In transit to Joshua Tree NP, CA.

Thursday, February 8th, 2007





Not an early rise today… (I am a day behind… behind what?), it took a little while to figure where this dismantled Dish is going to go! Every piece, or just about, comes apart and the Dish itself has been sitting on the soft benches, custom fit. First thing in the morning I went over the set up one more time, everything is on tape and paper! Can I mess up?… of course I can… and as I am writing this from Joshua Tree (wait till you see this place!!!), I had no more questions for Barbara and Scott, just many thanks for the great way they have handled this training, purchase… I have some new friends! And how can I forget Tinker… their little Chihuahua… Spirit sure wanted a new girl friend… it just did not work out this time!

Jerry Feldner, from the Desert Forum, was coming up or down… from Phoenix to meet me for lunch… or even show me around. It is always so great to put a face on a name we communicate with. While I waited, a short walk through Gila Bend… mainly to check out the Space Age restaurant and lodge… heard the food is indeed tasting as from out of space… the local rumor anyhow!

An interesting Gallery across the street adorning an angry chicken… many other home made Artifacts made out of tin and welded together… some painted and some left to rust.

Was past noon when Jerry arrived, lunch it was, not for me… I cannot eat while I am traveling. Much to talk about… other members he had met, their eccentricities… their hobbies… all members are Desert lovers of one kind or another, and, as other regional Forums, they have helped me tremendously finding some of the most interesting sites. A French couple, resident in Phoenix, was seating next to us… he happens to own the same motorcycle as I do… and his Father happens to be the “guru” of sidecars in France… You guessed it… much much more chatter!


My goal was to make it to the south side of the Joshua Tree National Park… 4 BLM areas, seems like two nice ones north of Hwy #10, right by the Park Boundaries… Mojave Preserve will have to wait for another time, even though anxious to go back… have not even scratched the surface!… A quick stop in Blythe… I thought would be quick anyhow… which did not happen either and by the time we head out to cover the last 100 miles or so… it was sunset time…

This above had to be the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen… do I say that every time?… This picture is the way it was taken… untouched!

And this one was the backside of it… and yes… I did stop on the freeway to take them!… I will take any step necessary for pictures…

What are the chances for both low beams to be burned out?… the back of the Bronco is raised a bit because of the air bags… so will drive with the high beams on… Now I understand it might be the switch… what switch? Is there a low beam / high beam gizmo that can go bad?

So we never made it to the exit… I was not going to look for land in the dark anyhow… we stopped in Desert Center, one gas station, one Café… and… quite a Park that I found also.

Average age… 92… well, it was dark so most must have been passed out or asleep… I hope I make it that far up in numbers… but please… don’t let me live as a sardine in a can of trailer park.

Early up… and as I write this… we are in Joshua Tree National Park. The BLM land was too close to the Freeway… right here, $5 a night… smack in the middle of the Park, no water, no electric… deserted today… this is just too beautiful and… and… the Internet Dish obviously is working! This is just too cool as there is no cell signal… the Ranger themselves only have solar power and no phone either! A little bit of stumbling at first, forgot to level the unit… but with a signal of 86 over 100… I am happy with this technology… Now I have to work on being able to be self contained for a couple weeks! Just to show you my own world with my own Soul with no interruption from the big cities!!!

Special Thanks to Jerry for his drive to come and see us… your French is great by the way… 

And till tomorrow… you be well… we are!

Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “In transit to Joshua Tree NP, CA.”

  1. Bill Haile (Fitty) Says:

    Just letting you know again how much I eagerly look forward to each new addition to your blog. I’m having a wonderful time traveling along with you. You continue to make my days.

    Fitty in Baton Rouge

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