Old Maverick Rd, BB Park, Texas

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

It was another day in the Park doing a loop which starts with Old Maverick Road, the first turn off at the Park entrance. 14 miles of dirt road, coming back on the black top. A little jaunt to Terlingua Abaja, a not so good dirt road (!!!) where I found a really nice primitive campground, still a little too warm to take roots there.

But first “we” need to greatly “THANK” my friend Brian, yes again, for the new format of the website. His ideas have been brewing for weeks, I am the one always hesitant about changes only because this time the behind the scenes intricate manipulations were a total mystery to me. The “recipes” and “My First 100 Years” links are still under my control of publishing, I need to warn you that it will be a slow process… it truly takes time to design, write, proof and publish. I can honestly now say that I appreciate the work of website designers!

I am working on articles about our intricate rig, my photography, Spirit who is feeling pretty “chipper” lately (?) and many other ideas I have. Feel free yourselves to also submit ideas or articles with pictures. They are welcome…

This was the start of Old Maverick Road, so yes, I changed hat, have to look the part you know! But full face helmet always remains when riding… just so you know, even in this State of Texas where wearing a helmet is not a law. The driving, riding, is an easy one on this road, and the 4 x 4 sign really only applies when it rains, when the road will be as slippery as an ice skating ring.

The Google Earth Map should give you an idea as to were we were compared to the camera picture, sometimes crossing dry creek beds, the emphasize again is… don’t do it when it rains.

Is it his picture? He looks like such a cool guy, nice smile and happy. He had to be happy since he lived till 108! I feel like being a century too late here, he passed away one year before I was born. I would have loved to meet him, his family, can you just imagine yourself spending the evening in front of his Luna, cooking by the fire and listening to the many stories I am sure he had? The coyotes howling in the background and the bats missing us by mere inches. Priceless.

It amazes me again that we had ridden by the Luna a few times before. I remember stopping for “one” picture. Somehow at the time the emphasize was still on the riding, it must have been. Such mind and awareness changes in one year… I can just imagine, actually I cannot and will not, what it will be after we are on the road for ten years.

Built near by Alamo Creek and getting the shade of the adjacent hills, the back wall of the Luna is this big rock providing even more insulation. I have been thinking about “land” lately… a little piece of it which I could call “mine” just for the sake of it, something to come back to once in a while. There is still much inexpensive land around here. Might not be accessible in all weather and definitely would not have electric or water on it… but if it ever happened, this is the path I would take to built something as a roof over our heads!

“Man has taken a heavy toll on this land”… That is what the sign said at our next stop “Terlingua Abaja” What a sad statement and should give much understanding toward the Park’s efforts to preserve this magical region. I read much criticism toward the Parks rules and regulations, including in the near past my own regarding dogs not being allowed on trails. I have come to much understanding toward those matters, already pollution brought by the winds from the factories across the near by border is ruining the air, we cannot loose the little remains we have left here and within this country.

Santa Elena Canyon can be seen from this picture, but we have run out of space for today, will see those pictures next time. So much to see and experience! Maybe the cooler weather will make its mark soon so we can spend even more time exploring… and feeling!

You be well… Life goes on here… I don’t know if you realize that we have been here one month now and have no clues as to when we will leave. Bored yet?… We are not!


You contributions more than ever are keeping this site alive. If reading it is worth $1 a month… Each of you can make a difference on how long this will last… the PayPal (contribution) button is above to the right… snail mail address is below. We always “thank you”.

Ara Gureghian

853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245

Naples, Florida 34108


Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “Old Maverick Rd, BB Park, Texas”

  1. Garry Says:

    Man I am so glad George and you met up and I started following your Blog. I love you photos and am intriged by your writing style.


  2. Allen Says:

    I love the new look and feel of the site my friend. Again, I sit in a bit of jealousy of your riding and exploring.


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