Back to Gila Bend, AZ.

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007





It was a mental struggle last week for the fact that acquiring my own Internet communication device in the form of a Dish (36lbs total) raised much emotions about the route this Journey was taking. Having always been on two wheels, this caravan seemed like a lot to handle, and at the same time living on the road has been making a deeper imprint on my permanent life compared to just traveling. I received many comments, they are always welcomed by the way… even it you are right!… “a smiley here!” and the final consequence has been to continue as is… with this addition.

One of the most profound comments regarding this subject was written by “Macrobe”, who also keeps a Blog of her own path on the road of her daily life… and, as much as her train of tought might differ from mine on this subject, they have both have the same end result meaning. Modern technology has a way to sometimes hinder the delivery of one’s own deep personal thoughts… it is like an anchor that sometimes we hang on to, constantly pulling up and dropping it back down. The peace, silence and serenity can be disturbed by such technology and a simple journal, hand written, or tape recorder becomes a simple extension of thoughts one wants to convey to. And on that thought, I totally agree with Macrobe… but she gets to go home as most do… to finish the exchange… to indeed use that said modern technology and get her message across with her final writings, as I do… The big difference is… I do not get to go home… “this” is my home… to convey my thoughts… my writings… my pictures… I have to find a connection and where else than in a city, or near by… when I can have my own communication device “anywhere” and stay in the wilderness for days at the time, being right now self contained for just about ten days… The screen, the keyboard, the modem… they are all left alone… only when it is time to communicate… they do come in handy through this lifestyle… Thanks for the thoughts Macrobe. The phone is ditched… the keyboard… all… out of my sight… only when needed!… I understand and share…

Wes… glad to be an uplifting reason when on the path of your daily life… come on and join! There is much space…

We played a bit Saturday afternoon… there always be a dirt road going up some mountain even near by a town… this one was in the shape of a roller coaster…


… With some dips better than others!

We left Needles Sunday morning, the road are always quiet that day of the week in the early hours, and crossing the State Line into Arizona, we took 95 south to a town called Parker.

Lake Havasu city was ahead of it… where I could see the attraction as the Colorado river widens and the scenery changes to a rougher mountain profile.

It was a nice ride, much BLM lands I noticed to be explored on the way back, including Parker Dam… many trailers along the river however have ruined the sights and the natural beauty of the area. I know, people have to live somewhere… sheltered from the northern climate… thousands of retirees have found a nest to spend the winter.

With the scenery of the Cactus Plains on our left, we started heading east on 72, the weather was warm… hot, I even had to put the air conditioner on for a while as Spirit was starting to pant… I can always blame him for my comfort!… and eventually made it to the infamous Highway 10… moving eastward, finally to 85 south which took us to Highway 8 where Gila Bend is… at it’s intersection, another no traffic light little town.

Tonight is the end of my first training day by Scott… an incredibly patient instructor with an incredible knowledge of such matters. No one I think could have made it so easy and so smooth for me! And it is really not that hard… leveling the tripod, setting your elevation, skew and azimuth!… A very nice set up… and tonight, for the first time I am on my own Dish… a portable one that is!…

More of the same tomorrow… take it down and put it up a few times… finding a new latitude and longitude for every set up which gives the final numbers in the end result. That little box is my new friend ‘OPI”… it gives me the strength of the signal once connected… without having to run in and out of the camper to know its strength!

Am I excited about all this?… yes… unlike last week, when I saw the consequences in a much darker color. I simply call it the “freedom” of communication on my own terms… wherever I am… whenever it is that time!

I will be looking into a web cam sometime soon, maybe even on my way back… let you see in real time the natural wonders this beautiful country has to offer us… right under our nose…

Till then… wish me luck and a clear mind to assimilate all this knowledge that is being thrown at me… smoothly… but with much content!

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “Back to Gila Bend, AZ.”

  1. allen madding Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but there is something “homey” about the looks of an rv and a dish out in the middle of nowhere! I love it. Spirit looks like he is looking at the dish and contemplating a blog of his own. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Those of us having to toil in the mundane are daily inspired by your journals!

    ride safe…

  2. geode Says:

    I have a webcam, and sometimes leave it on for people to watch the wildlife and the pond here. They seem to like it. And it feels nice to share a bit of this place.

    be well, g

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