Of Motorcycle cops… Roast Beef Po-Boy and… more riders.

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Saturday, November 4th 2006

It seems that yesterday, an all day Friday… was a tech day getting the bikes ready for the weekend… suddenly much to attend… specially Walt’s V Strom needing turn signals, new windshield, fairing, grips… you name it… we finished it all… well… he did!… I just held the parts when needed… and sometimes when not needed!Imgp0445

Saturday was going to be an all riding day as we left at 7am headed toward Baton Rouge, LA. Yes, it was cool and heated clothing must be the invention of the century, no doubt about that! Walt leading as the roads are unfamiliar to me, GPS or no GPS it is all the same… a bit old fashioned and still getting lost often enough to make the day interesting…

The Motorcycle show was great and for more text and pictures go to SmugMug… don’t forget to view in the "Journal" mode… upper right hand corner in the "style" option…

Enjoy… we did!… Spirit and Ara

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One Response to “Of Motorcycle cops… Roast Beef Po-Boy and… more riders.”

  1. David and Lucy Crook Says:

    Ara, Man-O-man! We are having a blast following your incredible BLOG. I don’t know what BLOG really means but, when it applies to your adventure it means — Very Interesting and Entertaining. You have a way with words and food… Hope to see you again someday but until then… We will follow you on the world wide web…

    1995 R1100GS and a new Coachmen Class C motorhome with a trailer to haul our toys :u)

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