So? Where do you live? NM

Monday, December 17th, 2018

“There are only two ways to live your Life. One is as through nothing is a miracle. The other is as through everything is a miracle”
~ Albert Einstein ~


IMG_0217 The photos are from a visit to Ft Stanton and the describing link has more information than I could ever have!

Odd loaded question? I am not asking it on a geographical level, but more to the point of a Spiritual question as having perceived some changes emanating from the responses of this Journal, responses which truly should not matter as always writing for myself, interminable ramblings, and yet, they have lately a different outlook. Or not! Analytical internet results are interesting. Sometimes as it is in this case. I am jumping a wall here putting myself in a situation and a writing I have rarely done before as questioning the readers of these pages. I am curious even though if I can perceive the answers. I find it to be a delicate subject since new to me, a subject which demands honesty as they all always have been more in this aspect than ever and yet needs to be diplomatically written, something I am not so good about!



I feel very strongly if we can imagine ourselves traveling on Life’s highway which such path having at least two levels we can be on at the same time. Quite often more. The most common one is its surface path. We are zipping in and out of it faster than ever on those speedy twelve lanes while impatience grows as we want everything now and we want everyone to also know now when we bit into that cheeseburger which its photo has now populated the Facebook and Instagram pages. It is the shiny new truck we have taken an eight year loan on and another one so we can add all the farkles it does not need but will get noticed by our neighbors and friends. Sorry, I am now getting a bit sarcastic and need to revert to a bit of diplomacy. But you get the picture… right?





I fully realize and have known for a long time that Spirit was the Star of these pages regardless if I wrote about him or not. His photos were sufficient to prove that since 15 years ago he was the pioneer of the sidecar dogs. I personally don’t even think he was a dog! Spirit is now unfortunately gone and I alone for now remain with only what I would call a shrine dedicated to him which stares at me every time I pass by it while being against a wall in the center of my living room. I have learned a lot from him and hopefully I will regain and never forget those lessons he has so generously given. The team is now broken up which leads me to more insights thoughts than ever. I feel as I am spending a lot of time on that other level beneath the popular surface. And writing about it.






Respectfully, and I insist, it does not matter to me if only one person reads these pages or none or a million. They are not the purpose, I have said it too many times. And yet, I do know how many come to these pages and interestingly enough looking at the analytical internet results which I glance at honestly maybe twice a year, I read out that the readership has shrunk. And that is okay with me. Of course it is okay. Am I wrong concluding that so few want to hear anything about that level below the surface? A level which is the centerpiece of this Life, the real seed of what has sprouted inside of us which no cover will ever be large and long and thick enough to hide it? I don’t pass judgements. What do I really know? truly not much and one reason why I am not on one of those choleric screaming with a bullhorn type of situation “I am right… and you are wrong…” as there is no such a thing. They are merely, to me anyhow, interesting observations. Is that being diplomatic enough?





That below the surface level I, maybe too often, adventure myself on while needing a powerful flashlight is a rocky and muddy path. It is a tough one. A realistic and honest in your face narrow and windy road which has been set aside with no major improvements ever to its own surface as so rarely it seems like traveled on. The speed limit is slow, the scenery is thoughtful if one took the time to realize its wealth at times hard to discern because of our today’s impatience. I don’t even think there is a single traffic sign with the word “now” posted. They are not the roads which lead to the surface highway. They keep us buried in the multitude thoughts they give us with one difference for some making the mind and awareness surrounding much richer and comprehensible as there are indeed times when I look around me and don’t understand a thing on how to navigate that surface highway while I take refuge beneath it all.





Understanding is a funny thing. Understanding where others in which space they are living. I personally do and at the same time too often don’t. It always brings up my internal question “are we all born the same or…?”. They are the little things which really should not matter in Life and probably only because I am retired and live in a house with nights and days totally free from occupations which are only mine to decide on, I end up observing my surroundings when out including people. I see what I never truly saw before and I must say that honestly it is if at times, even if sad to me, kind of a fun game. Why does this car at 90 mph burns the red light? Why do these people smoke cigarettes in their brand new cars? Why do they arrive at the check out counter with two dozen boxes of processed and frozen food, boxes which their contents are incomprehensibly written? Why do some people loudly enjoy inserting a profanity or two into every spoken phrase? All this is so silly maybe. Is it? That to me is the traffic on the main highway and to tell you the truth 99% of the time I don’t want any part of it even if and when in proximity. Maybe I need to look at myself in the mirror more often as I am sure that most likely others also think of me wondering about their own questions, see me a bit odd as I see them… and I need to lighten up!!! Of course I personally I will say, might be rude, I don’t care what people think of me. I am more often than not hiking on that rocky and muddy path. That is where I live. Where do you live?


Stay well,
               Ara and Spirit [R.I.P. 04/04/2018]

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15 Responses to “So? Where do you live? NM”

  1. David Says:

    Fort Myers, Florida. Right up the road from your old stomping grounds.

  2. A dame Says:

    I’m in lower AL, in an overpriced 5vr, cleaning the parks bathrooms wondering if I’ll afford the road life again or what trashy trailer park will I have to park at next or call my final resting spot. Retired I thought. Just found you, all good! When not encompassing some other doings, I might read you backwards cauz, cauz it’s good

  3. Steve Says:

    I suggest you dig in and take cover. Incoming verbal bombs or verbal grenades are going to be heavy.

