Under the weather… OR

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Oh!… The little bacterias must have anonymously decided to have a night out camping in my throat! I know they have built a fire and most likely even roasting some marshmallows. I just wish they hadn’t taken a hike into my brain and left it hurting from being stepped on. Suddenly the day feels like the frames of this movie called “today” are moving in slow motion… with the gear scrapping the film scratching the celluloid with each pass. All things must pass they say… I say anyhow… this will too! In the meantime…not going anywhere. Random pictures of Halfway…

It seems like sometimes even my living for “now” way of life just shows me wrong… a wrong that makes it right. The hesitations start building up as to what to do next without disturbing the flow of the path I am on! A few days ago, on my way up to Fish lake, I came across this trailer parked in a yard. I turned around to take some pictures of it, I had never heard of this website… or such organization.

I end up looking at their website and send out an e mail that I would love to meet them, anyone trying to raise the awareness of drivers toward motorcyclists is definitely worth one’s time. A lady named Briana answered me within a couple days, stating that she works at the Bank in town and would love to meet me. Her husband Jeremy, he mother Kate and her, through the sale of T Shirts and stickers raise money for different motorcycle awareness activities around the country. The message is clear… the message is on the T Shirts and stickers.

After meeting up a couple times, really bumping into each other, remember, small town here… we decided to have dinner together last night, also in the company of Kate, her mother. In the meantime, having a conversation with a local merchant, the subject somehow went on motorcycle accidents and I was told the story of this lady rider, about 4 years ago, about her husband getting hit right in front of her by an SUV making a quick turn and killing him.

A wonderful family I am told, where even the lady’s daughter started dating her husband’s son… As I am getting ready to step outside, telling the merchant, Nancy, that I need to go to the Bank to see Brianna… she tells me with big eyes… “that is her daughter”! and of course Kate is her mother and Jeremy is her late husband‘s son. And the story all comes together as I am having dinner with all three of them last night, a really nice time filled with, you can imagine, great conversations.

The next step is that I am by then feeling really lousy. My throat is burning, sinuses clogged up, I know that I will barely make it back and still be filled with any kind of sanity. Luckily I was not riding as the Restaurant, Hells Canyon Inn, great home cooked food by the way, was in Oxbow, about 15 miles away and Spirit and I caught a ride with Briana and Jeremy. By now I am thinking where am I going to go to get some medical attention… nowhere! Kate is a physician’s assistant, she works in Baker City, and will be bringing me a Z Pack around 6pm tonight, which I have been prescribed before and will get me right back on my feet! Karma?…

Remember when we were camping by Lake Isabella with a Pharmacist friend of mine, came down with a kidney infection, and he had with him the right amount of medication for 7 days to take care of it and clear it up… I just don’t know what to say…

On the same path… some Internet trouble started arising a few days ago. Speeds slower than Dial Up or complete halt. On and off… Finally this morning I decided to call Hughes.Net, after posting my trouble on the Dish owners Forum (yes! there is a Forum for every subject…). We went around and around for a couple hours, great service, I got to talk to India and finally the A team in Fort Lauderdale, USA… and after many tests, well, I needed a professional to come up and with his special tools to determine what was wrong with the physical aspect of my Dish… Right! Here in Halfway… no such person for miles and miles.

So once again I am put in front of a situation where I have to leave an area early, the reasons in the past always being a break down on the rig, now the Dish. So… I am making a new route that will go through Sacramento, stay somewhere with WI FI where I could also meet my friend Brian to get a tutorial on how to set up web pages. More phone calls… start some research… already cannot think too clearly with a head feeling like and exploding balloon… decided to try the Dish one more time after 3 frustrating days… and NOW… we are at lightning speeds! I think the A Team was wrong… I think the problems has been with Hughes Network… who knows what is happening out there in the skies…

Moral of the story… stories… there has to be some interventions happening besides my doings, I need sometimes to just sit tight and wait and wait, as one never knows… Karma will take care of the situation!!!

Back to bed now!!!

Be well… Ara & Spirit


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2 Responses to “Under the weather… OR”

  1. Kristina Hall Says:

    Sorry to hear that you are under the weather:(( Makes trraveling so much harder. Drink your herbal teas, dude you need to rest! and get geared up for the long trek to the Texas Borderr.

  2. Allen Says:

    So I am guessing that Halfway, Oregon was the orginator of my favorite used book trading site half.com (which Ebay bought and is now half.ebay.com)? Really cool. I am amazed how reading someone elses blog of their life adventures crosses my life adventures.

    I managed to get the creeping crud here in Atlanta as well. Wishing you well.

    Allen “Peacemaker”

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