louise looked wonderful too. I even recognize a few guys in those photos.. See you on Wed afternoon/evening! I am hoping to cook and spend some time with you if possible! best, Andre

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