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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Gooooooooooood Morning!

My feet are trying to thaw out this morning… my bottle of propane ran out at 4am… it was 30 degrees outside… I had to go and find and electric coffee maker to lube this old body into some movements… my dog is snoring and stinks… but this is a great morning and is going to be a great day… I don’t have a commute… my phone will not ring… and my schedule is wide open!Knight2

My missing limb is back in its socket… in other words… my rig is put back together… my Friend and mechanical mentor Walt arrived back from work yesterday and it was not long after that "we"… started the motions to replace the broken parts! Hebert BMW from Baton Rouge, LA, was kind enough to set me up with many size bolts and nuts that I might need… and did… but of course… my doing… I never checked the proper length of the main long stud that traverses the engine holding one of the arm barrels… No biggie… the wrong part was rethreaded to its proper configuration, actually making the mount stronger than ever… as they say… I will slap the tank back on in a couple hours… and I am ready to rock and roll!… again… The rig was left out this morning… in reach of Spirit… when I came back he was laying in it… his memory of our ride through the Sugar Cane fields must have vanished!

Tomorrow is the Big Feast… It seems like it is going to be an Italian style Thanksgiving… and I cannot miss it… I know I will stay out of the way of the Italian women cooking… maybe I can learn something… I am on a starvation mode today, I need to put a lock on my mouth only to unlock it tomorrow in due time and still try to restrain myself!

Again I was looking through my pictures and realized my desire to go back to so many places that I feel I just flew through… I thought I would share those thoughts today… and these are just a few!… wet your appetite for what is yet come, the beauty of it is… in your own backyard!

The more I use SmugMug, the more I like it… just make sure your "style setting" is on "Journal"… you will get the full effect!


*STYLE setting on SmugMug is on the top R of the page

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