The Call of the Desert… Tx

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

“The longest Journey is the Journey inwards of him who has chosen his Destiny” ~ Dag Hammarkjold ~

Old Faithful  

All day riding I felt ahead of a cold front promised by “they say…”, as I often wonder who is they? It was just talk. We left Deming, NM, earlier than planned, the sun was feeling  too good to remember the such said promise of low temperatures. We cannot make Tucson to “The Oasis” in one day. A few layers, vents closed, Spirit’s thick coat on and no music all day besides the tunes of the mind and the hum of “Old Faithful” purring with no complains. Riding and fueling, miles of freeway, never my favorite, and yet I am finding it to be a quick way to get from point A to point B as also traffic has been non existent. A quick stop stop at Paul and Voni ends up being such a pleasant finale of these few days past spend on the road and with my Friend Robin. Voni managed to feed me, maybe it was the jar of “chocolate~peanut butter” I brought back… and Paul as his usual self always with a couple funny mechanical stories. There are no words to express our good fortune having these two as Friends and neighbors.

Desert Desert

Quickly unpacked the necessary items for the night as suddenly the cold did make it’s way in. I only realized a few days ago the days of summer are truly now gone. I look around to graze on some food as both Robin and I have done for these past days, something we have in common, something myself  have acquired while working in kitchens, and I could not find any field grown tomatoes, home made goat cheese from the Farmer’s Market, no Mesquite flour tortillas… no. I had to settle for a Pita Bread heated up with my own jar of chocolate~peanut butter spread on while hot. Oh! well… “It is what it is”. Fading away now slowly after our 400 mile ride, it is time to shut it all down, tomorrow is another new and bright day waiting ahead of us.

Desert Desert

The blast of the Sun wakes me up this morning. I have no clue what time it is and I only think about it because that is what we did those days in Tucson. For one reason or another time infiltrated Life itself, not playing a major role but did have it’s place throughout the days. I realize quickly I again do not need to know the time, the Sun tells it all. I also realize how simple Life is here. I am trying to figure out why? Maybe it is not. Maybe it is not at all and only is what I am used to. There is no background traffic noise, a constant brouhaha as I am sure most everyone else cannot even hear it anymore. There are no gates here, it is wide open spaces, and most of all the traffic as we adventure ourselves away is non existent as also the mad drivers have stayed behind and will not come here. The City is a compromise, so much it offers, a choice, all is. This Desert and our Lifestyle is also one. None of it is right or wrong. Can one have both? Which door is it? I know lately I have asked that question before..


I am filled and empty all at the same time and wondering how can that be? I am here and I am there. It is one path, always has been a one way road for us, up and up, not many doors ajar as the passages always have been within. Simple and yet complicated of the mind to surmount the past cards dealt with much courage needed. Always forward. I have learned to see this path of Life as a simple one even if complex the solutions of always such forward momentums have always been very clear, not meaning easy. Writing my Book I relive those moments past, the emotions still present only today of different colors and yet with the same intensity. I realize there is no regret in any of the decisions taken that has lead us here today. If I had to I would do it over the same way as the School of Life even if harsh at times has been kind to me.  
Such changes as I am reading my own past words, all within the same Lifestyle. So many. So many as also these past days, a beautiful “Human connection”.


Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “The Call of the Desert… Tx”

  1. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara & Spirt,
    What a wonderful story! You have an ability to share the peace of mind you experienced with visits to good friends, enjoying good food together, and communion with nature on your trip home. Small quiet life experiences, but perhaps they are as good as it gets.
    Your friends,
    Pam, Randy & Natasha

  2. Randy Says:

    The Winter season and a promise of a different kind of adventure. Can’t wait to see what you do and photograph next.

  3. texascindy Says:

    You make me want to chuck it all and head West! There is a lightness to your words even in midst the depth of your thoughts, Ara. Hope we can connect in late December. Til then…

  4. shadowmoss Says:

    I live just a few feet away from a very busy highway, a major one. Here in Honduras there aren’t any interstates, just the 2 lane highways, and the one next to me is very busy with large trucks and buses and taxis with horns beeping. I truly am learning to ‘not hear’ it. Expectations play a large role. Back in WA I got upset at any noise from my neighbors. Here, I accept constant noise as normal. I look down at the armed guards at the entrance and see safety. Friends from home are alarmed that I live where armed guards are necessary. Different expectations. Strangely I am happier here than I was in WA.

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