The Arches, again. Utah [Video]

Monday, May 17th, 2010

“What we really need to learn is how to live Life. Nature is the greatest University when we want to learn about Balance, Harmony, the Natural Laws and how to live Life. But we will never learn unless we spend time in the "Living University." Nature is full of examples, lessons, and exercises about Life. Nature will help Humans learn. Nature will help Humans heal. Nature will help with Medicine, Knowledge, and Healing. The reason our Elders are so wise is because they have attended the right educational system: “Nature’s University” ~ “Walking Buffalo-Stoney”


I woke up this morning with my thoughts along besides myself, all in order and a better clarity matching the blue skies surprisingly ahead, I know a strange concept. My own realizations never stop, I don’t think anyone’s really does unless going through Life as being on a roller coaster however tied down and strapped with no options. The choices are always present for the thinking and the taking and the giving. One of my realizations is the fact that my Journal along with my Dear Friends who write to me through e mails or comments, the ones met and the ones not yet met, “all” feeds me throughout this path. My hunger for my present times with Spirit, for my upcoming times, they never diminish even if my own Love is now a mirage I can never anymore touch and hug and fully feel as it remains a vision never blur and yet never real. We will be in the company of a younger crowd soon. An immense wave of spectators and participants of this Musical event, and already all I could and keep thinking is of Lance’s milieu as it would have been. Of course there is a physical  generation gap, but truly there is not as I will as I have in our years together always stepped down to understand the younger path which one day past I myself adventured on.


There is no hidden agenda for me to attend this Festival as there has never been any in anything we have done as long as Spirit and I are not apart. But I also know deep down that Lance’s spirit and soul will be present more than ever as the voices and thoughts I will witness will  be of his own generation. And no, I will not ask myself why "they" are  here and "he" is not. I will not because I have stopped asking these questions that do not have an answer, not a common one anyhow, as I do have my own reply that has become clearer by the day. Lance has given me the ultimate gift by going on into his own direction to allow me to try so humbly so, becoming a better Human Being, making me realize these values contained within us in parallel with the importance of the priorities which have so much changed.


Today is the morning after as I call it. Morning after the most glorious well weathered day we have had in a long time. So overwhelming that I did not know where to go as my eyes panned the skies filled with bursts of cotton clouds as ourselves cooled off by more than a fair weather. The entrance of the Arches was near by, afternoon already it was, we had been riding those roads I felt too many times and yet why not, that is where we spend the afternoon. It never cease as it does not matter how many times the Arches has seen us, the amazement of the landscape only gets stronger. It is over and over “like new” as details fill up the senses, shapes and forms and colors as never experienced before.


It was crowded however. I had never seen the Park so filled with traffic and unfortunately drivers buzzing around as being on an 8 lane freeway. Lets hurry, get there, roll down the window or stand up through the open roof top, snap a shot and go on to the next hoodoo. Fast and faster. Lets tailgate as maybe the driver ahead will understand we are in a hurry to get to nowhere. The parking lots were full, the two legged creatures where quickly converging on the narrow paths never dismounting off their stern faces with their fingers on the shutters in a hurry as being late to punch the imaginary clocks strategically appointed throughout the whimsical stages.


“That” in itself became entertaining. I did not however understand why the smiles where missing as “they” maybe on a mission just too serious to close in on that circle of  questionnaires that only if properly answered regardless of the inner quality acquired will let them through the next gate. There were some exceptions however, breath of fresh air here and there. We met two sisters, one living in Holland and one in Sacramento and had some very uplifting words as them sitting and lingering on a rock where just as it should be taking it all in, enjoying the quality of the moment and ignorant to the search of the quantity.

Arches Arches

I like to stop where others don’t. Try to find some isolated paths and have Spirit stretch out, drink, roll in the dirt or rub is head against my boots as so often he likes to do as I know after a while his goggles make him itchy. As most National Parks he is not allowed on the trails and some side unpaved roads are always welcome as rare as they are throughout these well groomed spaces where the words “wild” and “primitive” are a bit now unknown.


The drive was of such a pleasant one as I stood tall and felt important behind the wheel of my raised black Hummer. It’s sound was of importance as the giant exhaust was humming and warning others of our proximity. The chrome wheels, the chrome grill and door handles where as moving glistening stars rolling down the road at a pace to make notice of us. The antennas where whipping the air almost whistling with their back and forth motions in the curves taken too fast but of a motion of importance when needing to be noticed. The dark windows where a nice barrier between this cozy inner physical world of comfort and loud speakers sound also dimming the outer light enabling me to at the same time enjoy this movie playing within my sight of vision on the beautiful and more chromed knob filled dashboard. My companion in high heels and tight jeans and top advertising the latest fashion in big bold letters printed front and back mixed in with little studs of diamonds matching her sunglasses also glittering in sequence was happy lowering and raising her window when the need was present to take a photo with her miniature point and shoot camera…

I wake up… drenched… cold sweat… deep breath… it was just a bad, a very bad dream. Sorry Spirit…


This video was taken while riding the streets of Bisbee, Arizona, a while back. It takes me a long time to render them as I have to mail the video itself to a Friend to be uploaded to U Tube!

Be well, always. It is a matter of choice.

Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “The Arches, again. Utah [Video]”

  1. Lorena Says:

    Hey guys, nice post. Loved that Bisbee video, that music along with it was too fun!

  2. Zelda Says:

    Hi, Ara & Spirit,
    Love the last two posts! Your ride through Bisbee, and other ride videos make me want to drop everything and take off riding for who knows where (whoops, gotta learn to ride my cycle first, though). The narrow walled roads through Brisbee reminded me of some of the streets we walked through Poitiers, en France.
    Ride in freedom, friendship and safety, you and Spirit – â bientôt, nos amis! (Sorry, I don’t know any Armenian, but I’m honored to know an Armenian!)

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