Getting situated…

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Getting situated…

My friend and host… Walt is coming home today… working off shore on an oil rig, far off the coast of Louisiana, I can just imagine what a 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off schedule would be like… no traffic to deal with… only steps to get to work… I understand that fresh tuna even sometimes makes it to the platform… a helicopter ride back and forth from and to…  Imgp0366_1 It has been a full day… taking us way past midnight!… For the rest of the story and pictures check out my favorite… SmuMug… just  make sure that "style" in the upper right hand corner is set on "Journal"… hope you enjoy…

Ara and Spirit…                                                                      

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One Response to “Getting situated…”

  1. flux Says:

    I love how in every single picture of Spirit he has that totally relaxed feeling. It looks like he is adjusting well. Glad to see it.

    Cool how those fellow campers invited you to their dinner. That is what you call Southern Hospitality, mon ami. I cannot tell you how many beers we have shared with neighbors at campsites. In my opinion, only laid back people camp. The more shallow folks stay in the city.

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