Santa Elena Canyon and some, BB Park, Texas

Friday, October 19th, 2007

When we left Terlingua Abaja, backtracking on the same road, the heat was starting to make its presence. A bit later I actually ran out of water, to my surprise Costollon (more on that little old village later) has a store which was a savior. 2 liters just did not do it, Spirit has 10 liters and always all set. And yes, sometimes I do drink his water…

The Canyon is visible from many miles, always a bit hazy on the horizon and the yellow line is the border with Mexico. I am looking into boarding Spirit one day and take up the rafting trip which is 9 miles through the Canyon. I have kind of a sad story about a conversation the other night with a River Guide… I have met quite a few of them, and this particular one, as I asked him how his day was, I knew, from his composure, must have had a few since getting off work, replied…

“Do you want the short version or the long version?” As I was left a bit speechless he went on to say “Here is the short version… it is just a bunch of rocks, and here is the long version… it was a Life changing experience and I have now decided that I would feed the hungry children of Africa and be a believer of all Religions”. Of course there is the other side of the coin, I am sure that he has to put up with many demands and expectations from inexperienced tourists, but regardless, the sadness is having the ability to be amongst incredible sights and sounds, what a great job, but truly as it seems disliking the experience… I just was not expecting the above answer! I will make sure when the day comes that it will be a different river guide…

A bit of shade was a welcome notion when we arrived near by the Rio Grande, right by a shallow river bank allowing a safe crossing in maybe just a few inches of water through an adjacent creek. Right across after a short walk through some a bit dark and dense vegetation, appeared some stairs which goes up the cliff and then down on the other side for a better view of the Canyon while on foot. I just did not make it to the end, the heat was intolerable, I will wait for cooler weather to make the hike again to the end for the better view.

The “Mule Ears” was another stop on the way back that day. It is a prominent landmark in Big Bend National Park and are found east of Tuff Canyon. They are two dikes that run parallel to each other with some country rocks between them, rocks that spanned at one time the two peaks. A “dike” is a vertical wall like structure that has formed as a result of magma being injected into the fracture of rocks. I am in the midst of learning the geological aspect of Big Bend Park which started 500 million years ago with the first major mountain building 300 million years ago. Will write about that also at a later date!

The sunsets here are always a great excuse to stop at the right time and contemplate the reflections against the mountains present, somehow after the one picture taken a few days ago from Sotol lookout which turned out, you told me so, really as a breathtaking view, the present ones seem not to be worthy of it! But it is the print of the day and all are filled with colors unlike anything else I have seen in a long time.

Another stop trying to avoid this pedestrian which changed directions when approached and decided to climb up some vegetation instead of going on his merry way!

It was a great day! Funny as I keep thinking… “just another day at the office”. I yet have so much to write about, a strange tour bus filled with German tourists… a great dinner at the Terlingua Crisis Center aka “the Cultural Center”… there is never a dull moment around here. Today I am going to visit my friend “Ring” who owns the store called “Many Stones”, it will be a treat… There is a motocycle dual sport AMA sanctioned ride this weekend… Spirit and I are getting ready for more hiking as… believe it or not… I finally had to use the HEATER this morning!!! Yes!!! Two thumbs up on that one… As a side note, the “archives” are done, if you click on it at the bottom of the banner you will see the titles and dates of the previous 198 Blogs!


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Thanks for staying aboard and be well…

Ara and Spirit

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2 Responses to “Santa Elena Canyon and some, BB Park, Texas”

  1. joe Says:

    I’ve never been to that part of Texas, but Ara your pics make me want to pop on down and have a look. I guess where you are will be on the list of places to winter once I retire, which is coming closer and closer every day. Pet Spirit for me.

  2. Nathan Wilmo Says:

    I just found your site. Love the idea and I’m happy it works for you. If you come threw south Arkansas. We’ll treat you right and maybe even get you out on the lake to catch some crappie. Live well & scratch the dogs ears. Peace

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