I wonder who left the door open? Tucson. AZ

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

“When a moment knocks on the door of your Life, it is often no louder than the beating of your Heart, and it is very easy to miss it.” ~ Boris Pasternak ~


Same road, same coming to Tucson a couple days ago from a couple weeks past. But it is of a space of contrast this time around. New colors, new senses, new feelings. They are not hiding. Their colors are “pure and white”. Unconventional? Could it be the correct term or is it I myself are only adventuring on such path tasting it’s delight. Could it’s hues have a different complexion? One so much forgotten within those present times? A simple door suddenly appearing as a passage to an unknown arena having forgotten how pleasant it could be to share such days present. I have a lightness to my smile, there is a spark that has made it’s way into my Soul, there is another smile reflecting as with an even brighter beam sitting across from me. I cannot help wondering who left “that” door open. I can only think to please “do not lock it and throw away the key”.

Robin in hiding  
Robin and the BBQ  

I know I do not have the talent to express it all. To describe the present already so far away from a couple years ago when as two trains passing each other in the dark in Ely, and again merging their tracks in Bisbee, they are now on parallel rails for these days Robin and I are spending together. It is as we have attended the same School of Life and have taken in the same classes, sometimes failing, often graduating and yet never acquiring that ribbon that would set us free. Over a century of years coupled and pronounced with words not coming through fast enough for throughout this little time we have together this weekend. We are anchored to the present as firmly as possible as “future” is not here, we do not want it here only to savor the “nows” and the past is far gone, water under the bridge.  

All Souls Procession  

The big event in Tucson this weekend was the “All Souls Procession”, a late celebration of “The Day of the Dead” as attended a few days ago in Terlingua. Big crowds always expected, 20,000 and over, where do we park as afterwards we were as excited to be present for the grand finale, another ‘Flam Chen”. It seemed as the whole evening was orchestrated for us. Easy parking followed by a short walk to grab a bite to eat, another short walk to 4th street and as on cue we both felt the proper time to walk on to the stage and find ourselves in front row position within a crowd at least eventually 20 deep.

All Souls Procession  
All Souls Procession All Souls Procession
All Souls Procession All Souls Procession
All Souls Procession  

The crowd is really what made it for us. Respectful, friendly, behaved, my thoughts of being able to handle such numbers around me vanished very quickly as also all was mapped with smooth directions, enjoyable, and “enjoyed” we did. Low lights throughout the events even with a good lens was not conductive to the photos I wanted to take. Front row it was, but too many heads, a lens too short, I forgot about it all quickly to just enjoy for us the experience of it all. The Show was good, big production, live band reminding me a bit of Pink Floyd, a big white silk ball hanging from a crane above it all with dancers themselves often hanging as only from a silk scarf, floats from the procession coming and going and yet, compared to the “Flam Chen” in Bisbee from a couple weeks ago, entertaining fire dancers were absent and so was then the intimacy present. Bisbee again next year will be a must.

All Souls Procession  
All Souls Procession  
All Souls Procession  

Oddly enough my own next big event was the weekly Farmer’s Market near by. This is when I soften, when I realize how much of a compromise our Journey is, when such array of fresh ingredients and products are laid in front of me, when I also realize how little we could carry back to “The Oasis” on the hack. Field grown vegetables and fruit, Mesquite flour baked goods, a coffee roaster was present, a Kansas BBQ stand that would put to shame some of the best Texas BBQ, and the list went on and on as feeling like a kid in a toy store to only get a glance of it all. All the cooking I could do if living in such proximity! Sunday mornings would become a ritual, no doubt. We did eat well this weekend, cooked a bit, simple food but tasting right out of the ground. All is a compromise. We have what they do not have and vice versa. How could we ever combine both is the question.

Flea Market  
Flea Market  

Flea Market Flea Market
Flea Market  

Memories of taste! The local store soon is going to look pretty meager… And how did Mr Spirit do? My crazy Dog is at home everywhere we go. Robin is an animal lover and the care of her own Dog and Cat do show as such, and more. Miss Audrey was a bit shy, she also is a rescued person, we were sure as time went on they would warm up to each other. So sweet we almost took her with us… And the coolest Cat I have ever met, “Lovey” as her and I had many conversations unfortunately realizing she would not do so well in the company of Coyotes when Robin and Audrey some day come to visit us. Both so uplifting to the Heart, specially when Audrey and Spirit started playing a bit in the beautiful backyard present chasing balls and rubber sticks.

Audrey and Spirit  

Memorable times all around for I know all of us, all five of us! Now in Deming, New Mexico, waiting for mid morning temperatures to rise, Spirit and I have another 400 miles to ride and settle back into our own “Oasis” where I know the images of these past days will be replayed and missed. A warmth experienced, exchanges of thoughts, unfinished sentences from two minds reading each other’s with present parallel introspection,  uncomplicated times with one another, I cannot help wondering who opened this one door hidden for so long.

backyard backyard

Ara & Spirit

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6 Responses to “I wonder who left the door open? Tucson. AZ”

  1. Voni Says:

    sMiles all around!

  2. texascindy Says:

    You sound so happy, Ara! I hope this door remains open for a long time for you. Good things come to those who wait…Safe travels!

  3. Froggi Donna Says:

    My heart smiles for you….nuff said!

  4. mq01 Says:

    🙂 !!!

  5. Lyle Says:

    You are such an articulate philosopher, Ara.

    So many things in life are around for only a short time– the wonderful food at the Farmer’s Market, anything freshly harvested, sunsets, Indian summer, the company of good friends and soulmates, spring, rainbows, hummingbirds, shooting stars… but that makes us appreciate them even more. And we carry them in our memories — and maybe our hearts — always.

  6. Chessie Says:

    this blog always allows me to feel. That’s why I keep coming back. Thanks Ara.

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