Back in Seattle… reunited!

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Does this all makes senses?… I sure hope so! Arriving last evening after a 2500 mile drive, overloaded with “stuff” to do… my first task today was to sleep… and sleep some more! As I pulled in, I see the welcome committee down to two… Andy and Spirit… engine is off, no need to go toward him as he runs toward me… another “feel good” moment. Amazing… just amazing… my shadow, my buddy was again by me! I think he was a bit angry… dogs do that too you know!… and today he is not leaving my sight, not that I would want him to or need to! Hope the word “never” can be applied here as in “never again”!

He is very quickly introduced to his new home… not a care for engine, color, size and any addition to our comfort, he chooses HIS spot! He is done… under his watchful eye however every time I come in and out… He has that ability to keep his eyes half way open and follow my movements… scrutiny in its best form!

This drive back has made me wonder where our next route will take us, and my thoughts have been to head back toward East for a while from here, same route except off the Highways… Wyoming, Montana, Wisconsin, Idaho… did I miss one?… all just such beautiful States! And that was just from seeing it from Hwy 90! Maybe just wander without any destination with only the tips generally given by locals seeing us. Be surprised… it always has been good in the past.

This trip became different very quickly as immediately I felt stripped from what normally I am surrounded with. No Spirit, no rig, not even a worthy Internet connection as my air card does not fit in this laptop… and I realized what normally my entity has been going down the roads these pasts months. I saw many bikers that I probably would have waived to… many dogs taken on a walk by their buddy I would have also talked to… But it did not happen! I was an RV’er… plainly and simply! I did, at a rest area, take pictures of this GS and a couple laying down on the grass… and we talked! There was no “obvious” signs that I also was rider… of course not… I had to introduce myself, and glad that I did… they turned out to be Susie and Tony from Everett, WA… on their last leg of a 900+ mile day from Yellowstone! Hope you guys made it home safely.


I had to introduce myself again when I saw two dogs being walked when stopped at a gas station… it just was not the same… Of course one can think, unless I had a big sign… right? As I said quite different being stripped from it all… do we remain the same? And talking about being stripped… THIS is what was waiting for me… Yes, the garage door was closed initially… Andy needed to change the spark plugs… he said! Here I am… leaving, trusting my rig with a friend… and the result?… does it even look like a bike anymore?

All jokes aside… this is the best thing that has happened to us since we left as more, just a couple, weak points were found… very weak I might add… There is no way, unless one is as skilled as Andy, those weak links would have been found and, the certainty for some serious damage down the road would have been a sure thing! His vacation dedicated to the rig has not even started yet… Wednesday… I can just imagine how quickly all is going to be done as the list is long!… including some sanding and painting… realigning it all… you name it! How lucky can we be?

In the meantime, one of my task is moving… from one vehicle to another. Parked to each other so close I cannot help feeling a sense of guilt toward the Bronco that has carried us for the past nine months! I have to sell it… (anyone?…) she has been a special vehicle, has seen a lot of roads that normally a vehicle would not see, never missed a beat besides a new fuel pump… she has aged well with 192000 miles on her! I am hoping to get to know the new owner and follow her next adventures, I doubt it is going to happen that way as I will leave her in consignment here.

To answer some e mails here… yes, the Micro Cooking will continue… more than ever actually. My counter space is not that much bigger than previous. The big advantage is the storage of food… one pan deals as always… will actually run to the store tomorrow! Will the fact that we will have this RV as a home base will mean that we will not roughing it anymore?… definitely not! What is roughing it? Same Journey… and hot water!!! Not having the same clearance as the Bronco is not going to stop me from searching for those isolated places… it just means we might not be able to get in as “deep” as previously… Lets put it this way, I never had to use the four wheel drive on the Bronco and I figured with this vehicle having 4 tires in the rear and a V10 (6.7 Liter engine ‘?’) I should be able to get around without loosing too much of what is underneath!

Well, that is about it for today… maybe more sleep in a few… the weather is not cooperating to brings things over, even the dogs are hiding! By the way… in case you did not know, this is Tyson… how can you resist the face!!! Hey “Lucy”… things are kind of getting serious here…

You miss the outdoor pictures?… I do to… but this needs to be done if we want more of this life on the road, it is not just about the rig but meeting some wonderful new friends as also Spirit has…

You be well…

Beemerchef is for hire if and when in your area…

Ara and a Happy Spirit…

And again, I need to write, and ask… is reading this Blog worth $1 a month to you? No… you will not be paying for the RV!!! (funny… but I have already been asked!)This is a fund set aside for Blog expenses and future plans of it… No PayPal? Here is our Snail Mail address…

Ara Gureghian

853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245

Naples Fl 34108

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2 Responses to “Back in Seattle… reunited!”

  1. joe Says:

    Congrats on the new rig. I see Spirit already has his place scoped out. I think you’ll be happy with the bigger rig. A little more comfort and convience never hurt anyone. Ride safe. Pet Spirit for me.

  2. jean Says:

    hi, Chef Ara i hope you are doing good. i want to tell you Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
    God bless you for every things you did.
    be well

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