About packing and how we live…

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

I could not help posting this sunset again… it just amazes me! Again not an early start, the days now only have sunrises and sunsets… I go back to my first days living on the road, still on a schedule, with the knowledge of every hour passing by… I knew eventually all will fade away. And it has… I find myself getting up in the middle of the night… coffee… back to sleep maybe after sunrise… up again… nap when the mind is ready and if not riding… up late?… asleep by sunset… it has happened. I call it the Zone… a total abandonment… going through life without a lid I compare it to… I can only wish it on all of you… Voni and Paul Glaves stopped by to say their good byes… on their way for a ride in the Park. We cannot ever talk enough… subjects are abandoned for the next time we will meet, I am sure this summer, no one stays put in the summer, many roads trips planned and we are a small community in which we never avoid each other! I think the Texas life is well suited for them… one happy couple… and don’t they look it! Voni… safe riding… Paul… safe riding… see you both soon… The rig was already on the trailer when they arrived. Everything in the boxes has been rearranged!… suddenly I have even more room than before, but, they are all full!… does not make senses right?… correct… things just have shifted!… One is all kitchen equipment… and yes, I know that I have not been cooking much, I have not even used my new outdoor oven… the days are short, it is cold after sunset, light cooking indoor has been better suited for this season. This will change with the seasons. One box is just about all clothing… one is tools and the front one is odd items… boots… shoes that I have not even wore yet! Slowly the load will lighten up, I already gave away today a real nice hose that I brought along… will never use it for I have two more on hand!                As I am shedding clothes this morning, back and forth to the Laundromat and packing in between, and as the cold wind again picked up, I put Spirit in the truck… I know he will not help… he could have at least stayed awake for moral support, but, I don’t even get that from him… He even got a message today through AdvRider Forum to ask me for a task! And I did of course! It is very bad news when HE starts getting messages… So this is were we live in bad weather… in cold weather… sleep and sometimes eat. I write my Blog here, spoiled right now as I pick up WI FI with most of the time great reception. The camper is 6.5 feet wide and 11.5 feet long. The bed is actually 4 feet wide and another foot of cabinets on top takes care of the upper width… so actually the stand up living space is 6.5 x 6.5… Aren’t cells bigger than this?… This is my cell in heaven! And I have lived on sailboats for many years… they all have been larger than this, but I am used to it… and are you complaining that your house is too small? The truth is… my living room is what you se in the pictures… the outdoor world is my home.. I always say that you can only sit in one place at the time!… I don’t even have to get up to open the fridge or reach for the garbage! XM music was a great thought… and I am even getting used to cooking some in here… I have plans for a couple shelves right above the windows… for more stuff that needs to be in here permanently… Someday, maybe before next winter I might look for something a bit bigger with a shower which would be greatly appreciated. Of course, warmer weather will make life totally different… I would like this vehicle to, as I am posted on a thread called ‘tent space”, where one offers shelter, food, tow, tools… be someday considered as a “hub” for anyone to come and visit, with my own ability to feed a few people, sleeping accommodation… I am not talking about a bus!… just a bit larger for others to enjoy also. For a Bronco, which you will not see many with this set up, it is huge and I am happy with what I have… There is always bigger… better… materially! If this was bigger I would only want it to be so for the purpose of sharing… I thrive on bigger and better in the mind, in my inner happiness, the rest are just things… what I thrive for, money cannot buy… “Cliche” maybe… but that is what “The Oasis of my Soul” is all about… A Journey which encompass it all, starting with one’s self, true friends, my buddy Spirit, the World around me with its beauty, colors, lightness and darkness… and what a better way to get around it while riding with a home base. But I am rambling on… and if I do not stop, I will start making you think as to what do you really need in life?… Many have written me that they are living a part of their life through this Blog… and I am happy for it, delighted that I can share all of this… I am happy to hear that some of you will come and visit Big Bend because of my own stay here and what I wrote about it these past three weeks… But why not live it fully instead of just reading it… life is short… a one way Journey… I do not think we will be given another chance at it… one cannot just live for an income that can facilitate I know so many material possessions… we really don’t need 90% of what we have… I knew it when I left… in just sixteen months in a house, I myself had accumulated so many “things” I sold! And then again… no right or wrong here… all is a compromise… Wonderful families to raise… retirement to secure… however… at least a month off per year!… It will change your life… for most of you anyhow. Amazing what living in a small space will start making you think about… I deviated from my subject!… Back to the Bronco… All has been well appointed, for its space. I added some colors to cheer me up… all blue and brown could have been detrimental to my mental health! A propane furnace with thermostat, (I use an electric heater when hooked up), A 3 way powered fridge, AC/DC/Propane, two roof vents, one with air in or out electric fan, 2 burner propane stove, 10G water tank with faucet and sink, nice bed, and last but not least, very proud of as I installed it myself, a 5000BTU quiet air conditioner which my 2KW quiet Honda generator will run for 8 hours on a tank of gas… if you knew me you would understand why I am so proud of it… a mechanically inclined Chef… I am not!                                        Welcome to my World… you have been reading about it for a while now, hopefully enjoying it, this was the 5 minute tour! Tomorrow we head out… new scenery… new everything… right?                                                          Till then… hoping that your New Year has started well…                                                                      Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “About packing and how we live…”

  1. Michelle Stewart - Shilo, Manitoba, Canada Says:

    I love reading about your day(s) – this is what I do at work in the morning, with that first cup of coffee. I hope Spirit is keeping warm, an you as well. Happy trails Ara!!!

  2. flux Says:

    HI ARA! AND SPIRIT!!! I hope you 2 had a fantastic Christmas and New Years. We miss you guys out here in Dawsonville. I haven’t been able to keep up with your travels and blog too much over the holidays (went to your old stomping grounds of Naples, FL) so I just got caught up. You 2 keep in touch, ya hear?

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