My Crawfish run… in Louisiana.

Monday, November 27th, 2006

It does not get much better than this… I still have not made it to Texas… changes… why not… no schedule… I am now allowed to do so, or not to do so! I am in New Iberia, Louisiana. Seems like I am never going to leave this State… at least I know that I will never go hungry…  It is morning as I am posting this… a great ride and experience from yesterday… but my mind is already on lunch!… The weather has been cooperative, the rig is running good, I feel healthy and.. overweight. I have decided to spend 5 more days here, visiting friends and everything that surrounds me… including cooking a couple dinners for them. Can’t loose my touch in the kitchen… My Blogging format is still not finalized… my own website is still under construction… and somehow I feel Christmas right around the corner… with no plans what so ever… Oh! well… might be a quiet one in some woods celebrating with Mother Nature this year… Imgp0726 You can find my story on SmuMug… set the upper right hand corner "style" to "journal" and you will have the whole story and pictures…

Till then… be well… Ara and Spirit.

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One Response to “My Crawfish run… in Louisiana.”

  1. Bill Heldenbrand Says:

    ok Ara whats the password for smugmug? Good shot of the crawfish before you ate them.

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