More Rodeo days… OR

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Just in time it seems like, the last horse carrier has left, the Carnival has been disassembled, everyone has gone home… before the storm upon us unleashes from the darkness of its clouds. Again we are by ourselves and the images have not left my mind yet, it is a rest day for us. With just a week left before we head south to Texas I am trying to decipher the route that we will take, and then again… the question is “why”? With much exploring here as there has been, somehow I am ready for some more great adventures!… and I am sure that Spirit is also.

The auction was yesterday morning, this prize winning lamb went for $8 a pound… and this short eared goat, well, I admit that he was making me laugh for quite a while… are you yet?… it must be the funniest face I have seen in a while!

There was even a mock showing of the livestock by the parents, a real comedy show with everyone, including the kids that chose who would present. Great entertainment… It was down to two, a father and daughter… my neighbors for the weekend! She won… and we all told him he had a lot to learn from her.

The rodeo itself was an eye opener for me. It started with the kids riding lambs… this little guy was the best! Even if he wiped out before the bell… he hanged in there for quite a while. There was another rider where again the little guy would not let go and the lamb just ran into the fence at full speed, ambulance was send, but he was alright. The children are so well represented here… it is so much a family affair.

Mother and daughter riding…

Father and son getting off the arena…

Little friends spending the afternoon together…

A “Princess” (that is what she is called) looking for her friends…

And the adults working hard at roping!

Almost forgot about the watermelon seed spitting contest!!!

It was then time for one more event, the parade. You would think a little town of 350 would not have a great parade… wrong! There were even a few riders that arrived for the occasion after having fun on Hwy 39 from Joseph. There were also 3 riders from Georgia I was told, I barely saw their bikes as they were pulling out… afraid of boredom maybe?… they obviously did not take the time, or did not have the time to smell the roses!

Everyone here is getting ready for the winter. The snowmobiles are getting fresh oil and being tuned up. The barns and the sides of the roads are filled with hay for the winter feed of the livestock. How strange to know that it will not be too long before there will be a few feet of snow on the ground. Cords of wood are pilled up by the homes for winter heat… this town has everything under control.

I feel as I have taken roots for the such small time we have been here. I think some of the locals even think we live here! It has been peaceful, serene, it is a “waiving” town by the way… everyone waives at everyone!… and I started waiving now at everyone before they even do! There seem to be a connection with most as everyone knows each other.

This is one town that pretty much has remained untouched by tourism, the road does not even come through here! You need to make a turn which ever way you come and drive a couple miles to get here… it is halfway from everywhere!

I hope you have enjoyed these few pages and pictures, as a friend wrote, this is the Soul of Western America… I like it and I will miss it… too bad we cannot be in a few places at the same time!!!

You be well…

Ara & Spirit


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2 Responses to “More Rodeo days… OR”

  1. Kristina Hall Says:

    Fantastic pictures Ara!! You really captured a wonderful piece of Americana—it is so great to see children outside and interacting with animals and friends and parents. Almost a lost art! Thanks so much for getting into the faces and horses and goats eyes on this one.

    Scratch behind the ears to Spirt~~~~

  2. Tim Bowman Says:


    Halfway is one of my favorite places to visit along with FS39, Hells Canyon Lookout Point, OREGON 3 and WA 129. My wife was just in her hometown of Colfax, WA which is just north of Halfway for a weekend Threshing Bee. She had a good time there while I was riding the dirt roads 1/2 way around the Olympic Peninsula.


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