  4. Barney Ward Says:

    Where do I live?

    Wherever I am at this moment!

  5. Ara & Spirit Says:

    I am smiling….

  6. Nicky Says:

    Have you ever seen someone gazing at a beautiful scene, or listening to beautiful music, and noticed their anxious facial and body expression change to a softer and relaxed one? Knowing that what we are immersed in affects us throughout our entire being, and that our limited immediate surroundings, and experiences, will not always be pain free or peaceful, I extend my mind’s landscape to include vast amounts of time and space. So I am seldom on the popular surface only path. The view of all eternity, within and beyond universes, must be ineffably wondrous, My part in it all will not only affect those closest to me, hopefully it will influence them in a way that frees them to spread whatever peace, kindness, and beauty they are capable of.

    What I find true, noble or lovely is important to me. My initial preference is not to tell someone my own beliefs, until they know me well enough to understand that I would not reject or harshly judge them because of choices they have made. As long as they are fulfilled and content with what they believe, I am happy for them.

  7. Serenity Says:

    I am mired in the swampland of south Louisiana trying to get to a life on the road. I wish I had words as eloquent as yours to describe my life, but I don’t. I do try to see the small miracles of nature where I am. I feel if I don’t I would just wither away. New Mexico is one of my favorite states. Keep writing and know that I enjoy reading your words. Enjoy life as it is and I hope to meet you in person some day.

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Keep your chin up Serenity and live the moment. Shut the door towards the “nay” sayers. Their paths are not leading anywhere! Thank You for writing and if ever around here let me know… Stay well, Ara

  9. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Very well said Nicky. The readers here by now know me well. I actually have a couple Friends on here that know me better than I know myself! It is amazing how they can remind me of some words I have written ten years ago even if today’s present has changed, as it has. Nature is indeed a miracle and I am so lucky to have the Mountains [9000′] starting a couple miles from here. Soon when these spine and dental procedures are over the hope is to get back to especially Utah’s wonders such as mainly Valley of the Gods! Your respect towards Life makes me happy and gives me hope that I am not the only one out there thinking as such… Stay well, stay in touch… Ara…

  10. Connie Says:

    I love your words. You have a way of putting down your words that makes it interesting to read. I was telling my husband that people drive so rude now. They always run stop lights, they don’t want to wait. They cut in front of me all the time. It is very irritating. I am retired too. I am at Disney world this week. People are nice to me for the most part. They offer me a seat if I get on a bus. They open doors for me. Anyway, I love your pictures and blog.

  11. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Dear Connie… So much has changed! I don’t know where all this is going and maybe I should not care considering I will not be around for the next 100 years for sure but, I just don’t know. Can a lot of good come out of all of this? I can only hope so… In the meantime enjoy yourself as much as possible! That is doable… Stay well. Ara

  12. john hinton Says:

    Catching up on your posts broaght me to this one… as you know life is a book with many chapters and at times very complex. it is funny how people are all in such a hurry and “seemingly” not siezing the moment even though we now live longer lives. I often ask myself what is wrong with them? Then I reflect and consider the thought they are simply in another world and that maybe there simply may be something wrong with me… ar least, to them…

  13. Ara & Spirit Says:

    There is nothing wrong with you John. We are, have been, living in a period of fast and faster changes while too many are only skimming the surface getting lost without knowing it taken away by those fast currants. Some of us try and do stay at the surface and for me anyhow is to revert back to the old “real” days of Human interactions. It is doable… Happy New Year. May all your wishes come through. Ara

  14. Katie Says:

    I reside in between. In between what was and what will be. Like you, I know loss all too well. I lost my husband … my closest friend and soul mate if there ever were such a thing … nearly 4 years ago. We met you at Terlingua once upon a Dia de los Muertos, inspired by your blogs, and then less than 3 months later he was gone. Erased from this world in the flash of an eye, at 39 years old. I’ve been lost since then, not knowing who I am as an individual that exists without him. I guess almost 4 years later, I’m still trying to figure that out. It’s quiet and lonely, and I miss our road adventures. We dreamed of figuring out how to simplify and live and travel as you did, escaping the noise and business of city life in Houston. But now without him, I see no escape in sight. I’m just trudging along… living a life that’s not really mine any more… just going through the motions til I figure out what’s next. It’s an ugly and miserable place to be in this nothingness. And yet I don’t think there is any future ahead either, none that I can enjoy. I close my eyes and live in the past. That is where I desperately long to reside now, but I’m stuck in between.

  15. Ara & Spirit Says:

    I am a bit speechless and at the same time content of you sharing your words. My Son Lance 16 years ago, my Dear Mother and best Friend five years ago, Spirit eight months ago… Life! We sure have not been prepared for it as such. I think they never finished the book because truly words of comfort do not work. I have heard then all as I am sure you also have. I feel your desperation, your loneliness but you have to hang in there… Happiness will never be what it was. It can’t be. What a lousy rule! Isn’t it? I will email you instead of going on here… My sincere thoughts of well being are with you. There is light in the tunnel, not very bright for sure but it is there… Ara

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