On the way back to Seattle… alone!

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

As I am finally regaining usage of my right hand this evening, looking at my map for the long 1100 miles left to Seattle, I cannot help, regardless, thinking about all the good that has trickled down sometimes on an hourly basis. I know that I mentioned a couple times “this’ Birthday present, not as a celebration for my birth occurring 59 years ago… but more as a celebration of a gesture that an 80 year old mother would do for her son.

Yes, you will meet her soon as she will come and spend some time with us, it was an incredible thought that will effect this Journey in more ways than one. I imagine her not being able to withstand the thought anymore of us living within a home base measuring 6’ x 6’, without a shower and restroom facilities, the offer to switch to a more substantial RV was made to me about 3 months ago, with of course a certain budget parameter…

And the search had then started, the brands, the floor plan that would suit us the best, mainly the size and the cost. The Bronco has been an incredible vehicle with the ability to go places, specially off road, away from the main stream. This will not match it in that regard, but isn’t everything just a compromise? After much research, I settled on a 23 footer, the smallest size available after a conversion van. The floor plan? Kitchen in the rear, versus a queen size bed in the rear loosing seating area in the front. 7 years old and immaculate, worth the extra effort of the long haul.

Overwhelmed? Of course I am overwhelmed! This is like a little studio… a giant home to me and cannot wait to see Spirit taking up a “favorite spot”! I hope that yet, small enough to go to my usual places, even having lost some clearance, it will open up many different aspects of life as never before! A sofa that sits 3… turning into a bed! A dinette set that sits 4… turning into a bed… my own bed on top of the cab! A generator, nice size refrigerator, a freezer, a full bathroom with shower, mega storage space including outside storage, windows with blinds and curtains… air conditioner and heater… I know, all the basics that most of you probably don’t even think about… but for me, after 9 months on the road, 6 months a year in a tent for the past many years… well… let me tell you… this is outmost ‘luxury’!

The cooking will be done with more ease, storing food ingredients will be abundant, even cooking for Spirit will be I know more frequent! Entertaining, having my friends over and friends to be, was always a big obstacle for me. Being able to say… “would you join me for dinner” has been on the tip of my tongue these past days… who will be first???

I arrived Monday afternoon, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Midway RV Center came to pick me up from the airport, a young man “Brad”, pleasant as it could be… taking me to have first glance at this new home, after meeting my contact “Chad”! We have been corresponding for quite a few weeks, flawlessly, never missing a beat, all questions always answered, and it was great to finally meet the face behind the e mails and the phone calls!

The unit was more than what I even expected for being 7 years old! It must have been stored inside I was told!… and barely driven. All was as said, having also been checked by an independent mechanic a couple weeks ago. Being late in the day I was offered to stay hooked up on their lot waiting for a tutorial the next morning before the long ride back…

One big family here that took care of me… considering that the sale of my unit was a mere fraction of the big bus like units that crowded their lot and showroom, I felt the service being even more outstanding… I could have spend 10 times the $ amount that I did… try 30 times for some… I would not have been treated any better! Yes, considering that everyone has been here for 10 years and more… I cannot speak highly enough for this gem of a dealer!

As for after my hand surgery, yes, infection took place in a bad way… an unexpected event, I called Chad for help with the logistics of camping… being driven to the Pharmacy, again was offered my spot on the parking lot with hook ups for as long as I needed… a closer friend would have not done more! Most everyone is so quick to complain about bad service… one should also compliment the good when it presents itself.

So here I am… half way back, torn inside by the constant thought of Spirit missing me as I miss him, anticipating that moment when we again will be together and the big hug I will give him followed I know by his big sigh of relief… This has been the first time we are apart, hopefully the last time… I don’t know if I can go through this again! And only today I started thinking if I could have him flown with me?… Two more days… Had some great news from the kennel today… again he was too busy playing to get on the phone… they will let him know however that I called! I just hope that he still wants to travel…

Much to do yet ahead… much with the rig! One day at the time, one task at the time… “perseverance” it will take before being able to reach those vast lands again and blend back in with Mother Nature. As Andy said the other day… “this is a good time to fully clean house before taking off again”. And how right he is considering the time we have been living on the road, which actually seems like being just a few weeks… It has just began! The excitement to explore and experience it daily is stronger than ever… with such a great addition, I can and will be able to actually cook for others now! Come and visit! Will be waiting…

I have not been able to find an internet connection now for a couple days… I had missed writing!… have still many e mails to answer which I will do upon my return… Thanks for your patience… The road actually has been very scenic, Wisconsin is a beautiful State, and tonight I am writing this from South Dakota. (I want to say ‘we’!!!), I have been just driving away… stopping last night in a rest area sleeping a bit… ran the gen set amongst all the parked truckers to run my air for a while, make some coffee!… This is a Palace everyone!!!

This is what I have “been” doing… my mind however has been a bit more complex… Father’s Day was a hard one, eased a lot with Andy and his family’s company over a gracious and wonderful dinner, but Monday, I received the news that a friend of mine had just lost his beautiful and young daughter to a car accident on the same Father‘s Day. There are truly never any words to express one’s feelings… none, trust me. And since, even more, my thoughts have not left “that” place that goes deep into the span and meaning of life. Please have a kind moment for Paul… he will hear you and needs you. We are all “friends” here.

You all be well…

BeemerChef is for hire if and when in your area…

Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “On the way back to Seattle… alone!”

  1. Kano Says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us. I will come back to check on your progress for sure.

  2. Suzanne Mcguire Says:

    Truly overwhelmed by the beautiful scenes and description of the journey. “One day at the time, one task at the time… “perseverance” it will take before being able to reach those vast lands again and blend back in with Mother Nature.” With RV motorhomes at one’s side, we can really undertake those adventurous journeys that can result in discovering the remote corners of nature.

  3. Linda Says:

    I posted a comment a couple days ago, it didn’t save I guess. Glad your healing up. Great new yacht on wheels you have there Ara. Spirit will be thrilled with his new digs. Stay safe and continue to heal. Andy appears to be taking real good care of your contraption back in Seattle and learning about the ol’ farts on Claude’s site…LOL


  4. Michael and Sandra Says:

    Congrats Ara,

    Looks like a fine new home. I’m sure you and Spirit will enjoy it. A mansion on wheels. Life is good, yes? Sandra and I are presently in San Diego helping out a friend. I wish you and Spirit continued good luck in your travels and adventures.

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